Auction Results

You can see fully-illustrated results for our Fine Art & Specialist auctions on our 'Auction Archives & Results' page. Our Town & County Sales are not fully archived, but a text listing of results for recent auctions can be found below. 


Sale date: Wednesday, 10th January 2018 - Town & County Auction

Lot 1: A pair of George V silver mounted blue glass scent bottles, Birmingham 1924, with hand painted... Sold for £90

Lot 2: An Edward VIII silver cigarette case, by Northern Goldsmiths Co., Birmingham 1939, with engine... Sold for £45

Lot 3: A pair of Edward VIII silver bomb pattern table cigar lighters, by P. & Son B. Ltd., London 1939,... Sold for £150

Lot 4: A George V silver card case, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1929, with engine turned decoration and... Sold for £65

Lot 5: A pair of Edward VII sol fleur vases, by Hayes & Co., Birmingham 1908, weighted. Sold for £30

Lot 6: A George V silver condiment set, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1912, comprising: table salts,... Sold for £75

Lot 7: A Dutch 90 standard silverl cake slice with embossed farmyard scene, and windmill pattern handle,... Sold for £30

Lot 8: A George V silver lidded and cut glass bowl, by William Neale & Son, Birmingham 1912; together... Sold for £30

Lot 9: An Edward VII silver footed bowl, by William Mannatt & Son, Sheffield 1903, with scrolling... Sold for £250

Lot 10: Silver plated items to include a stilton scoop with Onslow pattern handle; a baby food pusher and... Sold for £10

Lot 11: A Victorian silver bucket pattern sugar basket, by George Angell, London 1853; and an associated... Sold for £150

Lot 12: Two Elizabeth II silver replicas of the Benwell silver spoon, by Reid & Sons, London 1956. Sold for £20

Lot 13: A pair of George III silver spoons, by Alice and George Burrows, London 1803, in fitted case,... Sold for £75

Lot 15: Two sets of six silver Edward VIII teaspoons, by W.E.G., Birmingham 1941, in fitted cases, 2.9oz. Sold for £35

Lot 16: A George V silver christening cup, by Edward, John and William Barnard, London 1911, with gilt... Sold for £110

Lot 17: A George V two-handled sugar basket, by Roberts & Belk Ltd., Sheffield 1920; and a matching cream... Sold for £120

Lot 18: Four George IV silver tablespoons, by John Henry and Charles Lias & Richard Britton, London, 1823... Sold for £75

Lot 19: An Elizabeth II silver dressing table set by W.I. Broadway & Co., Birmingham 1983, comprising: two ... Sold for £45

Lot 20: An Edward VIII silver and pink guilloche enamel dressing table set, by Beddoes & Co., Birmingham... Sold for £110

Lot 21: A Victorian silver christening set, by George Unite, Birmingham 1846, in fitted case. Sold for £50

Lot 22: A George V silver boat shaped sugar basket, by J.B. Chatterley & Sons Ltd., London 1935, 6.5oz. Sold for £80

Lot 23: A set of six George V silver bean finialed coffee spoons, by Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1929,... Sold for £70

Lot 24: A set of six Edward VIII silver grapefruit spoons and grapefruit knife, by Cooper Bros. & Sons Ltd.... Sold for £55

Lot 25: A pair of George V silver preserve spoons, by Allen & Darwin, Sheffield 1920, with mother-of-pearl ... Sold for £35

Lot 26: An Edward VII silver two-piece christening set, by V.W. Fletcher & Sons Ltd., Sheffield 1904, in... Sold for £45

Lot 27: An Edward VIII silver cigarette case, by Joseph Gloster Ltd., Birmingham 1939, with engine turned... Sold for £90

Lot 28: A pair of George V silver table salts and spoons, by Joseph Gloster Ltd., Birmingham 1910, with... Sold for £100

Lot 29: A Victorian silver christening cup, Chester; an Elizabeth II silver napkin ring, by Viners Ltd.,... Sold for £70

Lot 30: A quantity of white metal flatware, probably Eastern, to include: teaspoons, butter knives, and... Sold for £20

Lot 31: Three Elizabeth II silver spoons, by Cooper Bros. & Sons Ltd., Sheffield 1975-1977, with... Sold for £40

Lot 32: A pair of George V silver mustard pots, by Charles Edwin Turner, Birmingham 1919, with blue glass... Sold for £85

Lot 33: A Victorian silver pendant, by James Fenton & Co., Birmingham 1896, with floral border, on white... Sold for £130

Lot 34: A silver bangle by Reed & Barton, stamped 'Sterling'; two silver bangles, one stamped '800 SMS',... Sold for £40

Lot 35: Two George V silver trophy cups: one by Barker Brothers, Chester 1914; the other Peach Brothers,... Sold for £50

Lot 36: An Edward VII silver trumpet vase, by William Hutton & Sons Ltd., Birmingham 1901, with embossed... Sold for £20

Lot 37: A set of twelve George V silver teaspoons and a pair of sugar tongs, by Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd.... Sold for £60

Lot 38: A Victoria silver vesta case, by Charles Lyster & son, Chester 1900, with gilt interior and... Sold for £55

Lot 39: A Victorian silver card case, by Colen Hewer, Cheshire, Chester 1899 with engraved floral... Sold for £150

Lot 40: A George V silver quaich, by Deakin & Francis Ltd., Birmingham 1925, 4.5oz. Sold for £55

Lot 41: A George V silver berry spoon, by William Hutton & Sons, London 1924, 3.7oz, with embossed... Sold for £35

Lot 42: A set of six Victorian dessert spoons, by Thomas Wheatley, Newcastle 1853, fiddle pattern handles, ... Sold for £35

Lot 43: An Edward VII silver two handled sugar bowl and cream jug, by Walker & Hall Sheffield, 1907-1908,... Sold for £80

Lot 44: An Edward VIII silver condiment set, by Alfred Marston, Birmingham & Chester 1942, comprising:... Sold for £55

Lot 45: An Edward VIII silver teapot, by Charles S. Green & Co. Ltd., Birmingham 1936, with fruit wood... Sold for £260

Lot 46: A George V silver hot water jug, by William Hutton & sons Ltd. 1924, with ebony handle and finial, ... Sold for £160

Lot 47: A Scottish style silver and mahogany bowl, by Thomas Badbury & Sons, Sheffield 1917, with punched... Sold for £85

Lot 48: A Victorian silver cream jug, by James Dixon & Sons Ltd., Sheffield 1889; and a Victorian silver... Sold for £45

Lot 50: Three Victorian and later silver napkin rings, to include: George Knight, Birmingham 1883;... Sold for £45

Lot 51: A George V silver christening cup, by Marson & Jones, Birmingham 1927; a pair of George V silver... Sold for £90

Lot 52: A George V silver cream jug, by James Deacon & Sons, Sheffield 1909, helmet shaped; together with... Sold for £75

Lot 53: A George III silver christening cup, London 1903 (indistinct makers mark) engraved initials; a... Sold for £75

Lot 54: An Edward VII silver cigar box, London 1904 (indistinct makers mark) with engraved inscription;... Sold for £130

Lot 55: A white metal bowl, probably Indian; together with a white metal miniature pot and a filigree... Sold for £25

Lot 56: A pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs, by Thomas Wheatley, Newcastle 1847; a pair of Victorian... Sold for £45

Lot 57: A George V silver sugar caster, by Arron Lugkin Dennison, Birmingham 1934; a George V silver and... Sold for £50

Lot 58: A Victorian silver trinket box, by John Edward Wilmot, Birmingham 1900, with gilt interior and... Sold for £75

Lot 59: A set of six Edward VII silver teaspoons, by Goldsmiths & silversmiths Co. Ltd., London 1901, old... Sold for £35

Lot 60: A Victorian silver bread knife, by Harrison Fisher, Sheffield 1899, with ivory handle and engraved ... Sold for £40

Lot 61: A pair of Elizabeth II silver candlesticks, by Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1957; together with a... Sold for £40

Lot 62: A set of six George silver teaspoons; and a pair of sugar tongs, by Lee & Wigfull, Sheffield 1917, ... Sold for £65

Lot 63: A pair of George V silver vases, by A. & J. Zimmerman Ltd, Birmingham 1915, 8.5oz. gross. Sold for £55

Lot 64: A George V silver sugar bowl and cream jug, by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Birmingham 1916,... Sold for £50

Lot 65: A George V silver condiment set, by George Knight, Birmingham 1916, comprising: mustard pot with... Sold for £95

Lot 66: A George V silver hinged box, by Eels Brother & Browne, London 1927; together with an Elizabeth II ... Sold for £70

Lot 67: A silver ciggarette box; together with a silver plated cigarette case; and a metal hinged razor... Sold for £45

Lot 68: A set of six George V silver pistol grip tea knives, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1906, with steel... Sold for £110

Lot 69: A Victorian silver tablespoon, by Spink & Son, London 1898; a Victorian silver teaspoon, by... Sold for £50

Lot 70: A George V silver inkwell, by James Deakin & Sons, Chester 1915; a silver and cut glass sugar... Sold for £95

Lot 71: A silver golf medal stand; together with a plated crucifix. Sold for £15

Lot 72: An Elizabeth II silver locket, by Joseph Smith & Sons, Birmingham 1968, with engraved floral... Sold for £20

Lot 73: An Elizabeth II silver bangle, by N.J. Birmingham, 1972, engraved floral decoration; and another;... Sold for £95

Lot 74: Miscellaneous items, to include: a silver graduating chain link watch chain; an Edward VII silver... Sold for £55

Lot 76: A white metal wedding band (no hallmark but possibly platinum), in a Saunders & Pughe box, ring... Sold for £65

Lot 77: A black onyx signet ring, on 9ct. yellow gold mount, ring size R. Sold for £65

Lot 78: A garnet and diamond ring, on 9ct. yellow gold shank, ring size O. Sold for £30

Lot 79: An opal ring, on yellow metal shank, ring size L. Sold for £95

Lot 81: A 9ct. yellow gold gate link bracelet with heart shaped locket clasp, 27.5grms. Sold for £265

Lot 82: A yellow metal ladies wristwatch with arabic dial and brown leather strap, stamped ''X'' in... Sold for £40

