Auction Results

You can see fully-illustrated results for our Fine Art & Specialist auctions on our 'Auction Archives & Results' page. Our Town & County Sales are not fully archived, but a text listing of results for recent auctions can be found below. 


Sale date: Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 - Town & County Sale

Lot 501: A four strand cultured pearl necklace, with yellow metal clasp stamped '14k', in fitted case. Sold for £50

Lot 502: A George III silver cup, London 1812, with embossed floral decoration, engraved monogram, retailed ... Sold for £85

Lot 503: A Victorian silver ladle, by John Stone, Exeter 1837, with fiddle pattern handle, 1.9oz. Sold for £30

Lot 506: A Danish silver spoon, by Fir, Hansen & Andersen, Assay Johannes Siggaard; and another stamped... Sold for £40

Lot 508: A William & Mary silver coin set toddy ladle, the coin dated 1869, with twisted whale bone handle; ... Sold for £60

Lot 510: Two foreign silver tablespoons, engraved initials C.B., 2.8oz. Sold for £25

Lot 511: A George V silver trophy cup, by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1913, with engraved initials; a... Sold for £60

Lot 512: A George V silver mounted cigar box, by Northern Goldsmiths Company, London 1934, with engine... Sold for £50

Lot 513: A Canadian silver trumpet vase, by Henry Birks & Sons, stamped '383 Birks Sterling 4', 31cms high; ... Sold for £120

Lot 514: A pair of George III silver sugar tongs, by J.S., London 1807; a set of five Edward VII silver... Sold for £35

Lot 516: An Elizabeth II silver filled figure, by Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd., London 1992, depicting a man... Sold for £50

Lot 517: A white metal child's rattle, stamped '830s', in the form of a pear, with teething ring. Sold for £20

Lot 519: Four fine Japanese cloisonne enamel buttons in yellow metal mounts, character marks to base. Sold for £65

Lot 520: A 9ct. yellow gold photo locket; two 9ct. yellow gold earrings, 10.5grms gross; a lady's... Sold for £65

Lot 522: A silver vase, Sheffield 1912, with pierced rim and flared foot; together with a quantity of... Sold for £50

Lot 523: A modern silver waiter, by R. Carr, Sheffield 1995, with shaped rim, in fitted case. Sold for £80

Lot 525: A carved coquilla nut thimble case; and various sporting medals. Sold for £45

Lot 526: Four Elizabeth II silver napkin rings, by Arthur Price, Sheffield 2004, in original boxes, 4.6oz. Sold for £130

Lot 527: A George VI silver guilloche enamel dressing table set, by Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1940,... Sold for £130

Lot 528: A gentleman's stainless steel Ingersoll style wristwatch, roman numerals to dial and open back, on ... Sold for £15

Lot 529: A 9ct. yellow gold signet ring, the agate carved with a helmeted head, ring size W, 6.9grms gross. Sold for £50

Lot 531: A cultured pearl necklace on 9ct. yellow gold chain (broken); a faux pearl necklaces; and another. Sold for £15

Lot 534: A 9ct. yellow gold and diamond stallion brooch, six brilliant cut diamonds to saddle, can also be... Sold for £70

Lot 535: Gold-plated lady's wristwatches, by Avia and Seiko; and jewellery, to include: gold-plated... Sold for £20

Lot 536: Costume jewellery necklaces, to include: faux pearls; and a matching necklace and bracelet. Sold for £20

Lot 537: A cultured pearl hoop pattern brooch on yellow metal mount; together with First World War interest:... Sold for £30

Lot 538: A carved shell cameo brooch; a painted porcelain brooch; gold jewellery, to include: earrings;... Sold for £130

Lot 541: A diamond ring, the nine eight-cut diamonds within diamond-shaped mount, shank stamped '18ct.',... Sold for £70

Lot 542: A cat's eye chrysoberyl and seed pearl cluster ring, on openwork yellow metal shank, ring size N. Sold for £50

Lot 543: A large quantity of hand-made jewellery, including: stained pearls; semi precious stones; agate... Sold for £40

Lot 544: Two carved shell cameo brooches in yellow metal mounts, one depicting Diana a Huntress; together... Sold for £25

Lot 545: An Elizabeth II silver bracelet, by E. Lilley & Co., Birmingham 1957; a charm bracelet stamped... Sold for £55

Lot 546: A George IV coin pendant, set with coraline; and a silver cased open faced fob watch with engraved ... Sold for £35

Lot 547: A George V silver dressing table set, by S.M. Levey Ltd., Birmingham 1925, comprising: hand mirror,... Sold for £60

Lot 548: A quantity of silver jewellery, to include: bangles, necklaces and rings, some set with gemstones. Sold for £110

Lot 549: A quantity of silver and other costume jewellery, to include: necklaces, earrings and brooches. Sold for £40

Lot 550: Two Halcyon Days enamel boxes, to include: ''I Love You Today More Than Yesterday But Less Than... Sold for £40

Lot 551: A 9ct. yellow gold ring, set with blue and white stones; together with miscellaneous items, to... Sold for £130

