Auction Results

You can see fully-illustrated results for our Fine Art & Specialist auctions on our 'Auction Archives & Results' page. Our Town & County Sales are not fully archived, but a text listing of resutls for recent auctions can be found below. 


Sale date: Wednesday, 31st May 2017 - Town & County Sale

Lot 3: Two boxes of household ceramics, to include; a dinner service by Ruija, Finland; a quantity of ... Sold for £15

Lot 5: A box of silver plated wear, to include; a muffin dish; three teapots; two soda cyphons; and other ... Sold for £20

Lot 6: A case of 1960's and 1970's L.P. records, to include; Gene Pitney Big Six; Olivia Newton John; ... Sold for £50

Lot 8: A box of Ordnance Survey maps, including; the Peak District; Northumberland and Durham; Devon; ... Sold for £25

Lot 9: Thirty Five bound volumes of Punch Magazine, 19th and early 20th Century. Sold for £50

Lot 11: A box of late 19th Century: the Works of Charles Dickens's Household Edition Magazines. Sold for £10

Lot 12: Two boxes of household ceramics, to include; Ginger Tree dinner and tea ware; four plates ... Sold for £20

Lot 13: An Earlex spray station. Sold for £10

Lot 14: Miscellaneous ceramic plates, mainly by Ringtons. (11) Sold for £10

Lot 15: A wicker picnic case; together with another wicker case; and three glass demijohns. Sold for £25

Lot 16: LP records by Pink Floyd; Rainbow; Deep Purple; The Carpenters; etc. Sold for £90

Lot 17: An early mono pressing of the Beatles LP album ''Please Please Me''; and early mono pressing of ... Sold for £50

Lot 18: A metal case containing; a quantity of brass plug fittings and light switches. Sold for £10

Lot 20: A large quantity of DVD's of various titles. Sold for £10

Lot 21: Two boxes of late 19th and 20th Century blue and white wares. Sold for £30

Lot 21A: A wind-up gramophone in stained oak box; together with a quantity of records. Sold for £35

Lot 22: Two boxes of locks and door handles. Sold for £40

Lot 23: A selection of fashion and decorators magazines; including Harpers & Queen; Elle Decoration; Vogue; ... Sold for £10

Lot 24: Three boxes of 20th Century children's books and other, to include; Eagle; Dandy; Biggles; Beano ... Sold for £10

Lot 26: Four boxes of assorted books, to include; ten volumes of Arthurs Mees The Children's Encyclopedia; ... Sold for £10

Lot 27: Two boxes of glass radio valves, some by Cossor, Mazda, GEC and other makes. Sold for £350

Lot 28: Two boxes of soft goods, to include; table cloths; and napkins. Sold for £20

Lot 29: A modern plastic tool box containing a Sykes-Pickavant pipe flaring tool; impact driver; a large ... Sold for £35

Lot 31: An Angelica guitar model No. 2841, sold by Boosey & Hawkes, with blue cover; together with a ... Sold for £15

Lot 33: A WWII R.A.F. dress blouse size 8, by Horne Ltd with Telecommunications badge and eagle shoulder ... Sold for £85

Lot 34: An Antoria table top gramophone, no.4901089; and a small quantity of LP records, to include; Kate ... Sold for £60

Lot 35: A quantity of classical CD's, by various artists, to include; Maria Callas; Pavarotti; and Placido ... Sold for £15

Lot 38: A snooker cue; a Royal Doulton 'Tapestry' part tea set; a Nao figurine; and sundries in a box; ... Sold for £10

Lot 42: A case of LP records, to include: The Spinners; Jeff Love and his Concert Orchestra; Mantovani's ... Sold for £10

Lot 43: Two boxes of household ceramics, to include; a Harmony floral decorated dinner service; a Duchess ... Sold for £40

Lot 44: Three leather Masonic cases, each containing Masonic Regalia. Sold for £30

Lot 45: A collection of radio parts, to include; Osram valves; radio books; a pilot radio and various ... Sold for £75

Lot 46: Four wooden boxes; a Vintage Ewbank carpet sweeper; and enamel bread bin; Vintage typewriter; ... Sold for £110

Lot 48: Two wooden rulers and a quantity of tools. Sold for £10

Lot 49: Two boxes of household ceramics, to include; Royal Doulton Bunnykins ware; old pottery teapot; two ... Sold for £20

Lot 50: A box of children's toys, to include; jigsaws; a Horror House board game; a boxed flying stunt ... Sold for £35

Lot 51: Two boxes of childrens books, to include; Collins Boys Annual; The Twins at St. Claires and the ... Sold for £10

Lot 53: A box of classical LP records, to include: George Solti; Paul Robson; Don Carlo; Joan Sutherland; ... Sold for £25

Lot 54: A box of classical LP records, to include; Gilbert & Sullivan; Beethoven's Piano Concert no 4; ... Sold for £25

Lot 55: A box of miscellaneous glass, to include: drinking glasses; vases; bowls; etc. Sold for £5

Lot 56: A pair of Russian night viewing binoculars; a pair of cased Everest De-Luxe 7 x 50 binoculars; a ... Sold for £60

Lot 57: A bundle of old fibreglass and other boat rods, various. Sold for £10

Lot 58: A box of motor accessories, to include; windscreen wipers; halogen lamps; a boxed Dixco tune-up ... Sold for £50

Lot 59: A knitting machine; a pair of wooden crutches; a wooden ruler; together with a wooden sketching ... Sold for £20

Lot 60: A Creusen Powerline electrically powered bench grinder with two grinding stones. Sold for £40

Lot 61: Three boxes of 1970's LP records, to include; James Last; John Lee Hooker; Frankie Valli; Roger ... Sold for £35

Lot 63: A box of classical CD's, to include; Rossini; Berlioz; Mozart; Mahler. Sold for £20

Lot 64: An Oriental modern blue and white lazy suzy; together with a box of Chinese tableware, to include: ... Sold for £10

Lot 65: Two boxes of household ceramics, to include; a blue and white decorated part-dinner service; three ... Sold for £10

Lot 66: A quantity of assorted LP records, to include; Linda Ronstadt; the Beatles, Sgt Peppers Lonley ... Sold for £40

Lot 68: Master golf clubs, in a Ping freestyle golf bag. Sold for £25

Lot 69: A Parkside PES900 electric sander, boxed. Sold for £15

Lot 70: Part tea and dinner services, to include: Duchess 'Tranquility' pattern; Royal Doulton 'Larchmont' ... Sold for £65

Lot 71: Miscellaneous titled items, to include: two Tiffany style table lamps; carved stone African heads; ... Sold for £20

Lot 73: An enamel bread bin in cream and red; two enamel buckets; an Eversure Fillacan petrol can; and ... Sold for £40

Lot 74: P & O ephemera, to include: a calendar 1998; cruise brochures ; menu cards; passenger lists; ... Sold for £10

Lot 75: LP records, to include: Led Zeppelin III; Jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight; The Police King Of Pain; ... Sold for £55

Lot 76: Two pairs of curtains with floral decoration, 2 metres drop 2.46 metres wide. Sold for £120

Lot 77: A brass Arts & Crafts style coal box; and a John Bell & Croydon tin box containing sterilised ... Sold for £10

Lot 78: LP records, to include: various Beatles including; A Hard Days Night; Julie Collins; Paul ... Sold for £65

Lot 79: Miscellaneous ceramics, to include: a Japanese tea set; other tea ware by Duchess; Tuscan China; a ... Sold for £35

Lot 80: Classical CD's, to include: Beethoven; Verdi; Puccini; Mozart; and others. Sold for £15

Lot 81: Bearing rate slide rules, Mk. I Model 0, patent no. 0552-160219 (4); and others, various. Sold for £50

Lot 82: Four door closers by Groupco; and sundries. Sold for £30

Lot 83: A Bakelite radio and speaker; various reel to reel tape recorders, by Regtone; etc. and a Dansette ... Sold for £80

Lot 85: Miscellaneous plated metalware, to include: dishes; trays; tankards; wine glasses; copper ware, ... Sold for £20