Lot 83: A 9ct. ladies yellow gold wristwatch, by Accurist, 12.5grms gross. Sold for £80

Lot 84: A 9ct. yellow gold double graduated curb link bracelet, 25.5grms. Sold for £240

Lot 85: A three stone diamond ring on yellow metal shank stamped ''Plat 18ct'', 2.4grms gross, ring size I.... Sold for £50

Lot 86: A ruby and diamond ring, star shaped mount on 9ct. yellow gold shank, 3.5grms gross. Sold for £35

Lot 87: A yellow metal chain fancy link necklace, the clasp set with four rubies and star decoration,... Sold for £380

Lot 88: A 9ct. yellow gold gate link bracelet with heart shaped locket clasp, 29grms. Sold for £270

Lot 89: A 14ct. yellow gold rope chain necklace and 9ct. bracelet, 11.3grms. Sold for £130

Lot 90: A 9ct. yellow gold circular link necklace, 20.2grms. Sold for £220

Lot 91: A 9ct. rose gold graduated curb link Albert watch chain with T-bar, 39.5grms. Sold for £410

Lot 92: A sapphire cluster ring on yellow metal shank, stamped ''10K'', 2.6grms, ring size L. Sold for £25

Lot 93: A yellow metal and seed pearl photo-pendant on a 9ct. yellow gold fine link chain. Sold for £80

Lot 95: A pair of yellow metal and mother-of-pearl cufflinks. stamped ''9ct.''; a silver Bishop Auckland & ... Sold for £65

Lot 96: A yellow metal signet ring (hallmarks rubbed), 11.7grms. Sold for £150

Lot 97: A pair of yellow metal cufflinks, stamped ''9ct.'' with engine turned decoration and engraved... Sold for £55

Lot 98: A cultured pearl brooch on 9ct. yellow gold mount; a cultured pearl ring on yellow metal mount... Sold for £160

Lot 99: A 9ct. yellow gold seed pearl and peridot brooch; a pair of 9ct. yellow gold cufflinks; a yellow... Sold for £160

Lot 100: An amethyst ring on yellow metal mount stamped ''9ct.'', ring size O; a ruby and seed pearl brooch ... Sold for £80

Lot 101: A yellow metal and diamond heart-shaped pendant on fine link chain; a ladies yellow metal Art Deco ... Sold for £150

Lot 102: A Victorian silver vesta case, by E.V. Pledge & Son, Birmingham 1898; a carved jet beaded necklace;... Sold for £90

Lot 103: Nine yellow metal shirt and collar studs stamped ''9ct.''; a 9ct. yellow gold cufflink; and a pair ... Sold for £100

Lot 104: A gilt metal box-link necklace; a yellow metal locket pendant; two white metal bangles; and a... Sold for £65

Lot 105: An amber dress ring, on white metal shank with floral decoration, ring size H; together with a... Sold for £20

Lot 106: An amethyst and seed pearl ring, on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size Q; together with a five stone ... Sold for £90

Lot 107: A three stone diamond ring, on yellow metal shank stamped '9ct', ring size R, 1.3grms gross. Sold for £45

Lot 108: A marquise shaped sapphire and diamond ring, on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size G. Sold for £45

Lot 110: A tanzanite ring, the pear cut tanzanite within crossover mount, on 9ct. white gold shank, ring... Sold for £50

Lot 112A: A sapphire and diamond cluster ring, on white metal shank, ring size O. Sold for £160

Lot 112: A seven stone diamond ring, on 9ct yellow gold shank, size N, 1.6grms gross. Sold for £20

Lot 113: A sapphire dress ring, set with two tones of marquise cut sapphires in collet setting, on white... Sold for £30

Lot 114: A sapphire and diamond cluster ring, illusion set on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size M, 2.8grms... Sold for £40

Lot 115: A garnet and diamond ring, on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size Q, 1.9grms gross. Sold for £35

Lot 116: A marquise shaped diamond cluster ring, on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size M, 2.4grms gross. Sold for £50

Lot 120: A five stone diamond ring, the graduated old cut diamonds on yellow metal shanked stamped '18ct.', ... Sold for £45

Lot 121: An emerald and diamond cluster ring, the circular facet cut emerald surrounded by eight brilliant... Sold for £70

Lot 122: A silver and amethyst dress ring and earrings by Dower & Hall, ring size U; together with a silver ... Sold for £45

Lot 123: A long muff necklace, of rough honeycomb amber, 180cms long; together with a quantity of spare... Sold for £35

Lot 124: A large quantity of costume jewellery, to include: bracelets; earrings; and necklaces, in a... Sold for £50

Lot 125: A Victorian mourning brooch with plaited hair decoration, in yellow metal mount; an enamel brooch; ... Sold for £55

Lot 126: A quantity of costume necklaces and other items, in a Christian Dior case. Sold for £40

Lot 127: A quantity of silver and other jewellery; a set of six silver thimbles; lady's and gent's... Sold for £75

Lot 128: An Elizabeth II silver plate, by James Wyeth, 1972 - ''Along the Brandy Wine'', with certificates... Sold for £50

Lot 129: A pair of Elizabeth II silver ashtrays, by Asprey & Co. Ltd., Sheffield 1992, 10.9oz. Sold for £130

Lot 130: A quantity of costume jewellery, to include: necklaces; brooches; and other items. Sold for £40

Lot 131: A quantity of costume jewellery, to include: bracelets; necklaces; brooches; and other items. Sold for £65

Lot 132: A pair of 9ct. yellow gold and opal earrings; a blue stone and opal ring on white metal shank... Sold for £95

Lot 132A: An opera length baroque pearl necklace; a pair of silver gilt drop earrings set quartz drops; and... Sold for £15

Lot 133: A large quantity of semi precious gemstones, mainly polycrystalline agates. Sold for £25

Lot 134: A glass and guilloche enamel mounted silver dressing table pot containing costume jewellery and... Sold for £40

Lot 135: A 9ct. yellow gold lady's cocktail watch by Rotary, in fitted case, 13.2grms gross. Sold for £85

Lot 136: A 9ct. yellow gold lady's wristwatch, by Kenwell, 17.5grms gross. Sold for £120

Lot 137: A carved green hardstone and yellow metal necklace, stamped '14k Hong Kong', 11.6grms gross. Sold for £200

Lot 138: A quantity of gentleman's wristwatches, by Casio; Seiko; Smiths; a 9ct gold cased wristwatch; and... Sold for £95

Lot 139: Two silver fob watches with engraved decoration; together with another. Sold for £85

Lot 140: A 9ct. yellow gold Northumberland Football Winners Junior Cup Medal, 1910, 6.5grms; together with... Sold for £100

Lot 141: A yellow metal brooch in the form of a sword and hilt, with filigree decoration, 5.7grms. Sold for £70

Lot 142: An Edward VIII silver napkin ring, Birmingham 1937; together with a quantity of costume jewellery, ... Sold for £50

Lot 143: A George V silver hand mirror, Birmingham 1915; together with other silver dressing table items; a ... Sold for £400

Lot 144: Miscellaneous jewellery items, to include: a pair of yellow metal earrings; a gold-plated pendant; ... Sold for £35

Lot 145: A white metal charm bracelet, stamped 'Silver 830'; a George V silver vesta case, by William Hair... Sold for £110

Lot 147: Miscellaneous items, to include: a cultured pearl necklace; a silver bangle; and other silver... Sold for £120

Lot 148: A silver bangle; and a quantity of costume jewellery, to include: brooches; rings; and other items.... Sold for £35

Lot 149: A lady's wristwatch by Rotary, in case; together with miscellaneous costume jewellery; and other... Sold for £80

Lot 150: Lady's wristwatches by Accurist and Thermidor; together with a quantity of costume jewellery, to... Sold for £60

Lot 151: A George V silver and tortoiseshell dressing table set, by S.H. Adams & Co., Birmingham 1924,... Sold for £90

Lot 152: A large quantity of costume jewellery, to include: A Liberty watch; a Yogi Bear watch by Hanna... Sold for £160

Lot 153: A starter pistol by Erge, Germany, with black plastic grip; two Hardy Bros. bobbin wire spools;... Sold for £55

Lot 154: 20th Century regimental badges, buttons, ships and other items. Sold for £30

Lot 155: A hobnail cut glass scent bottle with silver top, London 1903; a silver bangle with ornate... Sold for £50

Lot 156: Six silver teaspoons with bright-cut engraving, Sheffield 1899 (incomplete); a set of six coffee... Sold for £50

Lot 157: A BSA Superstar .22 Air rifle no. RH09574, with Nikko Stirling silver crown waterproof 4x40 scope. Sold for £120

Lot 158: WWI medals, comprising: Victory Medal, 1914-1919, and War Medal 1914-1918, awarded to 3948 Private ... Sold for £190

Lot 159: Corgi toys; ''Chitty Chitty Bang Bang''; and ''Simon Snorkel Fire Engine''. Sold for £60

Lot 160: A quantity of pre-decimal coinage, to include: florins, farthings, shillings, and others. Sold for £20

Lot 161: A part suite of miniature furniture, comprising: a table, a settee, five bar-back chairs (one... Sold for £45

Lot 162: An early 20th Century North African dagger, wooden and brass grip in embossed leather scabbard. Sold for £10

Lot 163: A quantity of Victorian portrait photographs, visiting cards and carte de visite. Sold for £55

Lot 164: A typed letter by Bing Crosby, signed and dated August 30th 1946. Sold for £10

Lot 165: A George V silver dressing table set, comprising: hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush, and comb,... Sold for £45

Lot 166: A Diana Mod II Pistol; and two sets of Hiatts handcuffs in cases. Sold for £40

Lot 167: Two Swatch watches with leather straps; a Swatch Quartz watch; and a Military AM radio watch. (4) Sold for £20

Lot 170: Tea coffee and dinner ware, to include: Queen Anne ''Nymph'' pattern part coffee set; Royal Albert ... Sold for £25

Lot 171: A quantity of Lego, to include: Police Station; Railway; and other items. Sold for £70