Lot 552: A collection of mainly 1950's and 1960's football programmes, tickets and 1966 World Cup ephemera. Sold for £35

Lot 553: A black and chrome Art Deco style cigarette box; two powder compacts; a collection of turned and... Sold for £35

Lot 554: A collection of cameras and accessories, including: a Minolta SRT303B; a Nettar; a Minolta 110... Sold for £35

Lot 555: A collection of modern first day covers; small quantity of pre-decimal coinage; and World stamps... Sold for £25

Lot 556: A collection of small carved wooden oriental vase and ornament stands various; a miniature rug;... Sold for £15

Lot 558: An early 20th Century goliath pocket-watch style travelling clock with eight day movement, white... Sold for £75

Lot 559: A collection of pocket knives; letter opening knives;sailors pocket knife; etc. Sold for £55

Lot 560: A collection of modern and Vintage pens; fountain pens; and repelling pencils, by: Platignum,... Sold for £40

Lot 561: A George V 9ct. gold cased pen knife, with inscription, steel blades, by Sampson, Mordan & Co.. Sold for £50

Lot 562A: Dinky diecast model cars: A.C. Aceca coupe 167; Triumph Herald 189; Bedford Van 482; Volkswagen... Sold for £100

Lot 562: A collection of miscellaneous British pre-decimal coinage and foreign coinage, in case. Sold for £15

Lot 563: A collection of late 19th/early 20th Century small portrait photograph frames in metal, some... Sold for £140

Lot 564: A red lacquered Oriental box silver and other cufflinks; a George V Jubilee matchbox cover, a Reid ... Sold for £120

Lot 566: A Hasbro Action Man in deep sea divers kit; together with an assortment of other clothing... Sold for £65

Lot 567: Small royal Worcester triangular shaped Victorian ceramic jug decorated in the chinoiserie style... Sold for £60

Lot 569: A small Moorcroft bowl, 'Anemone' pattern on cobalt blue ground. Sold for £25

Lot 570: A 19th Century portrait miniature of a woman wearing a bonnet, inscribed 'Beth', in an ebonised... Sold for £30

Lot 572: A George V tortoiseshell and silver mounted dressing table set, by Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1927,... Sold for £50

Lot 573: An Olympus OM10 camera; and an Olympus T20 electronic flash unit, both in fitted cases with... Sold for £15

Lot 574A: A military compass, E. Koehn, Geneve, marked and dated 1918, in original leather case. Sold for £45

Lot 574: A riding whip, by Swane & Adeney, late 19th Century/early 20th Century, white metal mount; pair of ... Sold for £95

Lot 575: A Leeda Magnum 4in. salmon fly reel in black and cream pouch; together with a pair of Intrepid... Sold for £30

Lot 576: A Baikal NKK38 .177cal. break action air rifle serial No. 90150391 fitted plain wooden stock... Sold for £10

Lot 577: A BSA ''Cadet'' .177cal. air rifle serial No. C25720 (missing adjustable part of V and bladesight),... Sold for £30

Lot 578: Crossman: a ''Medalist'' model 1322 .22 cal. underlever air pistol with wood effect plastic grips... Sold for £45

Lot 579: A Webley ''Hurricane'' .177cal. (4.5mm) air pistol with black composite stock. Sold for £35

Lot 580: Two split cane fishing rods, one for spinning, and one for fly fishing, by Cummings of Bishop... Sold for £70

Lot 581: Five split cane rods: the ''High Regan'' Hardy; the ''Perfection'' Hardy; the ''Knockabout'' Hardy;... Sold for £45

Lot 582: A Fladen Vantage Fly 9ft. carbon fibre four-piece travelling trout fly rod in Fladen slip; and a... Sold for £15

Lot 583: A large collection of Vintage fly tying materials, including: owl wings, junglecock, ostrich,... Sold for £65

Lot 584: A fisherman's canvas bag with leather shoulder strap, by Rellum Sports Gods; together with a... Sold for £20

Lot 586: A metal and wood 'Scarborough' type reel with brass foot, inscribed 'The Neptune'; together with... Sold for £45

Lot 587: A Vintage painted metal rod tube; a gaff; a salmon tailer; and a quantity of miscellaneous fishing ... Sold for £10

Lot 588: A Vintage bamboo and metal shooting stick; and three other shooting sticks various; and a riding... Sold for £40

Lot 589: Foster Brothers Midland Works Ashbourne ''The Perfection'', 13ft. three-piece split cane salmon... Sold for £40

Lot 590: A Mitchell 300XE spinning reel in original box; an AZURE GT30 spinning reel in original box; and... Sold for £25

Lot 591: J.B. Walker: a three-piece 10ft. hand built ''Walkers JBW'' split cane trout rod with spare tip... Sold for £40

Lot 592: A pair of neoprene waders approximately size 11 or 12. Sold for £15

Lot 593: A Gentleman's Barbour ''Northumbria'' waxed jacket size 42/107cms. with detachable hood. Sold for £45

Lot 596: Masonic silver medallion and ribbon; together with other Masonic regalia, in a case. Sold for £40