Lot 86: LP records, to include: Bing Crosby; Harry Secombe; Soft Rock; Carpenters; The Golden Age Of ... Sold for £45

Lot 87: A pair of Salomon carver skis, K818/1948. Sold for £10

Lot 89: A large Bells Old Scotch Whisky advertising bottle; a Benson's sweet jar; John Player ashtrays; ... Sold for £10

Lot 91: Miscellaneous LP records and singles, to include: Bach; Jim Reeves; Diana Ross; Johnny Cash; Neil ... Sold for £30

Lot 92: Four sheepskin rugs. Sold for £40

Lot 94: Electrical goods, to include: a laminator-back loader, with pouches; cordless infra red headphone ... Sold for £10

Lot 95: A quantity of King Edward VII cigars; two American cigars; and other smoking related items, in a ... Sold for £20

Lot 96: LP records: The Beatles, Help and Rubber Soul; Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder; Cat Stevens; ... Sold for £110

Lot 99: Victorian and later ceramics, to include: wash jugs; shaped dishes; teapots; Wedgwood 'Country ... Sold for £10

Lot 100: A box of LP records, to include: Stardust; Classical Gold II; Sing-Along With Max; Mozart; and a ... Sold for £10

Lot 101: Eleven modern table lamps in cream; Japanese style; wooden; and brass; and an Ikea pink and gold ... Sold for £25

Lot 102: Blue and white ceramics, to include: a pair of tureens by Johnson Bros; a Victorian wash jug and ... Sold for £35

Lot 104: Miscellaneous items, to include: plated flatware (cased and loose); glassware; animal ornaments; a ... Sold for £25

Lot 105: Household ceramics, to include: a Masons 'Mandarin' pattern ginger jar and cover; a Crown Ducal ... Sold for £10

Lot 106: Horace Adams, St. Thomas Street, Newcastle on Tyne: a stained wood box containing tools. Sold for £30

Lot 107: A Dansette Musique all transistor. Sold for £55

Lot 108: An Airfix Classic model kit of The Royal Sovereign, pattern no. F9015; board games to include: ... Sold for £30

Lot 109: Children's books, to include: Speed and Other Stories For Boys; Schoolboys Bumper Book; The Golden ... Sold for £20

Lot 111: LP records, to include: The Soft Machine; John Lennon; Jeff Beck; Sinatra; Burt Bacharach; Miles ... Sold for £140

Lot 112: A Cine recorder reel to reel tape machine. Sold for £35

Lot 114: A 20th Century brass telescope on adjustable stand; brass candlesticks; a brass wall mount of ... Sold for £40

Lot 115: A collection of leather bound WWI magazines titled ''L'Illustration'', 8 vols. 1914-1918, in red ... Sold for £30

Lot 116: Collected volumes of the Naturalists Library. (44) Sold for £820

Lot 117: A postcard album containing black and white postcards, mainly of English and Continental churches ... Sold for £20

Lot 117A: Fourteen books on American Civil War, to include: A. Lincoln His Last Twenty-Four Hours; and War ... Sold for £10

Lot 118: Life and Works of Thomas Bewick, by David Croal Thomson, published London 1882; Thomas Bewick and ... Sold for £200

Lot 119: Henry Seebohm: History of British Birds, in 4 vols, coloured plates of birds and their eggs. Sold for £70

Lot 121: A boxed set of Shakespeare's Works, 12 volumes, by Paul, Trenith, Trubner & Co. 1907, in maroon ... Sold for £45

Lot 122: Edward Gibbon: The History Of The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire, in 8 vols., in two boxed ... Sold for £100

Lot 123: Sowerby's English Botany, the 2nd edition, in leather bindings (distressed). Sold for £60

Lot 124: A collection of vols. The War Illustrated; Great War; and The First World War. (13) Sold for £15

Lot 125: Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland Clarendon Press, Oxford 1963, large folio. 200 colour maps. Sold for £80

Lot 126: David A. Bannerman: Birds of the British Isles, illustrated by George E. Lodge, 12 vols, mid 20th ... Sold for £65

Lot 127: A 1920's style over dress with beadwork decoration on black voile; together with a set of plated ... Sold for £20

Lot 128: A lady's three-quarter length sheepskin coat; and a lady's sheepskin jacket. Sold for £10

Lot 129: Two 20th Century dresses; one in blue with white embroidered collar; the other in polka dot ... Sold for £15

Lot 130: An RAF style flying jacket in leather with sheepskin interior, size L, authenticated by The Royal ... Sold for £180

Lot 131A: A 20th Century black silk shawl, with white rose and white fringe decoration. Sold for £40

Lot 133: A collection of medical instruments, by Ingrams, Resila etc., in a box. Sold for £20

Lot 134: An early 20th Century large baby doll, with rolling eyes and open mouth, jointed arms and legs, ... Sold for £40

Lot 135: A collection of framed autographs, including: John Ogdon, Members of the Western Theatre Ballet, ... Sold for £25

Lot 136: A Lledo die-cast and other model vehicles, to include: The Days Gone; promotional models; and ... Sold for £10

Lot 138: A hand-operated 19th Century sewing machine by Frister & Rossmann; together with a cast iron ... Sold for £35

Lot 139: A brass spirit kettle and stand; an enamelled bread bin and cover; and a modern part suite of ... Sold for £50

Lot 140: A collection of four decorative models of various sailing ships and boats, including: HMS Victory, ... Sold for £20

Lot 141: A McEwan's Famous Ales enamelled pub tray, by 'HANCORE' Mitcham; together with a tinplate model of ... Sold for £45

Lot 142: A cash box; a wooden box; a knife tray; and a box containing sewing materials. Sold for £20

Lot 143: An Art Deco style chrome metal ashtray ornament in the form of a dancing girl holding aloft a ... Sold for £30

Lot 145: A Wedgwood 'Jade' pattern part tea set, comprising: cups, saucers and plates, twenty-four pieces. Sold for £40

Lot 147: An early Japanese photograph/postcard album with black lacquered cover, mother-of-pearl and bone ... Sold for £20

Lot 148: Three 20th Century mantel clocks, various; a ship's style wall clock; and an aneroid barometer in ... Sold for £20

Lot 149: A pair of smoked glass candlesticks; an early 20th Century green tinted glass vase with moulded ... Sold for £35

Lot 150: A collection of Action Men figures and others; together with various bits of equipment and ... Sold for £30

Lot 151: Continental style ceramic table centre-piece with pierced oval bowl encrusted with floral ... Sold for £35

Lot 152: A 19th Century rosewood, writing slope, containing; a book; a quantity of sheet music and a ... Sold for £10

Lot 152A: An early 20th Century stained oak tray. Sold for £10

Lot 153: A collection of play worn die cast model vehicles, to comprise of; commercial vehicles; cars; ... Sold for £100

Lot 154: A brass table lamp; and eight alabaster table lamps. Sold for £10

Lot 155: A collection of ceramic ornaments, to include; three by Lladro; and other Spanish ornaments; two ... Sold for £70

Lot 156: A Victorian part tea service, old decoration on white ground; together with a Masons Ironstone ... Sold for £15

Lot 157: A 19th Century rosewood writing slope with decorative inlay; together with two other wooden boxes ... Sold for £10

Lot 158: A Royal Crown Derby plate and four pieces of Maling ware. Sold for £10

Lot 159: Crown ware Ducal 'Louis' pattern two-handled jardiniere decorated sprays of flowers on blush ... Sold for £10

Lot 160: A 19th Century moulded glass table oil lamp with loop handle and glass chimney; together with a ... Sold for £10

Lot 162: A mid 20th Century anglepoise table lamp with brown base and shade; together with an industrial ... Sold for £120

Lot 163: An Avery shop balance, chrome metal weighing pan and white enamel finish. Sold for £50

Lot 164: A Grindley part dinner service, to include: tureens, meat plates, side plates, dessert plates, etc. ... Sold for £35

Lot 165: REUGE (of Switzerland) modern limited edition decorative desk-top music box from the Millennium ... Sold for £200

Lot 167: Three modern Spanish ceramic figures; Capodimonte group; decorative plates; and eight Wedgwood ... Sold for £55