Lot 172: A pair of gentleman's hunter Wellington boots size 9; a hard hat; jump leads; Richmond drill set;... Sold for £35

Lot 173: A pair of Salter baby scales model no. 250; a brass preserve pan; and two squirel traps. Sold for £45

Lot 174: A Cooper Pegler knapsack 15 lire's sprayer, boxed. Sold for £10

Lot 176: An early 20th Century oil painting, lake district scene with figures on a bridge; a watercolour,... Sold for £10

Lot 177: A Jones electric sewing machine; a Duette Twin Supply power unit; and a Muldivo Mentor. Sold for £30

Lot 178: The Illustrated Globe Encyclopedia vols. 1-12. Sold for £20

Lot 179: Two Masons Ringtons Willow pattern ginger jars; copper plate engravings; commemorative teapot, by... Sold for £25

Lot 180: A Bisto advertising mirror; a Klida mirror; a watercolour, by Ralph C. Hopton - ''Burnaham Overy... Sold for £30

Lot 182: Collectables, to include: a pair of carved wooden African elephant design bookends; brassware;... Sold for £45

Lot 183: Hardback books, to include; The New Peoples Physician; William Shakespeare; D.I.Y.; Carpentry;... Sold for £15

Lot 184: Five terracotta plant pots; and a green glazed plant pot. Sold for £25

Lot 185: Hardback and paperback books, to include; Dick Francis; Bryson; Harry Potter; Cooking; and others... Sold for £30

Lot 186: Tea and dinnerware, to include: Booths ''Pagoda'' pattern dishes; Wood & Sons ''Wuan'' pattern... Sold for £10

Lot 187: Hardback books, to include; The Observer's book of British Bird's Eggs; Beatrix Potter ''The Tale... Sold for £10

Lot 188: Woodworking tools, to include; a plane; by Sorby, Sheffield; chisels; a vice; and other items. Sold for £40

Lot 189: Three Vintage brown leather suitcases. Sold for £10

Lot 190: Glassware, to include: champagne flutes; decanters; circular pots; two wall mirrors and a toilet... Sold for £25

Lot 191: Four vintage brown leather suitcases; one by Hegaro no. 992557; a document case; and a cloth bound ... Sold for £35

Lot 192: Revelle model constructor kits, to include: Avro Lancaster MK.I/III, 04300; C-17A Globemaster III, ... Sold for £110

Lot 193: Oak cased mantel clock, arabic dials; two others (without movements). Sold for £15

Lot 194: LP records, to include: Dvorak; Jazz; Flamenco; Bach; and others. Sold for £70

Lot 195: A large quantity of terracotta plant pots various sizes and designs. Sold for £50

Lot 197: Tools, to include: saws; files; pliers; spirit level; and other items. Sold for £60

Lot 198: Miscellaneous ceramics, to include: Burleigh ware jug; a Wedgwood 'Hathaway Rose' dish; blue and... Sold for £20

Lot 199: A Naumann sewing machine in walnut case; two early 20th Century painted wood duck decoys; Wedgwood;... Sold for £35

Lot 200: DVD's, to include: Hitch; Harry Pottery; Good Morning Vietnam; Indiana Jones; Little Miss Sunshine;... Sold for £25

Lot 201: Two stoneware casks, one by Doulton Lambeth; together with one large and one small stoneware plant ... Sold for £20

Lot 202: Modern books, various subjects, to include: travel; philosophy; classics; literature; and others. Sold for £20

Lot 203: An HP Office Jet 6500 wireless printer; together with an HP Office Jet 920 XL black ink. Sold for £10

Lot 204: Clock movements; pendulums; and parts. (qty) Sold for £65

Lot 205: Plant pots of various sizes. Sold for £35

Lot 206: A watercolour of a castle scene, signed S.E.P., 1907; various miscellaneous prints; and a... Sold for £10

Lot 208: Ceramic items, to include: a Royal Albert 'Lady Carlyle' plate; a Royal Worcester 'Evesham'... Sold for £45

Lot 209: LP records, second half 20th Century Pop. Sold for £25

Lot 210: Miscellaneous items, to include: a ukulele; a badminton racquet; a leather suitcase; an anglepoise ... Sold for £60

Lot 211: A large box containing various plastic and diecast toy vehicles, trains; railway buildings; Tomica ... Sold for £15

Lot 212: Hardback books, various subjects, to include: history; art; photography; railways; and others;... Sold for £10

Lot 214: A Banda Ware picnic set, cased; and an enamel bread bin. Sold for £25

Lot 216: A boxed Crossfire game 'The Fastest Rapid Action Game Ever', by Ideal. Sold for £35

Lot 217: Miscellaneous items, to include: brassware, cameras in leather cases; boxes; tins; a model ship;... Sold for £85

Lot 218: A Braun record player; a Sony stereo cassette recorder TC-177SC; a Sony stereo FM-AM tuner FT-5150;... Sold for £130

Lot 219: A Sony direct drive turntable PS-4750; together with a quantity of Understanding Science magazines;... Sold for £95

Lot 220: Framed posters, to include: 'Audrey Hepburn'; Clarice Cliff Posters 'The Age of Jazz Lingers On';... Sold for £20

Lot 221: Books on various subjects, to include: politics; history; literature; and others. Sold for £10

Lot 222: Second half 20th Century rock and pop LP records. Sold for £20

Lot 223: Hardback books, to include: Rembrandt-The Complete Etchings; The Oxford Companion to Western Art;... Sold for £15

Lot 224A: LP records, c. 1980: pop, classical, and other genre. Sold for £10

Lot 224: Three suitcases containing curtains and other fabrics; together with miscellaneous lamp shades. Sold for £30

Lot 225: A glass and brass light fitting, by Falkenstein. Sold for £50

Lot 226: Two black leather satchels, one by Dolphin English Leather Goods. Sold for £25

Lot 227: Various musical books, to include: Masters of the Five String Banjo; A Pictorial History of Jazz... Sold for £120

Lot 228: A large quantity of terracotta plant pots, in various sizes. Sold for £55

Lot 229: Hardback books relating to clocks and watches, to include: The History of Clocks & Watches, by... Sold for £45

Lot 230: Tools, to include: G clamps; mallets; files; shears; and others. Sold for £20

Lot 231: Books, to include: The Gardener's Assistant, by Watson, various volumes; together with books... Sold for £35

Lot 232: A Wickes 710w pendulum jigsaw with laser; a Bosch PSP 260 spray gun; a Bosch PKS 46 circular saw;... Sold for £40

Lot 233: A Delonghi four slice toaster (as new), in original box. Sold for £20

Lot 234: Encyclopaedia Britannica, vols. 18-25; Britannica Book of the Year, various vols; and others. Sold for £15

Lot 237: Hardback books relating to art subjects, to include: 'Marine Paintings', by Denys Brook-Hart;... Sold for £10

Lot 238: Miscellaneous toys, to include: a Meccano Junior Fire Engine, boxed; a chess set; modern dolls;... Sold for £15

Lot 239: Miscellaneous ceramics, to include; Minton; Wedgwood Calendar Plates Series; Denby; Worcester; and ... Sold for £20

Lot 240: Teapots by various makers, to include: Royal Albert 'Loyalty'; Tayormana; Sadler 'King Henry VIII... Sold for £45

Lot 241: Six framed stained glass panels; a large stoneware barrel; and other items. Sold for £60

Lot 242: Radio and wireless books, to include: Newnes Wireless Constructors Encyclopaedia, by F.J. Camm;... Sold for £25

Lot 243: Tools, to include: a Black & Decker drill stand; sander; files; a box of Talco chrome vanadium... Sold for £40

Lot 244: A wooden cabinet containing nuts; bolts; screws; and other items. Sold for £50

Lot 245: Three pitch forks; a spade; and a broom. Sold for £30

Lot 246: Hardback books, various subjects, to include: literature; politics; engineering; mathematics; wild ... Sold for £10

Lot 247A: Archaeologia Aeliana, volumes dating from 1963, 1990's and 2000. Sold for £15

Lot 247: Hardback books, to include: The Book of the Farm, by Henry Stevens; Royal Natural History, vols. 1-... Sold for £75

Lot 252: Portfolio photographs of famous cities, scenes and paintings, published by The Werner Company of... Sold for £10

Lot 253: Modern Practical Farriery, by W.J. Miles; Bowdich's Elements of Conchology; and On The Mode of... Sold for £60

Lot 254: Observer's books, to include: geology; jazz; modern art; astronomy; cats; European costume; and... Sold for £25

Lot 255A: Battles of the Nineteenth Century, published by Cassell & Co. Ltd., 7 vols. Sold for £25

Lot 256: Two pink Durham quilts, one with green reverse (worn). Sold for £20

Lot 257: Two stab vests, by Wathen Gardiner & Co. Ltd; and Second Chance. (2) Sold for £10

Lot 258: A modern Harris Tweed gent's jacket, size 44R. Sold for £30

Lot 259: A Royal Logistics Corps tunic and trousers, chest 100cms, waist 92cms. Sold for £20

Lot 259A: A Royal Engineers tunic, shirt and trousers, chest 108cms, waist 92cms. Sold for £20

Lot 260: A gentleman's sheepskin jacket, by Morlands, size 44 chest; and a trench coat by St. Michael, 44in.... Sold for £10

Lot 262: An E.J. Mining Ltd. coal model of a train, Mallard No. 4468; German steins; tankards by various... Sold for £30

Lot 263: Glassware, to include: a pair of 19th Century decanters; others of a similar period; wine glasses; ... Sold for £20

Lot 264: A Newhall 'Diana' shape teapot in green glaze; Royal Albert 'Primrose' pattern part tea set; a... Sold for £40

Lot 265: 19th Century and later glass, to include: a rummer; tall glasses with engraved star decoration;... Sold for £150

Lot 266: A Victorian copper bed warming pan; a Continental part coffee set; Studio pottery; a Mackeson's... Sold for £20

Lot 267: Wooden moulding planes; a wet stone; and other tools. Sold for £10

Lot 269: Brassware, to include: a large ecclesiastical candlestick; two pairs of candlesticks; toasting... Sold for £40