Lot 597: An early 20th Century Jubilee postage stamp album, containing: British Commonwealth and other... Sold for £35

Lot 598: Fishing rods, to include: a Daiwa 4300 fishing reel; an Intrepid Rim Fly king size reel; scales... Sold for £15

Lot 599: Small wooden box containing: a Straton Compact with cloth cover and other similar compact; coin... Sold for £35

Lot 600: A pair of tailor's shears, by Equity Shear Co., Newark NJ. Sold for £40

Lot 601: A 9ct. yellow gold propelling pencil, by Sampson Mordan & Co., London 1920. Sold for £60

Lot 602: A 9ct. yellow gold propelling pencil, by Sampson Mordan & Co., retailed through Aspreys, London... Sold for £70

Lot 603: A 9ct. yellow gold propelling pencil, by Sampson Mordan & Co., London 1933. Sold for £70

Lot 604: A collection of 19th Century Japanese okimono and netsuke; a glove stretcher; and an Ivorex fan. Sold for £70

Lot 606: Modern Chinese vases; plates; meat dishes and covers; blue and white meat dishes; a Hummel figure; ... Sold for £30

Lot 607: Two shooting sticks, one by Featherwate; and a Minolta camera and accessories, cased. Sold for £20

Lot 609: 19th Century and later brassware, to include: a spark guard; fireside companions; a trivet; and... Sold for £20

Lot 610: Ladies handbags of various designs, including: black leather; python skin by Exclusive; a tan... Sold for £40

Lot 611: Bird interest books, to include: The Cock O' The North; British Birds in Their Haunts; and... Sold for £10

Lot 612: A good quality cotton tablecloth. Sold for £10

Lot 613: 19th Century and later brass ware, to include: a kettle; a Middle Eastern coffee pot; ladles; an... Sold for £40

Lot 614: Three reproduction telephones by Bush, Deco and another. Sold for £25

Lot 615: A black leather doctors briefcase; and a small brown leather suitcase. (2) Sold for £10

Lot 617: LP records, to include: Madness; Genesis; rolling Stones; Bowie; The Who; Rush; etc. Sold for £110

Lot 618: Lady's handbags; soft goods; and other items, in two boxes. Sold for £15

Lot 619: Tea and dinner ware, by Wedgwood; Staffordshire; Royal Worcester; and glassware, to include: four... Sold for £30

Lot 620: Laboratory glassware, to include: test tubes; measures; flasks; and others; and a small quantity... Sold for £60

Lot 621: A small collection of Sotheby's Catalogues, to include: The John Sheldon Collection; The Contents... Sold for £15

Lot 622: A small collection of wedding dresses; children's toys; Solitaire; Scenes from the Tale of Timmy... Sold for £30

Lot 623: LP records, to include: Gilbert & Sullivan; Gilbert Vinter; Dvorjak; and others, in two boxes. Sold for £20

Lot 624: Hardback books, to include: The History of Berwick upon Tweed, Samuel Pepys: The Man In The Making;... Sold for £30

Lot 625: Collectors' plates by Wedgwood; a briefcase; and household items, to include: glass shades; a... Sold for £20

Lot 626: A collection of pomanders, of various designs, in two boxes. Sold for £25

Lot 627: 19th Century and later copper and brassware, to include: kettles; a pair of candlesticks; and... Sold for £20

Lot 628: Royal Doulton 'Tumbling Leaves' pattern part dinner ware; Czechoslovakian part dinner ware with... Sold for £20

Lot 629: Two empty guitar cases; an empty banjo case; and a music stand. (4) Sold for £25

Lot 630: A small collection of The Dark Side Magazine, from the 1990's. Sold for £10

Lot 631: A part dinner service, by Booths 'Floradora' pattern; other dinner and tea ware by Royal Doulton;... Sold for £35

Lot 632: Collectables, to include: a Britains farm buildings thatched cottage; enamel basin; Vintage... Sold for £85

Lot 633: A type 581A oscilloscope, serial no. 100193; a scaling unit type 1221C; and other items. (5) Sold for £35

Lot 634: An Omal universal money checker; a Valletta glass scent bottle; other scent bottles; a pair of... Sold for £10

Lot 635: A pair of carved wooden bookends in the form of Don Quixote and Sancho Panca; African carved... Sold for £60

Lot 636: LP records, to include: The Beatles; Foster & Allen; Country Greats; The Mighty Jonny Cash; and... Sold for £25

Lot 637: Household tools, to include: Bosch drill pot; chisels; a clamp; and other items. Sold for £15

Lot 638: A Wade's hand-painted lidded jug, in the Clarice Cliff style; Denby green glaze jugs; Royal... Sold for £15

Lot 639: A quantity of good quality bed linen. Sold for £25

Lot 640: LP records, 1970's and 1980's to include: Robert Plant; Chris Rea; Crusaders; and many others. Sold for £200

Lot 641: A pair of gent's black leather riding boots with wooden trees, boots measuring approximately 32cms ... Sold for £50

Lot 642: A pair of gents black leather riding boots, measuring approximately 31cms from heel to toe; in a... Sold for £30