Lot 168: A four-piece plated tea service; and oval tray with pierced gallery; three piece plated tea ... Sold for £10

Lot 169: Two early/mid 20th Century doll, one with ceramic head and jointed arms covering a short pink ... Sold for £25

Lot 170: A large quantity of Denby Arabesque oven to table ware approximately ten place settings: with ... Sold for £60

Lot 172: A late 19th Century blue and white Richmond pattern water jug and matching oval wash bowl, by F. & ... Sold for £10

Lot 173: An early 20th Century Beswick ceramic vase shape No.190; together with a Cottage Pattern teapot, ... Sold for £20

Lot 174: A 19th Century wall map (rolled up) of Northumberland and Durham coals mines and railways ... Sold for £40

Lot 175: A collection of modern cut and moulded glassware, to include; decanters; vases; with various ... Sold for £20

Lot 176: A 19th Century brass fireside pan stand; a lacquered dish; a framed photographic print in ebonised ... Sold for £20

Lot 177: Jaques, London: a set of chess pieces by Jacques of London, in pine box; together with an ... Sold for £35

Lot 178: A pair of small decanters with cut stoppers and necks, with starcut bases; an early 19th Century ... Sold for £15

Lot 179: A novelty telephone handset in the form of Mickey Mouse; a reproduction telephone handset with ... Sold for £50

Lot 180: A Crown Staffordshire 'Ellesmere' pattern part afternoon tea set, twenty pieces missing one teacup. ... Sold for £65

Lot 181: A large oval ware tray with pierced plated metal gallery; a pair of oval entree dishes and covers; ... Sold for £20

Lot 182: An old leather flask for carrying water/wine (perished); an antique wooden police truncheon with ... Sold for £30

Lot 184: A collection of miscellaneous blue and white ceramics; a Richmond part tea set; two modern ... Sold for £50

Lot 185: A large late 19th Century plaque depicting a Magpie on a leafy branch, impressed mark on the back ' ... Sold for £100

Lot 186: A Studio pottery eight-piece coffee set, impressed mark on the base 'Holkham T112 England' (one ... Sold for £10

Lot 187: A 20th Century Chinese glass snuff bottle, hand-painted tree and stalk decoration to inside, ... Sold for £10

Lot 188: A single bottle of Alan Shearer Champagne, Limited Edition No. 45/206, produced in aid of the ... Sold for £45

Lot 189: A novelty panther table cigarette lighter in the form of a golf club head; a collection of ... Sold for £40

Lot 190: An early 20th Century Japanese Imari lobed dish. Sold for £10

Lot 191: A Royal Crown Derby tea cup, pattern no. 1128; together with a matching saucer; and Wade Heath ... Sold for £20

Lot 192: A small Derby style 19th Century circular ceramic bowl with caryatid support and triform base, ... Sold for £10

Lot 193: A Chinese blue and white teapot decorated with flower and birds, bamboo handle and bamboo spout, ... Sold for £30

Lot 194: A small Galle style vase, with stylized foliage in blue and green, on frosted coloured ground, 4 1/ ... Sold for £110

Lot 195: A Wedgwood Jasperware Grecian style urn and stand, with classical style decoration, on charcoal ... Sold for £100

Lot 196: A Royal Crown Derby teacup and saucer, Imari pallette. Sold for £15

Lot 197: A Dresden style ceramic fruit dish with shaped and pierced border, with hand-painted floral and ... Sold for £25

Lot 198: A Nao ceramic table lamp modelled as a shepherd boy; together with three Lladro figures: a boy, a ... Sold for £75

Lot 199: A silver lustre ceramic jug with cream interior; a copper lustre ceramic jug titled ''The Farmers ... Sold for £30

Lot 200: Fifty King Edward VII Imperial cigars, in ten packets and in original cellophane. Sold for £45

Lot 201: Three decanters, to include one presented to Alex H. Burns, Elswick Olympian 1932, 1936, ... Sold for £40

Lot 203: A Georgian mahogany tea caddy with hinged shaped top cover, opening to reveal two compartments ... Sold for £40

Lot 204: A Venetian green glass decanter with white metal overlay; together with a small rectangular oak ... Sold for £20

Lot 205: A pair of hexagonal Maling blue and white biscuit barrels and covers, one decorated bridges, the ... Sold for £60

Lot 206: A Wade Art Deco ceramic figure titled 'Peggy II'; together with two Spanish ceramic figures; ... Sold for £35

Lot 209: An oval plated tray with pierced gallery; a candelabra; boxed sets of cutlery; and various ... Sold for £20

Lot 210: The Great Game Of Totopoly and a board; and a Roulette game. Sold for £10

Lot 211: A 19th Century miniature blue and white doll's part dinner service; together with a Paragon china ' ... Sold for £50

Lot 212: A large quantity of miscellaneous electroplated items, including: candelabra; teapots; tankards; ... Sold for £45

Lot 213: A spelter bronze effect table inkwell in the form of an eagle with outspread wings, on circular ... Sold for £35

Lot 215: An unopened box of fifty King Edward VII mild tobacco cigars, still wrapped in original cellophane. ... Sold for £60

Lot 216: A bottle of Vintage Noval LB Port with original lead seal. Sold for £35

Lot 217: A Wedgwood octagonal-shaped lustre bowl with gilt dragon decoration, No. Z4824. Sold for £50

Lot 219: A German ink bordered ceramic doll's miniature dinner service, comprising: pair of tureens, covers ... Sold for £20

Lot 220: A box of Carel I cigars and cheroots in various sizes, in Italian leather box. Sold for £30

Lot 221: A collection of five ceramic ornaments, comprising: three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures: 'Jeremy ... Sold for £25

Lot 222: A pair of Minton ceramic Mulberry Hall York Queens Beasts pattern candlesticks, limited edition, ... Sold for £110

Lot 223: A pair of ceramic ornaments modelled as a pair of setters. Sold for £40

Lot 224: A rectangular onyx box mounted with a cold painted bronze figure of a spaniel. Sold for £20

Lot 225: Fifty King Edward Invincible Deluxe cigars, in two un-opened packets of five, with original ... Sold for £55

Lot 227: A Moorcroft Poppy pattern table lamp. (15) Sold for £60

Lot 228A: Two leather document cases in black and tan. Sold for £10

Lot 229: A Phinney-Walker Mickey Mouse alarm clock, Walt Disney Productions. Sold for £20

Lot 230: A cut-glass decanter of square form. Sold for £10

Lot 231: Two Victorian water jugs, one Brownfields Pottery Guild Ltd. ''Ferncliffe'' pattern; Staffordshire ... Sold for £15

Lot 232: A pair of 20th Century cranberry glass lustres with gilt and floral decoration; a cranberry glass ... Sold for £20

Lot 233: Copperware, to include; bed warming pan; strainer; pot; two brass strainers; a modern mantle clock; ... Sold for £20

Lot 234: A Victorian and later ceramics, to include; a chinoiserie decorated jug; a Troon blue and yellow ... Sold for £25

Lot 235: A Wilton Columbia aluminium quaich; and a quantity of flat ware; corkscrews and others. Sold for £10

Lot 236: Three pairs of modern table lamps, to include; a pair of Tiffany style; an anglepoise lamp; and a ... Sold for £35

Lot 237: A pair of Staffordshire flatback figures modelled as mounted huntsmen; a pair of Staffordshire ... Sold for £15

Lot 238: Three stained wood and other coin collectors coin cases, one by K. Rugerrand. Sold for £70

Lot 239: Miscellaneous household ceramics and collectables, to include; Royale Stratford flower ornaments; ... Sold for £35

Lot 240: Susie Cooper ''Amber'' set of six coffee cans C2095 (and one extra saucer); a part-dinner service, ... Sold for £45

Lot 241: A pair of late 19th early 20th Century Continental figures of a lady and gentleman. Sold for £15

Lot 242: Cased set of fish knives and forks, by Reid & Sons; a Victorian rosewood jewellery box; a ... Sold for £25

Lot 243: Singles records, to include; The Beatles ''She Loves You''; This Boy''; Queen; Electric Light ... Sold for £50