Lot 270: Tea ware, to include: 'Orient' pattern set in blue and white. Sold for £15

Lot 271: Silver plated ware, to include: a coffee pot; a two-handled trophy-shaped bon bon dish; a circular ... Sold for £20

Lot 272: Birkbeck Pottery England, a Greek Myths Menelaus and Helen of Troy pattern twelve-piece coffee... Sold for £10

Lot 273: A Nutool no.BT102 router table; together with Powerbase twenty-piece router bit-set, both in... Sold for £35

Lot 274: Stoneware jars, various designs, to include: storage jars for Virol; and two jardinieres. Sold for £25

Lot 275: A copper wine cooler, possibly by Belham & Srode; a pair of brass candlesticks; a carriage lamp;... Sold for £40

Lot 276: An early 20th Century tan leather Gladstone bag. Sold for £35

Lot 277: Lladro figures, to include: Japanese girls; a girl holding fruit and flowers; and a figure of a... Sold for £110

Lot 278: Maling ware, to include: a teapot; a circular lustre dish; two Hummel figures; a Wedgwood vase;... Sold for £35

Lot 279: Two Royal Doulton figures ''Stephanie'', HN2811; and ''Karen'', HN2388 (boxed); ''Elaine'' HN2791; ... Sold for £40

Lot 280: Nao figures, one of a lady at a well; a child; and a girl carrying water and others; together with ... Sold for £85

Lot 281: Victorian dinner ware, to include: a blue and white service; and an 'Apple Blossom' part service,... Sold for £60

Lot 282: A pair of brass scales, by Penney Johnson & Co; a cruet with cranberry glass flower holder; a pair ... Sold for £40

Lot 283: A set of three graduating jugs, by Masons, 'Mandalay' pattern; an Ironstone style potpourri;... Sold for £20

Lot 284: A 19th Century copper kettle; a pair of brass scales; a pair of brass candlesticks in the form of... Sold for £65

Lot 285: A photograph of Chris Ewbank (Simply The Best) W.B.O. World Middle-Weight Champion, signed; and a... Sold for £20

Lot 286: 19th Century copper ware, to include: a large ewer; a kettle; a circular tray; a pair of... Sold for £45

Lot 287: A Royal Doulton figurine 'Lydia', HN1908; Royal Doulton character jug; and a Winston Churchill... Sold for £30

Lot 288: A modern glass and metal table lamp; a soda syphon; cranberry glass ware; and other items. Sold for £20

Lot 289: Maling ware, to include: 'Peony Rose' pattern jug; two circular bowls; a Maling Scotch Whisky Rare ... Sold for £30

Lot 290: Brassware, to include: ecclesiastical chargers; a pair of trivets; fireside ornaments; a pewter... Sold for £30

Lot 291: Various clock parts and movements, makers, to include: Veglia; Haller; and others. Sold for £40

Lot 292: A Fleischmann H0-gauge locomotive, no. 1362; Lesney diecast toys; Pyramid Patience; and other... Sold for £60

Lot 293: A metal wheelbarrow by Ironcrete; a tool box with contents; garden shears; tools; and other items. Sold for £40

Lot 294: Tri-ang railways, to include: Princess Elizabeth loco 4-6-2, in green livery; a dock shunter 0-4-0,... Sold for £55

Lot 295: A Wedgwood 'Ashford' pattern part dinner service, no. 4106; glassware, to include: three decanters;... Sold for £20

Lot 296: A Picquot ware five piece tea set; Old Hall (sounds like) metal ware and other metalware. Sold for £25

Lot 297: House of Erte figurines, to include: Symphony in black limited edition no. M2812; Iris; pearls and ... Sold for £130

Lot 298: A 19th Century table organ, in scumble painted case, with a quantity of card discs. Sold for £140

Lot 299: A 19th Century copper and brass kettle; a gold coloured painted metal neo-classical style two... Sold for £20

Lot 300: Three bottles of Benedictine; two bottles of Drambuie and a bottle of Dutch beer. (6) Sold for £70

Lot 301: A pair of early 20th Century Japanese Satsuma vases depicting scholars, signed to bases, (damages).... Sold for £30

Lot 302: A c.1930 taxidermy Koala. Sold for £30

Lot 303: Six bottles of port, to include: Infanta Isabel 10 year old; The Auditors Port 10 year old; Offley ... Sold for £90

Lot 304: Two ebony carved elephant figurines with bone tusks eyes and toes. Sold for £40

Lot 305: Gordon's Sloe Gin; Dubonnet; Madeira wine; sherry. (6) Sold for £40

Lot 306: A Capodimonte group of tramps playing cards. Sold for £10

Lot 307: A pair of Barr & Stroud 8X binoculars in fitted leather case. Sold for £35

Lot 308: A 20th century Chinese cloisonne enamel circular dish with dragon decoration and marks to base. Sold for £50

Lot 309: A pair of Burleigh ware two-handled loving cups depicting Roosevelt and Churchill ''Champion of... Sold for £220

Lot 310: An Arts and Crafts rectangular copper tray with floral decoration. Sold for £45

Lot 311: Three Beswick Disney character figures: Droopy; Tom & Jerry; a Royal Doulton 'Jungle Book' baby... Sold for £35

Lot 312: An Art Deco Goldscheider figure of a female racing driver modeled by Stephan Dakon no. 5938N... Sold for £620

Lot 313: A Stanley Rule & Level Company compass plane no. 113. Sold for £50

Lot 314: Beswick Country Folk figurines, to include: Mrs Robert baking; the Lady Pig; Shepherd Sheep dog;... Sold for £90

Lot 315: A Moorcroft circular dish with floral decoration, signed 'WM' with jug mark, 93 boxed. Sold for £30

Lot 316: A pair of Magnolia pattern Moorcroft table lamps, cream ground. Sold for £140

Lot 317: Five Victory wooden jigsaw puzzles, to include: The Farm; The Indian Camp. Sold for £20

Lot 319: A Denon CD receiver RCD-M38DAB; and a pair of Denon speakers SC-M37, 0064676018 with remote and... Sold for £70

Lot 321: Vogue dress patterns; soft goods, to include: doilies; place mats; and napkins. Sold for £20

Lot 322: A Burleigh 'Zenith' pattern part dinner service, registration shape 769495. Sold for £130

Lot 323: The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith; an antique engraved map ... Sold for £35

Lot 324: An auto harp, with music sheet, boxed. Sold for £35

Lot 325: A pair of 20th Century Chinese silk embroidered panels depicting birds and flowers; and a pair of... Sold for £100

Lot 326: A framed photographic print of a lighthouse; two reproduction framed photographic prints of... Sold for £20

Lot 327: A 20th Century Chinese watercolour on pith paper, depicting four men carrying swords and lanterns; ... Sold for £55

Lot 328: A Paragon 'First Aid' case; a gas mask; a mahogany nautical case; and a walnut box with brass... Sold for £40

Lot 329: Nao figures, to include: a mother and child; a girl playing the guitar; a girl playing a cello;... Sold for £75

Lot 330: Two Record planes, no. 4; and a wooden plane 'Made in Sheffield'. (3) Sold for £25

Lot 331: A resin figure of a classical woman holding a bowl and jug, raised on brown marble base. Sold for £40

Lot 332: An early 20th Century brass desk top ink stand, the inkwells with clear glass liners (piece... Sold for £50

Lot 334: A Paragon 'Pompadour' pattern tea service for four. Sold for £35

Lot 335: Royal Doulton figurines, to include: Nina; Susan; Southern Belle; and three others. (6) Sold for £75

Lot 336: A late 19th Century black leather-bound jewellery box, gilt decoration, the top opening to reveal... Sold for £30

Lot 337: An AGI Art Deco cast metal lamp, raised on quatrefoil base. Sold for £25

Lot 338: Royal Doulton figurines, to include: Victoria; Flower of Love; Loren; and three others. (6) Sold for £65

Lot 339: A Portmeirion 'Phoenix' pattern coffee service, by John Cuffley (saucers missing). Sold for £20

Lot 340: Royal Doulton figurines, to include: Sara; Buttercup; Diana; and three others. (6) Sold for £60

Lot 341: A pair of late 18th/early 19th Century 'Willow' pattern asparagus dishes. Sold for £40

Lot 342: A five-piece stainless steel cafe au lait set, by H. Greaves Ltd., New Street, Birmingham, with... Sold for £30

Lot 343: Royal Worcester figurines, to include: The Jewel in the Crown; The Embassy Ball; A Royal... Sold for £130

Lot 344: An Eichwald Pottery pipe/cigarette holder modelled as a man and horse, no. 2624. Sold for £10

Lot 345: A Starkies painted Blackmore money box, no. 844290. Sold for £65

Lot 346: Royal Doulton figurines, to include: Hilary; Ninette; Caroline; and a Royal Worcester figure The... Sold for £70

Lot 347: A collection of Victorian and later teapots, by various makers, to include: Fenton Pottery;... Sold for £10

Lot 348: Irish table linen by Causeway; Webb's; Shamrock Linens; and Robinson & Cleaver. Sold for £10

Lot 349: Ringtons tea ware, to include: tea caddies; teapots; a ginger jar; an hexagonal bowl; and a money... Sold for £35

Lot 350: A pair of Zenith 10 x 50 field binoculars, no. 4302685, in fitted leather case; another by Boots,... Sold for £20

Lot 351: A tea-for-two tea service, by Menau, Germany, 'Konigin Louise' pattern (associated saucers); a... Sold for £95

Lot 352: A Wedgwood Jasperware planter; Tunstall Jasper ware items; and a selection of two-handled and... Sold for £25

Lot 353: Three mahogany cutlery canteens; together with four large glass jars with cork stoppers; and a... Sold for £45

Lot 354: A 20th Century brass two-tier stand; three graduating oak trays; and a stained wood folding sewing ... Sold for £20

Lot 355: An oil lamp with acid etched shade and cream glass reservoir with hand decoration, on brass stand. Sold for £45

Lot 356: Four music boxes, one with mother-of-pearl decoration; and another trinket box. Sold for £30

Lot 357: Figurines, to include: Royal Doulton 'Elaine'; 'Buttercup'; 'Southern Belle'; Royal Worcester... Sold for £100