Lot 643: Geo Parker & Sons, London: an English hunting saddle impresses 'Europa 2000', and makers name,... Sold for £40

Lot 646: Soft goods, to include: bed linen; embroidered handkerchiefs; doilies; and other items. Sold for £30

Lot 647: A part tea service by Colclough, no. 4212; commemorative ware; a Wedgwood part tea service 'Green... Sold for £10

Lot 648A: Silver-plated ware, to include: a two-handled campana-shaped vase; a pair of candlesticks; a... Sold for £65

Lot 649: A quantity of hats, to include: Attaboy; a trilby hat by Dunn & Co; lady's shoes; leather gloves;... Sold for £30

Lot 650: A Raebon Chesterman Enox tool box, with a quantity of screws and nails; a Kmasa socket wrench set; ... Sold for £10

Lot 651: LP records, to include: The Beatles; The Cramps; Eric Clapton; Buddy Holly; and others. Sold for £75

Lot 652: A leather holster; two lawn bowls; Ringtons tea caddies; postcards; and other items. Sold for £20

Lot 653: A Pyramid camping stove; a Black & Decker electric chain saw GK1925T; a spirit level; a mallet;... Sold for £50

Lot 654: A late 19th Century parasol with ivory handle; a quantity of walking canes; and a shepherd's crook.... Sold for £25

Lot 655: Red metal painted lamp shades; orange plastic lamp shades; a copper plaque depicting a puma; a... Sold for £10

Lot 656: A collection of late 20th Century LP records, to include: Luther Vandross; The Flying Pickets;... Sold for £65

Lot 657: Bell & Howell movie camera, in leather case; a Kodak brownie 8mm movie camera, in leather case; a... Sold for £20

Lot 658: A collection of saddlery, including: numhahs; reins; lunging reins; and riding apparel, including: ... Sold for £28

Lot 659: A collection of miscellaneous household ceramics and sundries, including: a Wedgwood ceramic... Sold for £35

Lot 661: A Ferrograph series 7 reel-to-reel taperecorder, in wooden case; together with a box containing a... Sold for £85

Lot 662: A metal cantilever tool box and contents; an electric strimmer; an electric hedge trimmer; and a... Sold for £15

Lot 663: A collection of electrical testing apparatus, including: 16MHZ timer counter, model TC11 (x 2... Sold for £30

Lot 664: A collection of eleven 19th Century rosewood, mahogany and other writing slopes (all distressed). Sold for £85

Lot 665: A quantity of Meccano; and a modern box containing artists materials. Sold for £20

Lot 667: A collection of electric and various hand tools; together with accessories, to include: drills;... Sold for £10

Lot 668: A collection of boxed sets of mainly classical records, including: Mantovani; Tchaikovsky; Strauss;... Sold for £20

Lot 669: A large quantity of miscellaneous household ceramics, including: a wash bowl and matching jug;... Sold for £40

Lot 670: A collection of modern books, including: Folio Society titles: T.E. Lawrence: Revolt In The Desert;... Sold for £30

Lot 671: A Beswick ceramic jug with hand-painted stylized floral decoration; miscellaneous cut and moulded... Sold for £30

Lot 672: Two picnic baskets; a vintage old suitcase with labels; a box full of pictures; and a box... Sold for £20

Lot 673: A collection of miscellaneous household ceramics, including: tea and dinner ware; an Alfred Meakin ... Sold for £15

Lot 674: A cold painted cast metal doorstop in the form of a cockerel; another cockerel ornament; a... Sold for £25

Lot 675: A large collection of painted and carved wooden ornaments, various, in three boxes. Sold for £50

Lot 676: A Realistic stereo cassette tape deck; and other s various. Sold for £20

Lot 678: Miscellaneous electrical components, to include; amp metres; data precision 3500; a gas mask; a... Sold for £20

Lot 679: Glassware, to include: wine glasses, port glasses, an ice-bucket; and other items. Sold for £17

Lot 680: African carved wooden ornaments, to include: figures; a mask; an Asian carved panel depicting... Sold for £40

Lot 681: Military interest books, to include: The Napoleon Options, Waterloo Lectures; The Armies of... Sold for £25

Lot 682: 20th Century Chinese embroidered place mats; other soft goods, to include: embroidered table... Sold for £20

Lot 683: A Ferguson turntable; and miscellaneous electrical items. Sold for £20

Lot 684: Music books, to include: Guitar For Beginners; Learn To Play The Guitar; and The Illustrated... Sold for £10

Lot 685: Penguin books, to include: Man and Superman; Plays Pleasant; The War of The Worlds; Pelican Books, ... Sold for £10

Lot 686: Miscellaneous electrical items, to include Minute Decade Resistance Type A 36P; Cassio Model 121-A;... Sold for £15

Lot 687: Classical 78rpm records, to include: Schubert, Mozart, choir of The Temple Church; and others in... Sold for £10

Lot 688: A pair of large modern glass uplighters with cast metal bases (Made in India). Sold for £10