Lot 244: An early 20th Century carbide lamp; and a ''Gacos'' fire extinguisher, by George Angus & Co. Ltd., ... Sold for £25

Lot 245: Ten Flight, Barr & Barr dinner plates of shaped form with pink borders and gilt decoration, mark ... Sold for £40

Lot 246: A late 18th Century blue and white saucer; a later blue and white saucer in the Chinese style; two ... Sold for £70

Lot 248: A Maling jug and basin no.2553, chinoiserie decoration. Sold for £35

Lot 250: A set of six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1913, cases; a plated entree dish; and a plated oval ... Sold for £20

Lot 251: Malingware 'Clematis' pattern fruit bowl; a 'Coleus' pattern vase; and a 'Brocade' pattern biscuit ... Sold for £20

Lot 252: A collection of cut-glassware, comprising: vase; bowls; glasses; two paperweights; etc. Sold for £15

Lot 253: A Beswick ware ornament modelled as an owl, model no. 1046; two Royal Doulton figurines, HN1467 ... Sold for £80

Lot 254: A Coalport 'Junetime' pattern part tea set; together with a Court China blue and white part ... Sold for £35

Lot 255: A collection of Maling ceramics, including: three pieces of 'Storm' pattern ware, comrising ... Sold for £60

Lot 256: Ceramics by Goebel, to include: Argyle & Sutherland Highlander; a pair of military figures, No. ... Sold for £45

Lot 257: A small collection of modern die-cast model vehicles, in original boxes; plastic soldiers; ... Sold for £25

Lot 258: A pair of 19th Century ceramic Staffordshire style ornaments modelled as male and female figures ... Sold for £30

Lot 259: A collection of alarm and table clocks by Swiza; an anniversary clock; and others; a brooch ... Sold for £20

Lot 260: A Royal Albert ''Old Country Roses'' pattern part tea set, approximately six place settings, with ... Sold for £65

Lot 261: A late 19th Century salon part tea and coffee service, decorated sprays of flowers with gilded ... Sold for £30

Lot 262: An unnamed late 19th century part afternoon tea set, decorated sprays of flowers with gilt and ... Sold for £10

Lot 263: A pair of 19th Century Derby circular panels decorated roses and other flowers in gold painted ... Sold for £85

Lot 264: A pair of Spelter figures modelled as soldiers gambling. Sold for £30

Lot 265: Two modern policeman's helmets, one with the front badge inscribed 'Bedfordshire Police'; a third ... Sold for £110

Lot 266: A Wedgwood pale blue Jasper ware jardiniere; a box set of fish knives and forks; a box set of tea ... Sold for £20

Lot 267: A set of six fish knives and forks, in walnut fitted case; a pair of fish servers, in fitted case; ... Sold for £30

Lot 268: A Maling circular fruit bowl, pattern 3773; and a pair of matching vase (one with damage); and ... Sold for £70

Lot 269: A large Chinese Cloisonne bowl with wooden stand; a pair of similar vases; and a pair of benares ... Sold for £70

Lot 270: A part Mah-Jong set, in leather case. Sold for £170

Lot 272: A Portmeirion 'Greek key' pattern fifteen piece coffee set designed, by Susan Williams-Ellis (with ... Sold for £40

Lot 274: Three carved ebony models of elephants; and a small table lamp in the form of an elephant standing ... Sold for £40

Lot 275: A plain white water jug and matching bowl; together with a part tea set decorated sprays of roses; ... Sold for £30

Lot 277: A fourteen piece Portmeirion 'Greek key' pattern part coffee set (missing one saucer); together ... Sold for £50

Lot 278: A modern Oriental part dinner and tea service; together with an Adams ware 'Azalea' pattern part ... Sold for £30

Lot 279: A Paragon ceramics Harry Wheatcroft twenty-two piece tea set, decorated with roses. Sold for £110

Lot 280: Four fairings: ''Three o' clock in The Morning'' (x 2); ''Modesty''; and ''The Last in Bed To Put ... Sold for £45

Lot 281: Japanese ceramic part afternoon tea set, decorated shrubbery on cream ground, oriental circular ... Sold for £25

Lot 282: Cast bronze effect figure of a recumbent baby deer. Sold for £50

Lot 283: An early 20th Century Napier style cocktail shaker, with cocktail recipes displayed by by twisting ... Sold for £30

Lot 284: Gray's pottery hand-painted jug decorated with flowers, impressed number 832 to base; four pieces ... Sold for £40

Lot 285: A collection of multi-coloured Venitian hand blown glass; a clown and figured glass ornaments, ... Sold for £65

Lot 286: A Wedgwood blue and white coffee pot and four matching coffee cans and saucers no.9297; a Devon ... Sold for £25

Lot 287: A modern Wedgewood Ice Rose pattern part-dinner service: dinner plates, side plates, bowls, two ... Sold for £25

Lot 288: An EPNS punch bowl with lion mask handles; a ladle; a candlestick; toast rack; plated salvers; ... Sold for £30

Lot 289: A collection of Vintage chemists and other bottles in various coloured and glass, some with ... Sold for £40

Lot 290: A collection of musical and other boxes various. Sold for £15

Lot 293: CB radio kit and accessories, by Yaesu and others, contained in a green metal box; together with a ... Sold for £45

Lot 294: A bowler hat, a fez and two straw hats. Sold for £40

Lot 295: A reproduction Spanish sword inscribed 'Tizona Carlos V Toledo', old double bladed dirk with ... Sold for £40

Lot 296: A large rectangular ceramic tile decorated with still-life flowers, in a modern frame (damaged and ... Sold for £20

Lot 297: A modern humidor containing a small selection of cigars. Sold for £45

Lot 298: WWII bayonet with wooden guard and leather sheath; WWI German Mauser bayonet model 98/05, with saw- ... Sold for £190

Lot 299: Three reproduction sword-sticks various. Sold for £60

Lot 300: 19th Century brass balance on rectangular mahogany plinth base, with a selection of weights. Sold for £25

Lot 301: A pair of African antlers, part-skull mount on ovoid wooden shield, bearing a brass plaque ... Sold for £45

Lot 303: A collection of micrometer's internal and external measurements, to include; a 24in. vernier ... Sold for £65

Lot 304: A pair of bronze effect Spelter figures of bearded soldiers in armour with chromed metal plinth ... Sold for £110

Lot 305: A pair of Karl Zeiss Jena Delirintem 8 x 30 binoculars, with leather carrying case; a pair of ... Sold for £45

Lot 306: Tin glazed earthenware green and aubergine bowl, ivory ground decorated with flower burst enclosed ... Sold for £25

Lot 307: A 20th Century cast bronze goblet, depicting mermen, naiads amongst writhing sea creatures. Sold for £90

Lot 308: A stained wood boot puller; and a South American Bolas; together with 'The Albert Knife Board', J. ... Sold for £10

Lot 309: A contamination meter no.1, category no.5 CG0107; comprising indicating unit; a probe Geiger ... Sold for £20

Lot 310: Two Signal Corps Army telephones, No. EE-8-E, in original fitted leather cases with carrying ... Sold for £75

Lot 311: An early 20th Century Imperial 'The Good Companion' portable typewriter. Sold for £35

Lot 312: A universal avometer model 40; and a decibel meter in a metal case. Sold for £20

Lot 313: Two Kelvin & Hughes aircraft periscopes, one ref.6B/2799 serial no.209KHI/58; the other ref. no.6B/ ... Sold for £120

Lot 314: A pith helmet, by Locke & Co. Hatters, London. Sold for £25

Lot 315: Two red plastic crash alarm telephone handsets; together with two black telephone handsets, by Pye; ... Sold for £550

Lot 317: A Mamiya C330 twin lens professional camera with instruction book. Sold for £180

Lot 318: The Protector Lamp & Lighting Co., a type SL miners lamp. Sold for £20

Lot 319: A black bakelite telephone handset with finger dial. Sold for £30

Lot 321: A Victorian brass bound walnut writing slope, with incomplete interior. Sold for £25

Lot 322: A Nikon EM35mm SLR camera, the macro focusing 72mm zoom lens; a carrying case; an Olympus OM10 ... Sold for £50