Lot 358: A Maling Peony Rose; pattern jug; a Japanese ceramic tureen and dish; various glass and ceramic... Sold for £25

Lot 359: Cut glassware, to include: decanters; wine glasses; tumblers; together with a set of five shot... Sold for £25

Lot 360: A Walker & Hall silver-plated dish and condiment set; a Mappin & Webb silver-plated teapot and... Sold for £50

Lot 361: A pair of patinated bronze candlesticks in the form of putti; and a patinated bronze figure of a... Sold for £30

Lot 363: 19th Century and later glassware, to include: a rummer; liqueur glasses; and others. Sold for £40

Lot 364: A pair of Staffordshire Whally dogs; and various coloured glassware vases including a pair of blue ... Sold for £40

Lot 365: Davidson cloud glass posy bowls in amethyst and amber; together with cut glass ware, to include:... Sold for £10

Lot 366: A Grindley 'Chameleon' pattern hand-painted part tea service, to include: tea cups; saucers; cream ... Sold for £80

Lot 367: Three travelling clocks by Europa, Estyma and another with eight day movement; carved horn salad... Sold for £10

Lot 369: A carved wooden cuckoo clock; a brass bell on wooden mount; a pair of brass candlesticks in the... Sold for £150

Lot 370: Lladro figures, to include: girl with geese; an angel; boy with a dog; girl with phone; and... Sold for £100

Lot 372: A Japanese part tea service, to include: tea cups, coffee cups, saucers, coffee pot, teapot, cream ... Sold for £25

Lot 373: Nao figures, to include: girl with dog; girl with chick; and others, all with original boxes. Sold for £65

Lot 374: An astronomical telescope, 60mm with equatorial mount, boxed, with instruction manual. Sold for £55

Lot 375: Copeland Spode 'Italian' pattern ceramics, comprising: eleven teacups and thirteen saucers. Sold for £40

Lot 376: Nao figures, to include: girl with rabbit; boy and girl seated on a bench; girl with doll; and... Sold for £65

Lot 377: A Carlton Ware tea service, comprising: coffee pot, six coffee cups and saucers, cream jug and... Sold for £65

Lot 378: Nao figures, to include: girl with violin; angel with dove; and others, six boxed. (7) Sold for £65

Lot 379: A pair of Nippon hand-painted vases; a Japanese Noritake vase; a late 19th Century neo classical... Sold for £30

Lot 380: A Kenrick & Sons wood and brass coffee mill; a tin tea cansiter; a Ringtons tin; and another... Sold for £20

Lot 381: A Coalport green and gold part tea service, to include: tea cups, saucers, sandwich plates, sugar... Sold for £180

Lot 382: A Wedgwood Jasperware lidded pot; a cut glass scent bottle; an embroidery picture; a silver... Sold for £25

Lot 383: A pair of pink glass lustre vases; and another vase. Sold for £30

Lot 384: A collection of decorative flattened glass bear bottles, to include: Duvel; Leffe and others. Sold for £20

Lot 385: Waddington jigsaw puzzles, ''Old Masters'' (4); ''Fire Fly'' jigsaw; ''House Martin'' hardwood... Sold for £15

Lot 386: Two Royal Imari jugs; a Royal Worcester 'Evesham' pattern tureen; a Copeland Spode 'Italian'... Sold for £20

Lot 387: A Reid & Sons clock face; a Staffordshire mantel clock with arabic dial; and two others. (4) Sold for £60

Lot 388: Three brass candlesticks; a ship's lantern; and a bed warming pan. Sold for £30

Lot 389: A Bose digital music sound system, with remote, manual, case and TV booster aerial. Sold for £30

Lot 390: Lladro figures of angels, four boxed. (5) Sold for £70

Lot 391: An oil lamp with acid etched shade and brass stand; and another oil lamp with pink glass shade and ... Sold for £80

Lot 392: Miscellaneous ceramics, to include: Devon Ware Fieldings bowl and matching salad servers; Losol... Sold for £20

Lot 393: An eight day mantel clock in mahogany case, enamel roman dial, French movement; and another in oak ... Sold for £75

Lot 394: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany mantel clock, enamel arabic dial. Sold for £20

Lot 395: A Victorian mahogany cased eight day mantel clock, enamel roman dial, Ansonia Clock Co., USA.,... Sold for £25

Lot 396: An Art Deco mantel clock by Smiths, London, in stained oak case. Sold for £10

Lot 397: An early 20th Century eight day mantel clock, in mahogany case, arabic dial, Continental movement. Sold for £40

Lot 398: Four Art Deco eight day mantel clocks, in oak and mahogany cases, roman and arabic dials. Sold for £65

Lot 399: A Victorian black painted metal eight day mantel clock, roman dial, elephant mask decoration to... Sold for £35

Lot 400: An inlaid mahogany eight day mantel clock, with plaque 'Presented to Miss E.A.L. Walton as a token ... Sold for £40

Lot 401: A Continental fourteen day striking mantel clock, in walnut case, enamel roman dial, made in... Sold for £65

Lot 402: An inlaid mahogany eight day mantel clock, arabic dial. Sold for £25

Lot 403: A c.1930's mantel clock, in oak case, roman dial. Sold for £15

Lot 404: A Victorian eight day mantel clock, with white metal plaque 'Parting token of regard to Mr. Frank... Sold for £110

Lot 405: A mid 20th Century mantel clock, by Grant, Carlisle, with Garrard movement. Sold for £50

Lot 406: A clarinet by Console, Selmer, London, cased; an Aristocrat flute by Buescher; another flute, made ... Sold for £65

Lot 407: A Rockwood electric guitar by Hohner, Alex 90L. Sold for £30

Lot 408: A Boosey & Hawkes clarinet, no. 283413, in original case. Sold for £30

Lot 409: A large 19th Century 'Willow' pattern meat dish; and a Masons Ironstone 'Vista' pattern serving... Sold for £40

Lot 410: A Victorian mahogany tea caddy, the top opening to reveal lift-out compartments, raised on bun... Sold for £75

Lot 412: A Minolta compact 10 x 23 pair of binoculars, no. 15421517. Sold for £15

Lot 414: A Copeland Spode 'Italian' pattern teapot, with inscription to top 'We'll ak' a cup o' kindness... Sold for £20

Lot 415: A Victorian burr wood veneered scent bottle holder, opening to reveal three glass scent bottles;... Sold for £130

Lot 416: Early 19th Century set of three graduating blue and white basketweave pattern creamware baskets,... Sold for £85

Lot 417: A Crown Ducal ware 'Firefly' pattern jug, red, yellow and green glaze. Sold for £20

Lot 418: A large Chinese style baluster-shaped vase, floral decoration on blue ground; and a modern Chinese ... Sold for £25

Lot 419: An early 20th Century oak canteen of silver-plated cutlery, the top opening to reveal lift-out... Sold for £95

Lot 420: A live steam model engine by Bowman Models, Dereham, Norfolk, in original wooden box. Sold for £75

Lot 421: A mahogany and brass Scarborough sea fishing reel. Sold for £25

Lot 423: Franklin Mint ornaments, to include: 'The Defender', with certificate of authenticity; 'The Great... Sold for £35

Lot 424: A carved oak sculpture in the form of a man's head, signed Hoftorey. Sold for £50

Lot 425: A Victorian copper and brass samovar, ebonised handles, raised on quatreform base. Sold for £50

Lot 426: A pair of Victorian Staffordshire vases, by W.W.R. & Co., floral decoration on blue ground. Sold for £25

Lot 427: A wooden model of a Spanish galleon, with the red cross to sails. Sold for £10

Lot 428: A Victorian inlaid rosewood writing slope, opening to reveal a dark blue velvet interior. Sold for £30

Lot 431: An early 20th Century oak desk top stationery cabinet, by Parkins & Gotto, 24-25 Oxford Street,... Sold for £160

Lot 432: A Victorian black slate eight day mantel clock, with marble inlay, arabic dial. Sold for £35

Lot 433: A candlestick telephone, No. 1, W-29/4001; and a black bakelite telephone. (2) Sold for £75

Lot 434: A modern Dutch wall clock in mahogany case with brass mounts, with weights; together with a... Sold for £15

Lot 435: A 19th Century rosewood work box, with mother-of-pearl cartouche and escutcheon. Sold for £40

Lot 436: Two 19th Century rosewood work boxes, with mother-of-pearl inlay, cartouches and escutcheons,... Sold for £55

Lot 437: Three late 19th/early 20th Century walking canes, one with horn handle. Sold for £50

Lot 438: Four Victorian tea caddies, one Tunbridge ware; and a modern circular wooden tray. Sold for £85

Lot 439: Two trumpets by Besson ''Westminster'', and another; and a cornet by Besson, Class A, all cased.... Sold for £50

Lot 442: Watercolours, photographs and prints, removed from William Wight Ltd., Ships Chandlers, North... Sold for £20

Lot 443: An oil painting - 'Charles Dicks', by H. Tayali; watercolours and signed coloured prints by... Sold for £20

Lot 444: Two seating plans for Jesmond Methodist Church and Jesmond Wesleyan Church, by the architect... Sold for £15

Lot 445: A 20th Century Ordnance Survey Map of Northumberland, framed. Sold for £20

Lot 446: An oil painting, by Andre de Lievin - ''La Loire'', signed; signed, inscribed and dated 1966 verso.... Sold for £580

Lot 447: A watercolour, by John Wilson Jowsey - Northern harbour scene, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 449: 19th Century British School, pencil drawing - half-length portrait of a lady, label verso 'W.... Sold for £35

Lot 450: 19th Century aquatint with hand-colouring, after Charles George Havell, engraved by Frederick... Sold for £10

Lot 451: A watercolour, by J. Ogden - ''Whitby Harbour'', signed and dated, 1895. Sold for £60

Lot 452: Limited edition signed etchings, by Castillo - portraits of ladies numbered 74/175 (a pair). Sold for £45

Lot 453: A late 19th Century grisaille wash - Highland loch scene with cattle, signed with initials 'EMW'... Sold for £45