Lot 689: Hard back books, to include: A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, Folio Society; History of... Sold for £20

Lot 690: A collection of books, bird watching interest, comprising: The Migration Atlas; The Atlas of... Sold for £45

Lot 692: Sporting books, to include: Broughtons Angler; Mr Sponges Sporting Tour; Mr Facey Romford's Hounds;... Sold for £20

Lot 693: A collection of books, bird watching interest, published by T. & A.D. Poyser, to include: Rare... Sold for £95

Lot 694: Charles Dickens - Martin Chuzzlewit, published by Chapman and Hall, 1844, first edition, first... Sold for £100

Lot 695: Beatrix Potter books, to include: The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck published 1908; The Tale of... Sold for £50

Lot 696: Vols. 1-6 Wilson's Tales Of The Borders, Historical, Traditional & Imaginative (poor condition). Sold for £20

Lot 697: Charles Coles (illustrated by Maurice Pledger) Game Birds, with foreword by HRH The Prince Philip, ... Sold for £20

Lot 698: James Bowen: The Perambulator in Edinburgh, with illustrations and drawings by E.S. Lumsden,... Sold for £20

Lot 699: A collection of travel and wildlife books, including: Mike Tomkies: Out of the Wild; and another... Sold for £30

Lot 700: John Charlton: Twelve Packs of Hounds, a collection of drawings and sketches, large format book,... Sold for £50

Lot 701: W.W. Tomlinson: Historical Notes on Cullercoats, Whitley & Monkseaton; together with W.W.... Sold for £20

Lot 702: The Lives & Works of Michelangelo and Raphael, by R. Duppa and Quatremere de Quincy, published by... Sold for £55

Lot 703: Mosely (Martin E.) Insect Life and The Management Of A Trout Fishery, sml. 8vo, soft covs, illus., ... Sold for £30

Lot 706: Picture Natural History, by Mary E. Boutell, 3rd Edition, published Casell Petter & Galpin. Sold for £5

Lot 707: Baird (R.D.) A Trout Rose, 8vo, cloth, illus. by William Wood, first edition, c.1950; Durnford... Sold for £40

Lot 708: Walton (Izaak) and Cotton (Charles) The Complete Angler, 8vo, gilt cloth, illus., published by... Sold for £22

Lot 709: C.S. Lewis: The Magician's Nephew - Story for Children, first edition, with original d.w. Sold for £160

Lot 710: Kipling (Rudyard) Thy Servant A Dog, sml. 8vo, cloth, illus. by G.L. Stampa, 1930; Brice (Major... Sold for £30

Lot 711: Lawson (A.) The Modern Farrier, 8vo, half-calf, illus. with engravings, Newcastle 1820; Youatt... Sold for £30

Lot 712: Caldecott (Randolph) Picture Book No's. 1 & 2, 4to, published by Frederick Warne & Co; The Hey... Sold for £45

Lot 714: Kathleen Hale, four Harlequin picture books, titled: Orlando's Home Life; The Judge; Evening Out;... Sold for £120

Lot 715: Bird watching interest, four titles from The New Naturalist series, titled: Woodland Birds; Birds... Sold for £100

Lot 717: Lladro figure of a girl and geese; Nao figure of geese; a tea cup and saucer, by Minton... Sold for £35

Lot 718: Silver plated ware, to include: a four piece tea and coffee service; a rectangular tray; a hip... Sold for £35

Lot 719: 19th Century and later cut glass decanters; 19th Century enamel cherry brandy and gin decanter... Sold for £25

Lot 720: A 20th Century blanc de chine dog-o-foe; a chicken tureen; three Italian sheep tureens; and other... Sold for £20

Lot 722: Three Nao table lamps, in the form of three girls. Sold for £20

Lot 724: A No 3. Naval Uniform; and Naval No. 2. Tropical uniforms, with hats. (4) Sold for £20

Lot 725: Mid 20th Century Decker portable wireless in yellow faux leather case; three other vintage... Sold for £45

Lot 726: A modern four-piece plated metal tea service; and a smaller three-piece tea service; together with ... Sold for £20

Lot 727: A collection of 00-gauge model locomotives, comprising: Hornby Railways Albert Hall, 4983, in... Sold for £90

Lot 728: Wrenn Railways: 00/H0 locomotive, Nigel Gresley, with LNER livery and tender, in original box; and ... Sold for £85

Lot 729: A quantity of railway carriages by Tri-ang; tenders by Hornby; Lledo diecast models of cars and... Sold for £60

Lot 730: Pendelfin rabbits and a Pendelfin cottage ornament. Sold for £20

Lot 731: Pelham puppets of various designs. Sold for £85

Lot 732: Resin figures, by Soul Journeys, to include Maasia; Nafula; quiet Warrior; and others, with... Sold for £25

Lot 733: British and Danish stainless steel tea and dinner ware, to include: flatware; tea set; dishes; and ... Sold for £15

Lot 735: A Beswick duck No. 995; a Beswick gull No. 768; and a Sylvac jug with squirrel handle. (3) Sold for £110