Lot 324: A bottle of Bruichladdich 21 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Distillery Micro-Provenance ... Sold for £110

Lot 325: An American Amish style quilt. Sold for £20

Lot 327: A bundle of walking sticks and a brass umbrella pattern stick stand. Sold for £35

Lot 328: A glass carbuoy. Sold for £15

Lot 329: A Canon EOS500 35mm SLR camera with 35-80mm zoom lens; and an additional 55mm Sigma zoom 100-300mm ... Sold for £40

Lot 330: A 19th Century Middle Eastern dagger, with ebony handle and leather scabbard with embossed ... Sold for £20

Lot 331: A large cut-glass chemists clear glass bottle with cut faceted neck and stopper on raised base ... Sold for £45

Lot 332: Two brass jam pans; a brass table oil lamp; a middle-eastern copper kettle; and a brass vase. Sold for £30

Lot 333: A pair of marble Corinthian column pattern electric table lamps. Sold for £25

Lot 334: An electric semi-acoustic guitar by Satellite. Sold for £65

Lot 335: A large pair of blue patterned curtains. Sold for £20

Lot 336: A Victorian brass-bound rosewood writing slope, opening to reveal a fitted interior. Sold for £55

Lot 338: An early 20th Century Italian style wall hanging in white red and yellow, with tassel borders, 221 ... Sold for £50

Lot 339: A 19th Century copper and brass bed warming pan with turned handle. Sold for £20

Lot 340: a late 19th Century inlaid mahogany kidney-shaped tray with wavy gallery and brass handles. Sold for £40

Lot 341: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany kidney-shaped tray with wavy gallery and brass handles; and an oval ... Sold for £65

Lot 342: A large bamboo folding fan with painted dragon decoration in gold on black ground. Sold for £10

Lot 343: A vintage electric guitar with Burns Tri- sonic pickups and carrying case; a Squier Strat ... Sold for £250

Lot 344: A modern acoustic guitar with a paper label inside inscribed 'Valencia, 1972', model CG160 3/4, ... Sold for £20

Lot 345: A Squier Strat electric/acoustic guitar, in fitted case with leaflets and quick tune implement; ... Sold for £110

Lot 346: A collection of hand-made birds head rustic and other walking sticks, in a ceramic umbrella ... Sold for £55

Lot 347: A bundle of waking sticks. Sold for £10

Lot 348: A painted cast iron kitchen balance to weigh 4lbs, inscribed 'H. Saunders, Maker, Magpie Bridge, ... Sold for £20

Lot 349: A Panasonic surround sound system 5.1 model no. SA-PT450, with remote control. Sold for £20

Lot 351: A large Edinburgh Crystal square-shaped cut-glass decanter with thistle shaped stopper, thistle ... Sold for £30

Lot 352: A large heavily-cut crystal trumpet-shaped vase with shaped rim (slightly chipped). Sold for £30

Lot 353: A pair of large globular Chinese jars with under-glazed blue and white decoration depicting birds ... Sold for £110

Lot 354: A pair of miniature Chinese table-top cupboards, each with two doors with circular lock plates. Sold for £25

Lot 355: A part suite of plated cutlery, mostly matching but some not, in serpentine front oak cutlery ... Sold for £45

Lot 356: A selection of boxed die-cast vehicles, including: a Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, model no. ... Sold for £50

Lot 357: An interesting collection of loose stamps and Victorian, United States, perforated and non ... Sold for £110

Lot 358: A collection of first day covers in an album; and a packet, mostly dating from the 1980's. Sold for £20

Lot 359: An Evening Standard World Cup 1966 special souvenir newspaper; a Birmingham City v Manchester City ... Sold for £5

Lot 360: A collection of stamps, including: an album featuring Royalty; another album containing St. ... Sold for £60

Lot 361: A collection of modern Royal Mint first day covers, late 20th Century, in a small box. Sold for £60

Lot 362: A large collection of cigarette cards, mostly loose, some in albums, examples by Will's; Players; ... Sold for £20

Lot 366: A pair of wooden book ends with mounted eagles; a selection of small enamel and ceramic boxes; ... Sold for £30

Lot 368: A ticket for Wembley Final Tie Cup, May 5th 1956; a collection of cigarette cards; Newcastle ... Sold for £55

Lot 370: An autograph book containing the autographs for Newcastle United 1951/55 Team FA Cup Winners. Sold for £40

Lot 372: A pair of modern carriage clocks, with enamelled roman dials, lever escapement, inscribed 'Matthew ... Sold for £85

Lot 373: A large quantity of Portmeirion 'Botanic Garden' pattern tea, dinner, coffee and breakfast ware, ... Sold for £200

Lot 374: A Copeland Spode part dinner service, c.1900, decorated in exotic bird and tree pattern. Sold for £35

Lot 375: A Solian ware early 20th Century part dinner service, decorated in the Chinese style with ... Sold for £110

Lot 376: A pair of cast iron rain gutter hoppers, cast as decorative busts with decorative rose pattern. Sold for £15

Lot 377: An Edwardian pierced brass oval coal vase with liner and lion mask handles, raised on ball feet. Sold for £80

Lot 378: An early 20th Century circular tapering copper coal vase with brass loop handles and brass paw ... Sold for £80

Lot 379: A three-tier brass cake stand; a brass coal box with swing handle and sloping front; a copper coal ... Sold for £10

Lot 380: A late 19th Century Vienna wall clock, bi-metallic pendant in distressed case. Sold for £5

Lot 383: A Victorian slate mantel clock, with white enamel roman dial and visible escapement, maker's mark ... Sold for £50

Lot 384: A Victorian slate mantel clock with visible escapement; together with matching garniture, stamped ... Sold for £80

Lot 386: An Hitachi Uni-torque direct drive turn-table HT-550. Sold for £80

Lot 387: A reproduction enamelled advertising sign for Black Cat Virginia cigarettes. Sold for £28

Lot 388: A vintage enamel sign with black writing on white ground, titled 'Signals for winding persons'. Sold for £40

Lot 390: A Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 7700; together with Master control panel 7700; and a pair of Bang & ... Sold for £150

Lot 391: A Taco telescope model no.#48 T/320048 on telescopic tri-pod stand; together with a black bag ... Sold for £20

Lot 392: Testing apparatus for Plessey Radar Limited, containing rails and crystal supports, in a fitted ... Sold for £20

Lot 393: An oval bevelled wall mirror; and a rectangular bevelled wall mirror, both in gold coloured frames. ... Sold for £25

Lot 394: Two frameless bevelled wall mirrors. Sold for £25

Lot 395: A Victorian Carlton ware cheese bell in cream glaze; and a cheese dish, by F & sons; floral ... Sold for £40

Lot 396: A Bell & Co. blue and white meat plate, stamped to base mark F & Co. Sold for £25

Lot 397: Booths ''Pompador'' pattern part dinner service, chinoiserie decoration with moulded edge; ... Sold for £20

Lot 398: A polished aluminium two handled plant trough makers name rubbed to handle. Sold for £35

Lot 399: A Belleek vase; together with a collection of commemorative mugs and cups. Sold for £10

Lot 403: A chromolithograph - Robert Burns reciting a poem, in gold-painted frame. Sold for £10

Lot 404: An oil painting - Highland loch scene with cattle in the foreground, indistinctly signed. Sold for £30

Lot 405: An oil painting, by Ray Whitchard - Continental winter landscape with ice-skaters, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 406: An oil painting, by Harry Bennett - British man o' war and fishing boat, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 409: Watercolours by J. M. Turner - '' A Corner, Lord Putnam's Gardens in West Cork, Ireland''; ... Sold for £30

Lot 410: A watercolour, by Thomas Mortimer - ships off a pier, signed; together with a 19th Century ... Sold for £20

Lot 411: A colour print after Sir William Russell Flint - three models. Sold for £15

Lot 412: A pair of hand-coloured prints, after Henry Whatley - portraits of women in blue hats. Sold for £10

Lot 413: An oil painting after Charles Murray - ''Portrait of Elsie'', signed; inscribed verso. Sold for £45

Lot 414: An oil painting, by E. C. Burrows -HMS Orion and other ships of Nelson's Navy under re-fit, signed. ... Sold for £100