Lot 454: An oil painting, by A. Baldwin - river scene with boats and figures, signed and dated 1925;... Sold for £20

Lot 455: A chromolithograph - woodland scene with river. Sold for £10

Lot 457: A pastel painting, by Richard Flynn - ''Amble'', signed. Sold for £10

Lot 458: Limited edition signed colour prints, after Mary Ann Rogers - ''Leghorn Cockerels'', no. 273/500;... Sold for £70

Lot 459: A limited edition signed colour screenprint, by Norman Wade - ''Swing Bridge'', dated '68, no.... Sold for £90

Lot 461: A pair of sepia wash over pencil, by Achille De Doinicins - 19th Century Continental landscapes... Sold for £30

Lot 462: A pair of watercolours, by M. Jackson - cockle gatherers, signed and dated 1908; labels with... Sold for £55

Lot 463: An oil painting, by M. Smith - tree lined lane, signed. Sold for £20

Lot 464: An oil painting, by Mike Nance - study of a fox in ferns, signed. Sold for £25

Lot 465: A watercolour, by John Pennington - farmyard scene with female figure and chickens, signed. Sold for £20

Lot 466: An 18th Century engraving, by Mason & Canot, after William Bellers - ''A View of Bywell Bay in... Sold for £45

Lot 469: An 19th Century engraved road map with hand colouring - ''The Continuation of The Road from London ... Sold for £20

Lot 470: Photographs relating to Bernard Murphy Royal Flying Corps, to include a group photograph; a... Sold for £20

Lot 472: A watercolour, by Harold W. Sayer - ''Skeleton Beach'', signed; signed and inscribed label verso... Sold for £75

Lot 473: A watercolour, by Anne Dorrien Smith - Northern landscape with farm cottages, signed. Sold for £20

Lot 474: A watercolour, by C.H. Norman - still life of flowers in a jug. Sold for £15

Lot 475: An early 19th Century engraving, by William Fowler - ''St. Leonard'', after the original in... Sold for £10

Lot 476: A colour mezzotint, by Jean Fontaine - lady reading love letters under a tree, signed, published... Sold for £60

Lot 477: A watercolour by Florence M. Howd - ''Borrowdale'', signed. Sold for £25

Lot 478: A colour lithograph, by William McDowell - ''Queen Mary'' Cunard White Star. Sold for £45

Lot 479: A watercolour, by Alec Wright - garden scene with fields beyond. Sold for £25

Lot 481: A watercolour, by Edward Neatby - mountainous scene, possibly Sulven, signed. NB: Artist exhibited ... Sold for £25

Lot 482: 18th Century engraved maps with hand colouring, to include; a map of Northumberland; a road map of ... Sold for £55

Lot 483: An etching, by Frederick W. Payne - lake scene with tree in the foreground, signed. Sold for £30

Lot 484: A watercolour, by Neil Pont - ''Soubes, back street'', signed; signed inscribed and dated 2003... Sold for £35

Lot 485: A 19th Century engraving, by Abraham Raimbach, after David Wilkie - ''The Rent Day'', published in ... Sold for £30

Lot 486: A colour etching, by Frances St. Clair Miller - ''Swans Bredwardine'', no. 2/50. Sold for £10

Lot 488: A watercolour, by JH Findley - view of Lincoln cathedral, signed. Sold for £15

Lot 490: Chromolithographs, by Lager Cherelle - ''Le Gateau de Fate'', ''La Peche'', ''Question Videe'' and ... Sold for £40

Lot 491: A reproduction photograph on canvas - ''The Beatles''. Sold for £10

Lot 492: A 19th Century watercolour - mountainous landscape with figures in a boat in foreground. Sold for £20

Lot 493: An original poster for ''The Left Hand of God'', staring Humphrey Bogart and Gene Tierney. Sold for £35

Lot 494: A watercolour, by Doreen Fenwick - study of flowers, signed and dated '84; and a pencil and ink... Sold for £20

Lot 495: Limited edition signed colour prints after Sue. Cansdale - ''At Night Everything is Still'',... Sold for £10

Lot 497: A reproduction advertising poster - ''Koko for hair''. Sold for £10

Lot 498: 20th Century Chinese School watercolours on silk - ''The Seasons''. (4) Sold for £40

Lot 499: 20th Century Chinese watercolours on silk - ''The Bastards'', signed. (4) Sold for £25

Lot 500: A watercolour, by A. Hunt - lake district scene with figures in the foreground, signed. Sold for £5

Lot 501: A watercolour, by Terry Whittaker - ''Quiet Walk'', signed; label verso; and a pastel painting, by ... Sold for £10

Lot 502: A watercolour, by Ken Satterley - ''The North Tyne At Nether Warden'', signed; label verso. Sold for £30

Lot 503: A fabric collage, by Margaret Slade - ''Snow in the Pennines'', labels verso. Sold for £20

Lot 505: Oil paintings, by James Wright - ''Summer Meadow, Brickling, Norfolk'' and ''Trinity Mill, Coltis... Sold for £30

Lot 506: An early 20th Century etching of a Continental church, indistinctly signed; a photograph by Tim... Sold for £10

Lot 507: An early 20th Century watercolour - lake scene; a limited edition signed colour print, by Susan... Sold for £10

Lot 508: An oil painting, by L.W. Mee - ''Gypsy Moth'', signed. Sold for £40

Lot 511: A watercolour and pen drawing, by Tom Manson - ''North Shields Fish Quay'', signed, inscribed and... Sold for £45

Lot 512: Watercolours in the manner of Myles Birket Foster - children at play; and girl by a river with... Sold for £30

Lot 513: Colour prints after Edwin Roberts - portraits of resting women; and a colour engraving - women... Sold for £60

Lot 514: A crystoleum, after Henry Ryland - portrait of a lady amongst lillies. Sold for £50

Lot 515: A set of four Victorian mahogany single dining chairs, the backs and seats upholstered in green... Sold for £20

Lot 516: A Victorian mahogany chest on chest, turned wooden handles centred by mother-of-pearl detailing,... Sold for £75

Lot 517: A Stag bedroom suite, to include: wardrobes, dressing chest, 156cms wide, a millinery cupboard, a... Sold for £150

Lot 518: A modern limed beech octagonal extending dining table, one spare leaf, 118cms diameter (not... Sold for £30

Lot 519: A Stressless high back two seater reclining cream leather sofa, by Ekornes. Sold for £40

Lot 520: An early 20th Century pine chest of two short and two long drawers (feet missing), 91cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 521: A mahogany Stag dresser, three frieze drawers below cupboard doors, 141.5cms wide; a mid 20th... Sold for £20

Lot 522: A 20th Century pine bedside chest of three drawers, 47cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 523: Two Samsonite plastic suitcases on wheels. Sold for £30

Lot 524: A mobility scooter by Rascal, no. P327XL. Sold for £150

Lot 525: A modern Winnie the Pooh white painted wardrobe, 100cms wide; and a black plastic standard lamp... Sold for £35

Lot 526: A modern pine single bed. Sold for £10

Lot 527: A Myers single orthopedic bed 'Perfect Posture', with pine headboard. Sold for £10

Lot 528: A modern white plastic garden table, 135.5cms long; and four white plastic stackable garden chairs;... Sold for £35

Lot 529: A 20th Century adjustable brass standard lamp; and a chrome standard lamp with glass shade, by... Sold for £10

Lot 530: A mid 20th Century teak narrow chest of six drawers, 55.5cms wide; and a Hayauchi pruner. Sold for £55

Lot 531: A Hayauchi extendable pruner. Sold for £25

Lot 534A: An LEC upright fridge, A+ rating. Sold for £20

Lot 534: A modern bamboo and slate effect bar, 123cms wide. Sold for £140

Lot 535A: A Bosch washing machine, 6Kg, model no. WAE24167GB. Sold for £50

Lot 535: A mid 20th Century stained oak chest of three drawers, 91cms wide; together with a later chest of... Sold for £10

Lot 536: Two Samsung wine fridges. Sold for £70

Lot 539: A Viewfonic projector, TJ358; and screen. Sold for £15

Lot 540: A Linsar 32in. flatscreen television; a three-tier TV stand; and a Bush DVD/CD player. Sold for £35

Lot 543: A bundle of gardening tools to include: loppers, hoe; spades. Sold for £5

Lot 543A: A white painted circular Arkana style table, 121cms diameter; and four cream painted kitchen... Sold for £15

Lot 544: Younger Furniture by Pierre Fontaine Collection, in cherrywood, to include: a wardrobe with... Sold for £40

Lot 545: Garden tools, comprising: a fork and four shovels. Sold for £15

Lot 546: A set of sliding aluminium ladders. Sold for £10

Lot 547: A set of sliding aluminium ladders, by Crima. Sold for £30

Lot 548: A Karcher 480 jet washer. Sold for £25

Lot 549: A quantity of small terracotta garden pots. Sold for £40

Lot 550: A set of folding aluminium step ladders, by Abru; and a sliding aluminium 3-way combination ladder,... Sold for £45

Lot 551: A modern teak roll-over top bureau fitted four long drawers below, 90cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 552: A three section extending aluminium ladder, by Youngman, 350cms. Sold for £75

Lot 553: An American Gothic style doll's house, painted in yellow, with contents; and another Georgian... Sold for £65

Lot 554: A c.1970's teak wall unit glazed door opening to reveal glass shelving above a pair of cupboard... Sold for £10

Lot 555: A mid 20th Century stained oak dressing chest of three long drawers (back missing); a similar... Sold for £10

Lot 557: A pair of wall cabinets with shaped tops and single glazed top hanging hinged door opening to... Sold for £70

Lot 558: A set of sliding aluminium ladders, Youngman DIY 350cms. Sold for £10

Lot 559A: A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century composite capping stones. Sold for £35

Lot 559: A 20th Century Durrant oak knee-hole desk red leatherette inset top above an arrangement of eight... Sold for £80

Lot 560: A Victorian walnut chest of two short and two long drawers, 96cms wide. Sold for £40

Lot 561: A pair of tub chairs; and two pouffes in grey/brown pattern material; together with a wooden... Sold for £20

Lot 562: A 19th Century elm octagonal occasional table (made up); a brass and ebonised smoking stand;... Sold for £30