Lot 736: Royal Doulton and Coalport figurines, to include: Heather; Winter Stroll; Harmony; and others with ... Sold for £120

Lot 737: Glassware, to include: Edinburgh swan ornaments; decanters, one with white metal collar; Carters... Sold for £40

Lot 738: Four Nao figures of girls; a pair of Wally dogs; Mdina paperweight; John Beswick group; Flopsy... Sold for £70

Lot 739: A 19th Century copper kettle; a pan and cover; three Tilly lamps; and a blow lamp. (6) Sold for £25

Lot 740: 20th Century Japanese Imari plates of various designs. Sold for £20

Lot 741: Three carved wooden graduating trays scrolling designs; together with a Victorian mahogany hall... Sold for £20

Lot 742: Silver plated ware, to include: flatware; cream jug; egg cruet; butter dish; picture frame; and... Sold for £25

Lot 743: Three Mauchline ware money boxes; a Mauchline ware pot and cover in the form of a castle; and... Sold for £110

Lot 744: Brassware, to include: a pair of trivets; a perpetual calendar; weights; inkwell with ceramic... Sold for £30

Lot 745: Three Steiff classic teddy bears with yellow labels and gold coloured studs. Sold for £55

Lot 746: Six Royal Doulton character jugs: Len Hutton; The Poacher; Dicki Bird MBS; and others. (6) Sold for £35

Lot 747: Miscellaneous glassware, to include: Royal Scott Cranberry glass decanter and stoppers; a... Sold for £60

Lot 748: A quantity of Royal Worcester porcelain jugs from The Historical Jug Collection, to include:... Sold for £30

Lot 749: A silver sauce boat; silver-plated Lindisfarne pattern items, to include: teapot; hot water pot;... Sold for £35

Lot 750: Early 20th Century kid leather evening gloves. Sold for £40

Lot 751: A selection of mostly Royal Doulton ceramics, including: a Sam Weller plate; several pieces of... Sold for £25

Lot 752: A collection of lady's and girls kid leather gloves, various sizes. Sold for £40

Lot 753: Three Capodimonte ware ceramic ornaments in the form of vagabonds. Sold for £35

Lot 754: A collection of lady's and girls kid leather and other coloured leather gloves, in a box. Sold for £45

Lot 755: A quantity of miscellaneous plated cutlery; a walnut cutlery canteen; two plated trophies; a pair... Sold for £40

Lot 756: A collection of lady's and girls kid leather and other leather gloves, in a box. Sold for £45

Lot 757: A Bridgewood ceramic part dinner service, comprising: tureens and meat plates; a Persian pattern... Sold for £50

Lot 758: A Spanish style wooden box with leather cover, decorative brass studs and a central panel... Sold for £20

Lot 759: Four bottles of Morrison's French Brandy, aged 5 years. Sold for £35

Lot 760: Two mantel clocks in oak cases; a reproduction wooden clock with exposed wooden movement; and an... Sold for £30

Lot 761: An early 19th Century pearlware chestnut basket with pierced decoration, with underglaze blue... Sold for £35

Lot 762: A 35cl. bottle of 12 year old Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky, in original container;... Sold for £30

Lot 763: A collection of Wedgwood black basalt ware, comprising: an oval teapot; a rectangular sugar bowl... Sold for £30

Lot 764: A Piquot ware four-piece aluminium tea service and matching tray. (5) Sold for £25

Lot 765: A collection of Ringtons ceramics, including: reproduction Maling and storage jars. Sold for £25

Lot 768: A pair of Masons Ironstone 'Vista' pattern plates; a Royal Crown Derby 'Cigar' pattern saucer;... Sold for £85

Lot 769: A taxidermy group of a black grouse and a grey hen (sun faded). Sold for £40

Lot 770: Two boxed Lladro ornaments, titled 'Kit's Breakfast Time' and 'Everlasting Love'. Sold for £120

Lot 771: Two boxed Lladro figurines, titled 'Peace on Earth' and 'Madonna of the Flowers'. Sold for £95

Lot 772: A modern canteen of French cutlery, by Guy Degrenne Inox - France, in fitted case. Sold for £50

Lot 773: Two boxed and one unboxed Royal Doulton Images of Nature ceramic figures, titled 'Playful',... Sold for £75

Lot 774: A collection of framed Players and other cigarette manufacturers cards; unframed cards by Wills;... Sold for £40

Lot 775: Three Royal Doulton Images of Nature figures, titled 'Soaring High', 'Motherly Love' and 'Patience'... Sold for £50

Lot 776: A small quantity of miscellaneous fruit plated cutlery, comprising: fruit spoons, knife rest,... Sold for £30

Lot 777: A Royal Doulton Images of Nature group ''Tumbling Waters'' HN4359, No.247/750. Sold for £120

Lot 779: Beswick ornaments: two Afghan hounds ''Majubah of Dabvlen''; a collie (boxed); and a spaniel. (4) Sold for £15

Lot 781: A pair of early 20th Century cut-glass decanters with silver collars, Birmingham. Sold for £85

Lot 782: Lladro figures, to include:a soldier; a girl with geese; and a goose with young. (3) Sold for £60