Lot 416: An oil painting - fishing boat coming into land with figures on the beach. Sold for £30

Lot 417: An oil painting, by Sigrid Bech-Knudson - Dutch canal scene, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 420: Colour prints - '' Where the Sun Goes'', after Robert Wesley Amick; and Madonna and Child, after ... Sold for £10

Lot 421: Chromolithographs - portraits of gentlemen for Spy Magazine, to include ''Three Dowagers''; ''Lord ... Sold for £20

Lot 422: A framed oval photograph of a WWI soldier; together with a colour etching - Continental cityscape ... Sold for £10

Lot 423: An oil painting, by Harry Bennett - ''Groat Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne'', signed; inscribed and ... Sold for £20

Lot 424: An oil painting, by Harry Bennett - Holy Island, signed. Sold for £20

Lot 426: 20th Century Japanese School watercolours on silk - carp studies, signed and dated. (1 + a pair) Sold for £40

Lot 427: 20th Century Japanese School watercolours on silk - bird studies, to include; a kingfisher, signed ... Sold for £10

Lot 428: 20th Century Chinese School watercolour on silk - river landscape, signed and dated; together with ... Sold for £15

Lot 429: A limited edition colour print - ''Good Dog'', after Jaques. Sold for £15

Lot 431: A watercolour, by G. M. Avondale - village scene with thatched cottages and figure, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 432: Limited edition etchings, by K. Freg - ''Newcastle Paper Sellers, Grainger Market''; ''Newcastle ... Sold for £20

Lot 433: A colour print, after Hugo Schnars-Alquist - a three-masted ship off the Southern coast. Sold for £10

Lot 435: A watercolour - ''St Peters, Bywell'', signed with monogram and dated 1937. Sold for £25

Lot 438: Mixed media painting, by Polly Letton - flower study; together with a contemporary abstract oil ... Sold for £10

Lot 439: A watercolour - ''Fields at Nisbet, The Borders'', by R.A. Henderson, signed and inscribed on ... Sold for £10

Lot 440: A watercolour, by T. Supsirikool - Thai landscape with girl, cattle and a dog, signed; together ... Sold for £10

Lot 444: An aquatint, by Leonard R. Squirrell - ''Durham City'' signed in the plate and dated 1931, and ... Sold for £30

Lot 446: Watercolours, by Joseph Bagshawe - ''Glass Island Pt.''; ''Hiawatha''; and ''Cuhona'', signed and ... Sold for £10

Lot 447: A colour etching - ''Beach Idyll'', by Piers Browne, signed, inscribed, numbered 12/50 and dated ... Sold for £28

Lot 448: Reproduction prints, after *** Karl - ''The Quayside Newcastle''; ''Blackett Street Newcastle''; '' ... Sold for £20

Lot 451: A colour print after Keith Proctor - ''Labradors'', signed inscribed and date 1990 to mount. Sold for £8

Lot 452: A watercolour-landscape, dated, indistinctly signed with monogram. Sold for £5

Lot 456: A limited edition colour print - ''Millennium Bridge at Night, River Tyne'', after John Coatsworth, ... Sold for £20

Lot 463: A colour etching, by Dave Barden, signed artists proof, dated '96, unframed. Sold for £8

Lot 464: A watercolour in the manner of Henry Gastineau - loch scene with deer in the fore ground, with ... Sold for £20

Lot 465: A watercolour, by Martha D. Mutrie - flower studies, signed and dated 1864, with George Hughes ... Sold for £20

Lot 466: An oil painting, by Ronald Moore - bust portrait of a woman wearing a head scarf, signed. Sold for £15

Lot 468: Watercolour and gouache on acetate, by Joan Kinder, SGA, MFPS - ''Roses'' and ''White Rose'', ... Sold for £10

Lot 470: A coloured stipple engraving, by F. Bartolozzi and J. M. Delattre after Angelica Kauffmann - ''The ... Sold for £25

Lot 471: An oil painintg, by George Oyston - a boy leaning against a chair, signed and indistinctly dated. ... Sold for £35

Lot 472: 19th Century Dutch School, an oil on metal panel - two itinerant musicians. Sold for £45

Lot 473: Colour prints after, Robert A. Thom - ''Carl Wilhelm Scheele 1742-1786''; ''Americas First ... Sold for £10

Lot 477: A pair of watercolours, by William Thomas Longmire - ''Stickletarn Langdale Pike'' and ''Derwent ... Sold for £40

Lot 479: An etching, by Joseph Pennell - a European castle, signed in pencil. Sold for £40

Lot 480: A 20th Century watercolour, Indian School - building workers, indistinctly signed and inscribed ... Sold for £50

Lot 481: A 19th Century oil painting - Lake district scene with a shepherdess and her flock. Sold for £30

Lot 484: Limited edition colour prints after Peter Collins - ''Outside The Theatre Royal'' and ''First ... Sold for £20

Lot 488: A pair of monochrome watercolour washes, by William Thomas Nichols Boyce - sunrise and moonrise ... Sold for £110

Lot 489: An early 20th Century oil painting - fishing boats and a three masted ship of a coast, ... Sold for £10

Lot 493: A pair of oil paintings - highland river landscapes, in oval frames. Sold for £20

Lot 495: Limited edition monochrome lithographs, after R. W. Miliken - studies of partridge and one ... Sold for £50

Lot 497: Watercolours - ''Views of Beadnell'', one signed with initials J. W. D. (3 together in one frame). Sold for £10

Lot 505: A watercolour, by Thomas Harrison - ''Bow Lane, Durham 1923'', signed; inscribed verso, and with ... Sold for £75

Lot 506: A watercolour, in the manner of Frederick Goodall - travellers near Ancient Egyptian ruins, with ... Sold for £35

Lot 507: A watercolour, by Jim Harker - ''Wearmouth Bridge Sunderland'', signed and inscribed and dated May ... Sold for £20

Lot 510: A print colour photo-engraving, published, by A. Bird-Carter, London , after Archibald Thorburn - ' ... Sold for £150

Lot 513: A watercolour, by David Thomas Robertson - ''On The Tees'', signed; labels verso. Sold for £40

Lot 515: A pastel, by Richard Flynn - trawlers at North Shields fish quay, signed. Sold for £100

Lot 517: An early 19th Century engraved map of Northumberland, with hand colouring, printed for C. Smith, ... Sold for £15

Lot 518: 19th Century engraved maps with hand colouring, to include: Cambridgeshire; Monmouthshire; ... Sold for £20

Lot 519: 19th Century engraved maps, with hand colouring, to include: Durham; Notinghamshire; Herefordshire; ... Sold for £30

Lot 520: 18th Century and later engraved maps, to include: a road map from Tynemouth to Carslile; ... Sold for £30

Lot 523: An Edwardian oval bevelled wall mirror in inlaid mahogany frame. Sold for £25

Lot 524: An early 20th Century low back settee with long seat and loose cushions, upholstered overall in ... Sold for £100

Lot 525: A modern beechwood rocking chair with windsor style back and arms. Sold for £60

Lot 526: A contemporary rectangular teak and black smoked glass two-tier coffee table, by Meyers, 44in. ... Sold for £10

Lot 527: A stained wood occasional chair with shaped cresting rail supported by fine turned spindles, over ... Sold for £10

Lot 530: A Panasonic flatscreen TV and remote control. Sold for £25

Lot 531: A stained wood bookcase with two glazed panelled doors enclosing shelves. Sold for £15

Lot 532: A Flymo electric garden vac, in original box. Sold for £25

Lot 533: A Leak 2000 tuner amplifier; together with a 20th Century teak cabinet containing a Thorens TD124 ... Sold for £1,200

Lot 534: A G Plan eight-piece modern oak dining suite, comprising: six plus two ladder back dining chairs; ... Sold for £50

Lot 535: A G Plan eight-piece dining room suite, comprising: a set of six ladder back dining chairs; an ... Sold for £35

Lot 536: Two black painted metal cabin trunks. Sold for £25

Lot 538: A modern three-quarter bed; with matching mattress base; and mahogany head and footboards. Sold for £5