Lot 563: A reproduction mahogany kneehole writing desk, inset green leather top, above an arrangement of... Sold for £65

Lot 565: Copies of music concert tickets in Newcastle venues, to include: Rolling Stones; Annie Lennox; The ... Sold for £190

Lot 566: Two Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs, the seats upholstered in green velour material,... Sold for £20

Lot 567: A modern wooden corner cabinet with metal mounts; an oak chair with drop-in leather seat; and a... Sold for £5

Lot 568: A mahogany framed oval wall mirror. Sold for £10

Lot 569: A Victorian mahogany piano, by Ritmuller, retailed through Waddington & Sons, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Sold for £5

Lot 570: A late Victorian cast iron fire grate. Sold for £25

Lot 571: A 20th Century ash chest of two short and four long graduating drawers with acrylic handles,... Sold for £75

Lot 572: Two cast metal fire curbs; and a folding brass spark guard. Sold for £5

Lot 573: A Victorian ebonised single chair; a Victorian walnut single chair; a blue painted chair; a piano... Sold for £5

Lot 574: Reproduction mahogany furniture, to include: a nest of tables; a circular two-tier occasional... Sold for £10

Lot 575: An early 20th Century brass fire screen with bevelled and engraved glass panel; and a mahogany... Sold for £10

Lot 576: A reproduction mahogany circular coffee table, with plaque 'Presented as a token of regard to Mr.... Sold for £25

Lot 577: A reproduction mahogany Sutherland table; and a smaller oak Sutherland table. (2) Sold for £15

Lot 578: A c.1970's nest of teak tables, possibly G-Plan. Sold for £20

Lot 580: A modern stained wood brass and bevelled glass top coffee table, 130cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 581: A reproduction inlaid mahogany rectangular coffee table, 107.5cms wide. Sold for £5

Lot 582: A reproduction mahogany circular occasional table, fitted three frieze drawers above tripod legs... Sold for £20

Lot 583: A modern Chinese blue and white stick stand; a similar jardiniere with later glass top; a... Sold for £20

Lot 584: A late 19th Century brass fire curb, 133.5cms wide. Sold for £35

Lot 587: A moulded glass and brass standard lamp, raised on tripod feet. Sold for £20

Lot 588: A Victorian beige painted pine blanket box, 92.5cms long. Sold for £40

Lot 589: A modern Continental inlaid Kingwood dining table of shaped form, 173cms long; and a set of six... Sold for £75

Lot 590: A mid 20th Century stained oak gateleg occasional table, 89cms wide. Sold for £10

Lot 591: A modern African hardwood dining room suite, the dining table with three plank top, 182.5cms long; ... Sold for £100

Lot 592: A Victorian ebonised wood occasional table with brass mounts; and an ebonised and gilt occasional... Sold for £5

Lot 593: A Victorian ebonised carved nursing chair, the back and seats upholstered in mustard coloured... Sold for £10

Lot 594: A nest of oak tables, raised on turned legs. Sold for £10

Lot 595: Reproduction mahogany furniture, to include: two rectangular occasional tables; a drop leaf... Sold for £45

Lot 596: A three-piece sitting room suite, possibly by Wade, comprising: a three-seater sofa and a pair of... Sold for £100

Lot 597: Two sheepskin rugs. Sold for £25

Lot 598: A reproduction mahogany circular occasional table with carved decoration, raised on tripod feet. Sold for £10

Lot 599: A Georgian style stool upholstered in mustard velour; an oak square occasional table, raised on... Sold for £30

Lot 600: A stained wood rectangular stool, with green material upholstered cushion. Sold for £15

Lot 601: A 19th Century walnut prie dieu chair, the back and seat upholstered in floral pattern material,... Sold for £20

Lot 602: An early 20th Century armchair upholstered in kilim fabric. Sold for £60

Lot 603: A Victorian walnut washstand, fitted three frieze drawers, raised on turned legs joined by an... Sold for £40

Lot 604: A 20th Century pouffe upholstered in kilim material. Sold for £15

Lot 605: A Victorian ebonised armchair upholstered in pink patterned material, raised on turned legs... Sold for £60

Lot 606: A 20th Century stained oak refectory style dining table, 151cms long; four oak ladder back dining... Sold for £40

Lot 607: An Edwardian inlaid walnut occasional chair with carved splat, the seat upholstered in pink velour.... Sold for £10

Lot 608: A late Victorian mahogany circular occasional table with shaped edge, the sweeping legs joined by... Sold for £15

Lot 608A: A Victorian open arm easy chair, with turned front legs and later loose cover. Sold for £60

Lot 610: Ercol: a stained beech open armchair, the back and lift-out seat upholstered in floral pattern... Sold for £25

Lot 611: A reproduction mahogany circular occasional table, raised on a turned column with four legs... Sold for £20

Lot 612: Ercol: a stained beech rocking chair, the cushion upholstered in floral patterned material. Sold for £130

Lot 613: A reproduction inlaid mahogany sofa table, 142cms wide fully extended. Sold for £45

Lot 614: A limed oak refectory style table, 167cms long; together with four single and two carved matching... Sold for £170

Lot 615: A stained beech ladder back chair with rushwork seat and barley twist supports; together with an... Sold for £10

Lot 616: A reproduction mahogany jardiniere stand, raised on tripod legs. Sold for £15

Lot 617: A 20th Century oak gateleg dining table, 151cms long. Sold for £10

Lot 619: A 20th Century stained oak drop leaf dining table, 106.5cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 620: A set of four mahogany Queen Anne style single dining chairs, the drop-in seats upholstered in... Sold for £45

Lot 621: An early 20th Century oak smoker's cabinet, the bevelled glass doors opening to reveal drawers and ... Sold for £35

Lot 622: An early 20th Century oak two-tier occasional table with decorative frieze and apron, 76cms wide. Sold for £40

Lot 623: 19th Century elm Windsor carver chairs, one plus three. Sold for £40

Lot 624: A 20th Century oak drop leaf coffee table, 50cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 625: A late 18th Century inlaid mahogany converted square piano, fitted as a desk, with nameplate... Sold for £110

Lot 626: A George III mahogany carver chair, with drop-in seat raised on square legs. Sold for £45

Lot 627: A late Victorian mahogany side table, raised on fluted and carved legs, 154.5cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 628: An early 20th Century mahogany footstool, the drop-in seat upholstered in woolwork tapestry. Sold for £20

Lot 629: A 19th Century giltwood bevelled table mirror, decorated with acanthus scrolls, 43 x 35cms. Sold for £20

Lot 630: A pair of Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs. Sold for £20

Lot 631: A turnover top mahogany tea table, raised on square moulded legs, 90cms wide; together with a... Sold for £30

Lot 632: A 19th Century oak armchair, the spindle back supporting scrolling arms, raised on cabriole legs. Sold for £45

Lot 633: A stained wood jardiniere stand with barley twist support, 94cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 634: A 19th Century mahogany drop leaf dining table, with gateleg action, 90cms wide. Sold for £45

Lot 635: Two early 20th Century Windsor style armchairs, with spindle backs and arm supports, one with elm... Sold for £110

Lot 636: A 19th Century rustic oak cricket table, 66cms diameter. Sold for £170

Lot 637: An early 19th Century oak occasional table, 64cms diameter. Sold for £35

Lot 638: An elm seat Windsor rocking chair, with flat back and turned arm supports. Sold for £45

Lot 639A: A rustic occasional table, the oval top raised on turned support and three splay scrolling legs,... Sold for £45

Lot 639: A nest of three mahogany occasional tables. Sold for £20

Lot 641: A Victorian chair back day bed, raised on turned beech wood legs terminating in brass castors,... Sold for £90

Lot 642: A reproduction captain's style chair, with upholstered back, arms and seat, in green leatherette. Sold for £35

Lot 643A: A box seat piano stool; and an oak firescreen. Sold for £10

Lot 645: A pair of 1920's leather armchairs with shaped backs, arms and seats, decorated with brass studs... Sold for £180

Lot 646: A 19th Century elm top occasional table, raised on turned support and splay legs, 49cms wide. Sold for £120

Lot 648: A set of four dark stained Ercol dining chairs with spindle backs. Sold for £65

Lot 651: A 20th Century light oak dining table; and six chairs with shaped backs, solid seats, raised on... Sold for £20

Lot 652: An early 20th Century stripped Windsor chair, with spindle back and solid seat. Sold for £55

Lot 654A: A large modern ceramic table lamp and shade; and another similar lamp. Sold for £70

Lot 654: A 19th Century mahogany side table, with three-quarter gallery above a single drawer to frieze,... Sold for £40

Lot 655: An oak open arm chair with slat back, the drop-in seat cushion raised on barley twist legs; an... Sold for £25

Lot 656: A reproduction mahogany Regency style breakfront side cabinet, fitted four frieze drawers above... Sold for £45

Lot 657: A stained wood corner cabinet, 80cms wide; together with a floral painted tripod stool; and an... Sold for £45

Lot 658: An early 20th Century carved oak hall chair, vine decorated back with barley twist supports. Sold for £10

Lot 659: A stripped pine top table, fitted a drawer in one end frieze, 122cms long. Sold for £40

Lot 660: A stripped pine and white painted kitchen table, frieze drawer to one end, 120cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 661: A Yamaha DX7 digital programmable algorithm synthesizer, in case on stand, together with cables. Sold for £170

Lot 662: A Selmer MK II amp, serial no. 50229, with cover. Sold for £170

Lot 664: An Ercol 'Golden Dawn' spindle back armchair. Sold for £100

Lot 666: A 20th Century Chinese carpet, the blue ground decorated with dragon, flame and cloud decoration... Sold for £50

Lot 667: A 20th Century Chinese carpet, the light blue ground decorated with prunus blossom, 455 x 369cms. Sold for £80

Lot 668: A modern Chinese rug, with floral decoration on black ground, 260 x 284cms long. Sold for £30

Lot 669: A machine-made European style rug. Sold for £25

Lot 670: A Tabriz style machine-made rug, 240 x 173cms. Sold for £25

Lot 673: A Victorian easy chair, the stained wood legs raised on brass and ceramic castors; together with... Sold for £85