Lot 783: A late 19th Century Worcester style circular punch bowl, on cobalt blue ground with bird and gilt... Sold for £45

Lot 784: A Bing & Grodahl polar bear No1785; and a Lladro group of two polar bear cubs playing No.1107. (2) Sold for £65

Lot 785: A Minton figure ''The Fisherman'' No.MS13; a Spanish group of Don Quixote and his steed; and a... Sold for £30

Lot 786: Rare Beetles - The Beetles Records, by Phoenix No1011. Sold for £10

Lot 787: A Carlton ware dressing table set, comprising: a pair of candlesticks, a rectangular pot and cover ... Sold for £55

Lot 788: An Art Deco style table lamp in the form of a dancing girl. Sold for £170

Lot 789: An Art Deco style table lamp in the form of a woman holding a dish with a plate glass back, raised ... Sold for £75

Lot 790: A circa 1980 shift dress, by Norman Hartnell, size large. Sold for £30

Lot 791: A set of Maling red lustre grapefruit dishes. Sold for £25

Lot 792: A Royal Worcester porcelain figure of a bull dog, with factory stamp to base initial 'DEP', No96. Sold for £40

Lot 793: A Royal Doulton Images of Nature group ''Courtship'' HN3525. Sold for £40

Lot 795: A Crown Ducal jug with orange and black glaze on cream ground, inscribed 'EDVIII 1937' (for the... Sold for £30

Lot 797: Royal Doulton figures, to include: Top of the Hill; Country Lass; The Orange Lady; Babie; and... Sold for £75

Lot 798: A Victorian white metal (possible silver) and cranberry glass lined cream jug and sugar basket... Sold for £40

Lot 799: Two white metal filigree and glass lined vases; and a pair of Victorian opaque white vases with... Sold for £20

Lot 800: A Lladro group of a china seller and his donkey. Sold for £60

Lot 801: A mahogany cutlery box and miscellaneous contents; together with miscellaneous plated metalware,... Sold for £35

Lot 802: A modern Wedgwood 'Angela' pattern part dinner and tea service; together with a Royal Doulton... Sold for £20

Lot 803: A collection of miscellaneous plated cutlery, by Walker & Hall, and others. Sold for £20

Lot 804: A collection of miscellaneous ceramics and glassware, including: three Royal Doulton character... Sold for £30

Lot 805: A 19th Century folding leather covered wooden games board, with chequerboard exterior and... Sold for £55

Lot 806: A Bose wave radio/cd, with remote control and Owner's Guide. Sold for £60

Lot 807: Epsom computer printing inks, unopened, in original packaging. Sold for £20

Lot 808: A pair of 19th Century opaque airtwist glass candlesticks (one badly damaged); together with a... Sold for £85

Lot 809: A collection of mainly ceramic animal ornaments, including: fallow deer; Scottie dog; rabbits;... Sold for £20

Lot 810: Two goat bells with leather straps and wooden yokes; a quantity of miscellaneous cutlery; three... Sold for £25

Lot 811: A large quantity of miscellaneous modern contemporary coloured and clear glassware, comprising:... Sold for £20

Lot 812: A collection of miscellaneous brass and copperware, including: a kettle; a salver; brass skimmer;... Sold for £55

Lot 813: Three cold painted cast metal kneeling figures, wearing ceremonial dress (Made in Thailand). Sold for £40

Lot 814: Two Cantonese plates, decorated panels with flowers and figures, 24cms and 25cms diameter;... Sold for £85

Lot 815: A large Crown Ducal ceramic wall plate, with stylized floral decoration on mottled cream ground,... Sold for £70

Lot 816: A large Waterford crystal table lamp and shade. Sold for £200

Lot 817: A Derby style ceramic coffee can and saucer; a pair of Royal Crown Derby 'Old Imari' pattern no.... Sold for £160

Lot 818: A Spanish cast bronze stylized figure of a bull, with label inscribed 'Jarama, Madrid, Spes de... Sold for £50

Lot 820: A Royal Crown Derby paperweight ''Long Eared Owl'' with gold coloured stopper, boxed. Sold for £45

Lot 821: A pair of corinthian column style brass candlesticks, a brass inkwell, a small pair of brass... Sold for £50

Lot 822: A Continental ceramic mantel clock, floral encrusted rustic style depicting male and female couple ... Sold for £30

Lot 823: A 19th Century Grainger Worcester moon flask, with pate sur pate floral design on pale terracotta... Sold for £120

Lot 824: A pair of German style male and female figurines, he carrying a fan and a basket of fruit, she... Sold for £30

Lot 825: A Victorian trumpet vase, the cranberry glass trumpet with ribbon decoration on a Britannia metal... Sold for £30

Lot 826: A Royal Doulton Noke Chubby Collection of 'Polar bear and cub', HN4178, no. 21/200. Sold for £110

Lot 828: A late 19th Century Coalport slop bowl, decorated with Scottish loch scenes, blue and gilt border, ... Sold for £30

Lot 829: A Victorian brass pestle and mortar; and a pair of brass candlesticks. Sold for £15