Lot 539: The Marshal 'Improved Air & Watertight Chest', patent no.114962 1979-1933, with metal bindings and ... Sold for £35

Lot 540: A six tread wooden step ladder; a four tread wooden step ladder; and a yellow and black painted ... Sold for £25

Lot 541: A black and yellow painted metal barrow. Sold for £10

Lot 542A: A cast composition two-piece bird bath; and a similar garden ornament. Sold for £25

Lot 545: A modern mahogany bureau; together with a display cabinet. Sold for £10

Lot 546: A Bosch Exxcel under bench fridge. Sold for £50

Lot 547: A Bosch Classixx automatic washing machine. Sold for £55

Lot 548: A Beko under bench fridge; and a slightly larger similar fridge. Sold for £50

Lot 549: A Beko tall upright A class freezer. Sold for £70

Lot 550: A Bendix automatic washing machine; an Electrolux under bench freezer; and an Ice King chest ... Sold for £40

Lot 551: A modern electronic organ by Electone, in simulated wooden case; with matching box seat stool. Sold for £10

Lot 552: Two modern garden benches with slatted seats and backs (both of them weathered). Sold for £40

Lot 553: A Victorian black painted metal and brass double bedstead, ends and stocks only. Sold for £20

Lot 554: A pair of Victorian rosewood balloon back dining chairs; and a pair of mahogany balloon back ... Sold for £20

Lot 556A: Three sections of aluminium ladder (not an extending ladder). Sold for £10

Lot 556: An early 20th Century painted kitchen cupboard with four panel doors; together with a distressed ... Sold for £80

Lot 557: A modern teak sitting room unit. Sold for £35

Lot 558: A Meile cylinder vacuum cleaner. Sold for £25

Lot 559: A pair of oak rail-back dining chairs. Sold for £5

Lot 560: A reproduction stained and carved wood Victorian style fire surround. Sold for £10

Lot 561: A Victorian rectangular side table. Sold for £55

Lot 562: An eight tread folding wooden step ladder. Sold for £20

Lot 563: A mid-20th Century oak bureau. Sold for £10

Lot 565: An early 20th Century walnut bow-fronted, tall, narrow display cabinet. Sold for £40

Lot 566: An early 20th Century mahogany display cabinet. Sold for £15

Lot 567: An early 20th Century mahogany bureau bookcase. Sold for £15

Lot 568: A Singer treadle sewing machine. Sold for £50

Lot 569: A reproduction mahogany serpentine-fronted chest of four drawers (distressed). Sold for £25

Lot 570: An Arts and Crafts wardrobe with centre mirror panel flanked by doors and drawers to base; with ... Sold for £100

Lot 572: An Edwardian wardrobe with centre mirror flanked by doors and drawers to base. Sold for £60

Lot 573: A Victorian walnut mirror-backed sideboard with figured walnut drawer fronts, bevelled mirrors and ... Sold for £90

Lot 575: A modern three-piece mahogany effect sitting room display unit, by Beresford & Hicks, 70in. wide. Sold for £10

Lot 576: An early 20th Century mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers, 42in. wide. Sold for £20

Lot 577: A rustic oak circular occasional table with turned column; together with a wall-mounted three tier ... Sold for £10

Lot 578: A 1960's G-Plan teak nest of three tables. Sold for £40

Lot 579: A 19th Century circular mahogany occasional table, on turned column with three splayed legs, top ... Sold for £30

Lot 580: A stained wood box-seat piano stool. Sold for £10

Lot 581: A cast iron fire basket/fire grate with back plate; together with another fire basket/grate; and a ... Sold for £40

Lot 582: A stained wooden wine table, on turned column with three splayed legs; together with a modern ... Sold for £15

Lot 583: An Indian brass tray, on a stained wooden folding stand. Sold for £15

Lot 584: A Victorian rosewood footstool; a milking stool on turned legs; together with one other stool with ... Sold for £55

Lot 585: A golden oak occasional table on a triangular base with turned legs, 21in. diameter. Sold for £35

Lot 586: An Edwardian stained wooden piano stool with turned supports, with shelf below, raised on splayed ... Sold for £20

Lot 588: An Indian brass tray on a stained wooden folding stand, tray 23in. diameter. Sold for £15

Lot 590: A set of six mahogany dining chairs and two carvers, with Sheraton style back and drop-in seat ... Sold for £50

Lot 592: An early 20th Century mahogany kneehole desk with green leather top, centre long drawer and two ... Sold for £120

Lot 593: A Victorian turn-over-top mahogany tea table, on turned legs, 37in. wide. Sold for £50

Lot 596: A brass extending firecurb, extending from 48-60in. Sold for £15

Lot 597: A pair of stained wooden dining chairs with Chippendale style backs, the drop-in seats raised on ... Sold for £40

Lot 599: A Victorian carver dining chair with curved back, distressed leather seat, raised on turned and ... Sold for £25

Lot 600: A 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table, raised on tapered legs, 41in. square with flaps open. Sold for £65

Lot 601: Four early 20th Century oak dining chairs, with leatherette backs and seats, raised on cabriole ... Sold for £30

Lot 603: A set of four reproduction Regency style dining chairs with curved back with inset brass inlay, ... Sold for £35

Lot 604: A set of 19th Century pine library steps/shop steps, fitted stretcher below with carpet to treads. Sold for £250

Lot 605: A 19th Century oak tripod table, raised on a turned column with three splay legs, 30in. diameter; ... Sold for £45

Lot 606: A reproduction mahogany serpentine front chest of drawers, two short and three long drawers, ... Sold for £90

Lot 607: A gent's Victorian open arm easy chair in carved and stained walnut, the seat, back and arms ... Sold for £35

Lot 608: A 20th Century oak standard lamp and shade. Sold for £20

Lot 610: A rustic 19th Century circular oak tripod table, on a turned column and splay legs. Sold for £30

Lot 611: A pair of Victorian lady's and gent's stained wooden chairs, with upholstered backs and seat ... Sold for £80

Lot 612: A reproduction mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, two short and three long drawers, raised on ... Sold for £50

Lot 613: A Victorian mahogany occasional table with square top, raised on a faceted column with circular ... Sold for £75

Lot 615: A set of four early 20th Century matching oak dining chairs, with leather backs and seat cushions, ... Sold for £70

Lot 617: A modern oak coffee table fitted a shelf below, 47in. long. Sold for £25

Lot 618: A Victorian mahogany circular centre table with moulded edge and deep frieze, raised on a turned ... Sold for £10

Lot 619: An oak three-legged milking stool, possibly 16th/17th Century. Sold for £55

Lot 621: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany two seater drawing room settee, 45in. wide. Sold for £120

Lot 622: A set of five early 20thCentury oak dining chairs with matching carver chair, slatted backs and ... Sold for £30

Lot 624: A child's Ibex style Bentwood chair; together with a nursery chair. Sold for £20

Lot 625: A set of six late oak Victorian high-back dining chairs with carved top rail, upholstered back and ... Sold for £55

Lot 626: An early 20th Century android barometer, in a carved stained wooden case. Sold for £15

Lot 627: A Victorian mahogany shaped footrest, upholstered in green velvet. Sold for £25

Lot 628: A gold coloured loom chair. Sold for £5

Lot 629: A 20th Century metal trunk with metal edges and brass catches. Sold for £25

Lot 630: A mahogany sewing box with a slide lid and shelf fitted below, on square tapered legs. Sold for £15

Lot 631: An early 20th Century French marble topped bedside cabinet, with single drawer, cupboard and ... Sold for £65

Lot 632: A spinning chair with carved back and seat, on turned legs; together with a reproduction footstool. ... Sold for £15

Lot 633: A mid 20th Century teak sideboard with cupboards and three drawers, on round tapered legs. Sold for £40

Lot 634: A 19th Century turn-over-top tea table, with inlay to top and frieze, on tapering legs with spade ... Sold for £20

Lot 635: A 19th Century elm carver chair, with upholstered seat cushion and square tapered legs joined by ... Sold for £20

Lot 636: A mid 20th Century circular teak extending dining table with flip-out centre leaf; and four chairs. ... Sold for £20