Lot 676: A set of four oak dining chairs with drop in seat cushions. Sold for £30

Lot 677: An early 20th Century later painted occasional chair with spindle back. Sold for £10

Lot 678: An early 20th Century occasional chair with spindle supports and cane seat. Sold for £20

Lot 679: A late 19th/early 20th Century mahogany rectangular side table, 91.5cms wide; together with a 20th ... Sold for £35

Lot 680: A mid 20th Century Singer sewing machine in oak cabinet. Sold for £20

Lot 682: A bergere two seat settee with cane back and arms above carved frieze. Sold for £60

Lot 683: A Chinese square coffee table with carved and pierced decorative panel top, 90cms. Sold for £50

Lot 685: An Arts & Crafts stained oak arm chair, the back and seat cushions upholstered in William Morris... Sold for £20

Lot 686: An early 20th Century ottoman upholstered in blue material, raised on brass castors. Sold for £10

Lot 687: A Georgian brass fire fender, with three fire irons. Sold for £60

Lot 688: A dark stained oak monks bench with lion pattern arms and hinged seat, 96cms wide. Sold for £110

Lot 689: A 20th Century stained oak desk top cupboard; and a brass and copper bed warming pan. (2) Sold for £10

Lot 690: An early 20th Century open arm chair with spindle back, turned legs and stretchers. Sold for £40

Lot 691: An early 20th Century oak three-piece bedroom suite, to include: wardrobe; dressing chest and... Sold for £90

Lot 692: An early 20th Century oak two-piece bedroom suite, to include: wardrobe and chest of two drawers. Sold for £75

Lot 693: a late Victorian mahogany desk, fitted a combination of nine drawers with brass handles, 128cms... Sold for £140

Lot 694: A gilt framed rectangular framed wall mirror, 115cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 695: An early 20th Century oak bookcase, the flared dental cornice above glazed doors enclosing... Sold for £350

Lot 696: A French 19th Century style pedestal cabinet, with marble top above single frieze draw, th e... Sold for £140

Lot 697: A 19th Century French mahogany armoire, with acanthus carved decoration above mirror panel door... Sold for £190

Lot 698: A 19th Century mahogany veneered chest of three drawers (later top and base probably top part of a ... Sold for £45

Lot 699: A stained oak chest of two short and two long drawers, 106cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 700: A convex wall mirror with ebonised reeded slip and gold painted acanthus and bead decorated frame, ... Sold for £15

Lot 701: An Edwardian inlaid walnut wardrobe, by Brough Brothers, Liverpool, the mirror panelled door above ... Sold for £100

Lot 702: A Victorian mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, fitted hidden long frieze drawer above two short... Sold for £140

Lot 703: An Oriental style ebonised towel airer. Sold for £25

Lot 704: A Singer sewing machine on ironwork treadle and oak mount, serial no. F8843030. Sold for £25

Lot 705: An early 20th Century walnut wardrobe, the bevelled mirrored panel door enclosing hanging space... Sold for £120

Lot 706: A mid 20th Century oak corner display cabinet, the leaded glazed glass door enclosing shelves... Sold for £10

Lot 707: An early 20th Century mahogany display cabinet, the glazed doors enclosing lined shelving and... Sold for £30

Lot 708: An oak hall table fitted single frieze drawer, 77cms wide. Sold for £45

Lot 709: A Victorian balloon back dining chair. Sold for £20

Lot 710: An early 20th Century oak bureau bookcase, the glazed panel doors enclosing shelves, the fall flap ... Sold for £75

Lot 711: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers; and a single 19th Century... Sold for £90

Lot 712: An early 20th Century figured walnut tall narrow serpentine front chest of seven graduating... Sold for £220

Lot 713: An oak standard lamp with spiral twist column. Sold for £70

Lot 714: A 19th Century mahogany wall mirror with inlaid rosewood panel, 49cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 715: A 20th Century pine rocking horse, brown leatherette seat. Sold for £10

Lot 717: An Ercol Golden Dawn elm bookcase. 96cms wide. Sold for £65

Lot 718: Two anglepoise table lamps, one by Herbert Terry & Sons. Sold for £55

Lot 719: An early 20th Century mahogany bowfront display cabinet, 120cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 721: Two stained wood jardiniere stands. Sold for £45

Lot 722: A stained wood standard lamp with cream coloured shade. Sold for £25

Lot 724: A Vienna style wall clock in walnut case. Sold for £25

Lot 725: A Georgian oak bureau, the fall-flap opening to reveal drawers and pigeon holes, above two short... Sold for £90

Lot 726: An early 20th Century oak bureau, the fall-flap opening to reveal pigeon holes and drawers, above... Sold for £25

Lot 727: An early 20th Century oak frame bevelled wall mirror, 91cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 728: A modern Continental fruitwood bookcase, with glazed panelled doors enclosing shelves, above the... Sold for £65

Lot 729: An early 20th Century oak bureau, the fall-flap enclosing pigeon holes and drawers, 86cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 730: A brass top tray table, the tray decorated with a Royal court and battle scene, on ebonised... Sold for £20

Lot 731: An American Arts & Crafts oak longcase clock, by Waterbury Clock Co., USA, brass arabic numerals,... Sold for £65

Lot 732: A 19th Century mahogany pot cupboard, fitted a cupboard door and fall-flaps. Sold for £40

Lot 733: An early 19th Century walnut chest of three short and three long graduated drawers, 93cms wide. Sold for £40

Lot 733A: A 19th Century mahogany pot cupboard fitted a shallow drawer. Sold for £25

Lot 734: A mahogany hanging corner display cabinet. Sold for £20

Lot 736: A Victorian mahogany bowfront chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, 104cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 737: A Victorian mahogany swing frame toilet mirror, the arched mirror panel raised on scrolling... Sold for £30

Lot 739: An early 20th Century oak gateleg dining table, 151cms wide; together with A Victorian walnut... Sold for £35

Lot 740: A skeleton mantel clock, by H. Samuel, in stained wood case; together with a reproduction wall... Sold for £95

Lot 741: A reproduction Vienna style wall clock, by Lincoln, fitted thirty-one day movement. Sold for £10

Lot 742: A stained oak Globe Wernicke style three door bookcase, 87cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 743: A 19th Century oak bowfront hanging corner cupboard opening to reveal shelving, 69cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 744: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany music cabinet, with bevelled glass panel door, raised on cut-out... Sold for £20

Lot 745: A late 19th/early 20th Century stained oak wall mirror, with carved green man decoration. Sold for £35

Lot 747: Six plus two 20th Century stained oak ladder back single dining chairs, with rush seats (two with... Sold for £165

Lot 748: A modern Chinese hardwood side table fitted six drawers below, 90cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 749: An early 20th Century brass corinthian column style standard lamp, raised on a square base... Sold for £380

Lot 750: A Victorian flame mahogany chest of two short and four graduating long drawers, flanked by turned... Sold for £95

Lot 752: A 19th Century oak gateleg dining table, 82cms diameter. Sold for £30

Lot 753: A 20th Century mahogany standard lamp with fluted and reeded decoration, raised on tripod feet. Sold for £85

Lot 754: A reproduction mahogany breakfront display cabinet, bevelled glass door and panels above four... Sold for £160

Lot 755: A modern bevelled wall mirror in gold coloured frame. Sold for £20

Lot 756: A Victorian button back easy chair upholstered in red velour, raised on turned ebonised legs... Sold for £50

Lot 757: A 19th Century and later bedside table, fitted two frieze drawers, 37cms wide. Sold for £15

Lot 758: A modern rectangular bevelled wall mirror in gold coloured frame. Sold for £20

Lot 759: A modern rectangular console table, by Mike Mossop, with canted corners, raised on splay feet,... Sold for £55

Lot 760: A 19th Century inlaid mahogany corner cabinet, with dentil cornice above astragal glazed door, the ... Sold for £80

Lot 761: A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and four long graduating drawers, flanked by turned... Sold for £95

Lot 762: A 19th Century mahogany butler's tray and stand. Sold for £70

Lot 763: A 19th Century inlaid mahogany corner two-tier wash stand, fitted a single frieze drawer below,... Sold for £30

Lot 764: A 20th Century walnut nest of tables, with inset glass tops, carved decoration, the legs... Sold for £30

Lot 765: A pair of oval cast metal garden trays on stands, hoop handles, one painted white, 62.5cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 766: An 18th Century oak crib, 90.5cms long approximately. Sold for £65

Lot 767: An early 19th Century floor standing oak corner cupboard opening to reveal shelving, above a... Sold for £250

Lot 768: An early 20th Century composite horse pull-toy, with glass eyes, pony skin, raised on cut-out... Sold for £160

Lot 769: A 19th Century circular oak tripod occasional table, 89.5cms diameter (cut down). Sold for £120

Lot 770: A Georgian inlaid mahogany Pembroke table, fitted dummy drawer to the frieze, raised on square... Sold for £120

Lot 771: A pair of Howard style gentleman's club armchairs upholstered in red leatherette. Sold for £180

Lot 772: A Victorian carved walnut teapoy, the top opening to reveal two tea canisters (two missing),... Sold for £70

Lot 773: A reproduction walnut writing desk, the fall-flap opening to reveal pigeon holes, cupboard and... Sold for £40

Lot 774: A 20th Century barometer in carved stained oak case, with presentation plaque. Sold for £25

Lot 775: A reproduction mahogany bowfront cabinet, two frieze drawers above slide-out panel above a pair of ... Sold for £50

Lot 776: A c.1930's inlaid walnut swivel action desk chair, by Druce & Co., raised on four legs terminating ... Sold for £55

Lot 777: A reproduction mahogany swivel action turnover top tea table on turned column, raised on four legs ... Sold for £75

Lot 779: A 19th Century carved oak corner cupboard, the door opening to reveal shelving, 63cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 780: A large modern bevelled wall mirror in gold coloured frame, 132cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 781: A modern Indonesian hardwood sideboard, three frieze drawers above cupboard doors, 182cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 782: Two 19th Century mahogany and walnut wall mirrors with shaped frames. Sold for £20

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