Lot 638: A Yamaha portable Grand DGX500 electronic organ with stand, with carrying case. Sold for £100

Lot 639: An early 20th Century oak kneehole desk with centre drawer and three drawers to either side. Sold for £70

Lot 641: A 19th Century mahogany carver chair with inlaid shaped back, drop-in seat and square tapered legs. ... Sold for £30

Lot 642: A pine blanket box with fitted candle tray and two drawers to the interior, upholstered top. Sold for £40

Lot 643: Three square top footstools on cabriole legs, made by Stuart Jones. Sold for £40

Lot 644: A large armchair with loose seat and back cushions upholstered in pink chequered material ... Sold for £5

Lot 646: An early 20th Century button back tub chair, upholstered in mustard coloured velvet, loose cushion, ... Sold for £80

Lot 647: A five foot reproduction four poster bed with turned supports and shaped foot and headboard; ... Sold for £200

Lot 648: A mahogany music cabinet (dismantled); a Loom linen basket; and a two-tier trolley. Sold for £5

Lot 649: An Edwardian mahogany wash stand with three long drawers, on square tapering legs, original fitted ... Sold for £10

Lot 651: A stained wooden standard lamp on turned round base, with gold coloured shade. Sold for £10

Lot 652: A two-tier oak trolley with turned supports, on square legs fitted casters. Sold for £30

Lot 653: A modern nest of three tuckaway tables; with matching glass-topped coffee table; together with a ... Sold for £20

Lot 654: A pair of early 20th Century Louis XV style single 3ft. bed frames, to include: headboard, ... Sold for £140

Lot 655: A Victorian pine linen press with two cupboard doors below two single and three long drawers, on ... Sold for £150

Lot 656: An early 20th Century mahogany bedroom suite, comprising: a three door wardrobe with central oval ... Sold for £50

Lot 657: A 1920's carved oak single door wardrobe with fitted drawer below; together with a wooden bed ... Sold for £75

Lot 658: An onyx and brass half-moon occasional table; together with another onyx and brass table with a ... Sold for £25

Lot 662: A mahogany shield-shaped dressing table mirror. Sold for £30

Lot 664: A stained wood bedside cupboard, fitted a drawer with cupboard below; together with an oval wall ... Sold for £25

Lot 666: A tilt-top firescreen with tapestry top; together with a modern brass standard lamp and shade; and ... Sold for £20

Lot 666A: A walnut TV cabinet with two doors and pull down front, raised on bracket feet. Sold for £10

Lot 667: An early 20th Century hall stand fitted four hooks, an arched bevelled mirror with with central ... Sold for £40

Lot 668: A mirrored Winchester advertising sign. Sold for £10

Lot 669: A 20th Century serpentine front cupboard, fitted two drawers, cupboards below, raised on cabriole ... Sold for £45

Lot 671: A 20th Century Turkoman rug, six diamond-shaped medallions to centre, on cream ground, 177 x ... Sold for £30

Lot 673: A Persian rug with eighteen shaped medallions on ivory ground. Sold for £45

Lot 675: A modern Persian runner decorated with five medallions to field, surrounded by flowerheads. Sold for £50

Lot 676: A Kazak rug with diamond decorated field. Sold for £20

Lot 677: A 20th Century Turkoman rug, tekke gul design to centre, on terracotta coloured ground, 184 x ... Sold for £65

Lot 678: A brocaded 'Suzni' Kilim runner, 289 x 78cms. Sold for £30

Lot 679: A modern Chinese rug with floral decoration on eggshell blue ground, 274 x 183cms. Sold for £60

Lot 680: A 20th Century Turkoman rug, with 18 tekke gul medallions to centre on pink ground, 144 x 94cms. Sold for £20

Lot 681: A modern Chinese rectangular carpet with foliate design on green and cream ground with tasselled ... Sold for £20

Lot 682: A modern Chinese rug, floral decoration on beige ground, 189 x 121cms. Sold for £20

Lot 683: An early 20th Century Persian runner, stylized border on blue and cream ground, 390 x 102cms. Sold for £60

Lot 684: A hand-woven 20th Century Persian rug, with red diamond design to centre, stylized border on dark ... Sold for £120

Lot 685: An early 20th Century roll top desk, fitted four graduated drawers to one side, the bookcase top ... Sold for £60

Lot 686: A small occasional bedside cupboard with gallery style tray top, fitted a shelf below, raised on ... Sold for £15

Lot 689: An early 20th Century pine kneehole desk, fitted with seven variously sized drawers. Sold for £55

Lot 690: A Victorian mahogany chiffonier, with panel doors, raised on a plinth base (back missing). Sold for £30

Lot 691: A gilt oval bevelled mirror. Sold for £40

Lot 692: A reproduction mahogany hall stand, fitted brass hooks, bevelled mirror above two drawers, raised ... Sold for £40

Lot 694: A small serpentine front chest of four long drawers, raised on cabriole legs with shell motifs. Sold for £30

Lot 695: A pair of late Victorian occasional chairs with unusually shaped backs, the cane seats raised on ... Sold for £30

Lot 696: A late 19th Century oak dresser and rack/plate rack, with shaped upper apron, above three drawer ... Sold for £250

Lot 697: A late 19th Century Victorian stripped stain walnut sideboard, with large bevelled mirror to ... Sold for £60

Lot 698: A Victorian mahogany scotch chest of drawers, three short drawers over three long drawers, columns ... Sold for £120

Lot 699: An early 20th Century leather top kneehole desk, with large central drawer, flanked by four ... Sold for £65

Lot 700: A Beaverman oak stool, in Kilburn style, drop-in seat raised on waisted octagonal legs with ... Sold for £75

Lot 705: A 19th Century oak coffer with lift-up lid (lid damaged), carved panels to the front. Sold for £40

Lot 706: A pair of early 20th Century Sheraton style dining chairs, the upholstered seats raised on ... Sold for £25

Lot 707: A Victorian mahogany two door panel cupboard, raised on a plinth base opening to reveal shelves ... Sold for £150

Lot 708: A George III antique oak chest of drawers, two short over three long drawers, raised on bracket ... Sold for £95

Lot 709: An early 20th Century oak box and hinged cover, inscribed 'Mr & Mrs Thorpe'. Sold for £45

Lot 710: A reproduction small sized carved oak court cupboard. Sold for £160

Lot 711: A pair of 19th Century style rail back solid seat dining chairs. Sold for £20

Lot 712: Five vintage leather and leatherette suitcases, by Flaxite Foundation and other makers. Sold for £40

Lot 713: A 19th Century carved and stained oak hall chair, with carved back panel and solid seat, raised on ... Sold for £20

Lot 714: A 19th Century oak wall hanging corner cupboard, fitted a single panel door with brass butterfly ... Sold for £30

Lot 715: A ''Maidsaver'' kitchen cabinet in oak, maker's label, two cupboards over a sliding enamel top, ... Sold for £220

Lot 717: An 18th Century rustic occasional table with plank top, rectangular frieze below, raised on square ... Sold for £30

Lot 718: An early 20th Century Georgian style chair back two-seater settee, the buttoned back and seat ... Sold for £100

Lot 719: A 19th Century stone round trough/planter (damaged). Sold for £70

Lot 721: A Chinese carved circular hardwood occasional table with carved frieze and elephants head, raised ... Sold for £40

Lot 722: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany two-tier jardiniere stand, with original brass liner. Sold for £140

Lot 723: A bookcase, the mahogany top with a pair of glazed doors enclosing shelves, the base with central ... Sold for £150

Lot 724: An Edwardian inlaid two-tier kidney-shaped occasional table. Sold for £75

Lot 725: An early 19th Century oak rectangular occasional table, raised on shaped legs. Sold for £30

Lot 727: A 19th Century inlaid mahogany bureau, the fall-flap enclosing a fitted interior, above four ... Sold for £35

Lot 730: A George III mahogany and banded D-shaped card table with inlaid top, baize-lined underside and ... Sold for £210

Lot 732: A reproduction mahogany cheval mirror with bevelled glass. Sold for £130

Lot 733: An early 20th Century narrow bookcase fitted four shelves. Sold for £70

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