Lot 830: A pair of Sonab model V-1 speakers, 'Made in Sweden', serial no. 41159, in white painted cases. Sold for £55

Lot 831: A silver mustard pot and spoon, Birmingham; a white metal circular dish with Georgian coin... Sold for £60

Lot 833: Two Lladro Utopia figures 'Happy Encounter' and 'Perfect Match', boxed. (2) Sold for £140

Lot 835: Seven pieces of pressed glass of 'North East interest', comprising: Sowerby Queens ivory flower... Sold for £35

Lot 837: Studio glassware, to include: vases; drinking glasses; dishes; and other items. Sold for £40

Lot 838: An Olympia Progress typewriter, Made in Germany; and a Brexton picnic set. (2) Sold for £25

Lot 839: A collection of cameras, to include; Rexoflex turn lens; Pentax Programm A 35mm SLR; Pentax Espio... Sold for £30

Lot 840: A large collection of drawing instruments, by Staedtler; and others. Sold for £160

Lot 841: A conch shell converted to a table lamp; coral; a fossilized fish; and other seashells. Sold for £30

Lot 842: A Victorian teapot; a pair of Franklin porcelain vases: the Mother & Bird vase, and the Garden... Sold for £30

Lot 844: Silver-plated ware, to include: a canteen of cutlery; a teapot on stand; a three-piece tea service;... Sold for £50

Lot 845: Reproduction tourist ware from Tibet, Egypt, Rome and China, to include: Pharaoh ornaments; a... Sold for £60

Lot 846: Bird ornaments by the RSPB, to include: a blue tit; black-capped chickadee; a Goebel pigeon; a... Sold for £20

Lot 847: Three mantel clocks by Metamec; Jan & Rhona Mathews stone products; another clock in slate case; a ... Sold for £20

Lot 848: An early 20th Century lady's travelling set. Sold for £45

Lot 849: A brass bell presented to the Lancashire Constabulary by Private Sargeant William C. Bateson,... Sold for £30

Lot 850: Ceramics, to include: a pair of Carlton ware dishes of shell design; a Royal Doulton bowl; blue... Sold for £20

Lot 852: Ceramic butterfly ornaments; and a quantity of moulded plastic farm animals and other animals;... Sold for £25

Lot 853: A mid 20th Century brass porthole with armour plated glass; together with a brass bugle with... Sold for £40

Lot 854: A Belleek shell shaped dish and heart shaped dish; three shell shaped dishes; a Belleek jug with... Sold for £30

Lot 855: Two oriental carvings of men on balls; and a tourist carving of Jerusalem inscribed and dated... Sold for £60

Lot 856: A modern Chinese ceramics, to include: a famille vert fish bowl; a blue and white vase with lift... Sold for £50

Lot 857: Teacup, saucer and plate trio by Waring & Gillow, with rose and gilt decoration; a Continental... Sold for £45

Lot 858: A Royal Doulton part dessert service with hand painted floral decoration and gilt borders; a pair... Sold for £60

Lot 859: A Victorian part tea set with floral decoration and gilt borders. Sold for £25

Lot 860: A child's abacus by Brio, made in Sweden; and a hand painted Noah's Ark. Sold for £25

Lot 861: A signed cricket bat, by The England Squad 1966; and another signed, to include James Knott;... Sold for £35

Lot 862: A quantity of Chinese hardwood stands, 19th Century and later, approximately 20. Sold for £200

Lot 863: A flat painted metal newspapers box; and a pair of oak octagonal columns with rounded tops raised... Sold for £15

Lot 864: A quantity of miniature bottles of whiskey and other liqueur, to include: Laphroaig 10 years old;... Sold for £50

Lot 865: A 20th Century Chinese style carved wooden figure of Guan Yin. Sold for £30

Lot 866: An late/early 20th Century Swiss souvenir box; an inlaid stained wood box; a 19th Century rosewood ... Sold for £80

Lot 867: Carved wooden figures of Buddah in various poses; and another deity. (5) Sold for £70

Lot 868: Silver-plated items, to include: two tureens; a fruit bowl; and a pair of sugar tongs. Sold for £10

Lot 869: Assorted bottles of white wine, to include: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and others. (12) Sold for £40

Lot 871: A pair of Carl Zeiss 8 x 30 binoculars in brown leather case; and a pair of Vesper optics 8 x 20... Sold for £60

Lot 872: A bottle of Criter Demi Sec; Chateeaux Loborde 1979; Pierre Gerard Nuard Nuits'St.-Georges 1966;... Sold for £55

Lot 873: Four early 20th Century horse hoof ink wells, inscribed 'Billy'; 'Scottie'; 'Moonlight'; and... Sold for £250

Lot 874: A stone inlaid globe, comprising of over thirty minerals, by Lapis Globes on gold coloured metal... Sold for £35

Lot 878: Early 19th Century ceramics, to include: a Meissen style blue and white circular dish, onion... Sold for £30

Lot 880: A modern Chinese cloisonne vase with floral decoration, on wooden stand; a Solian ware circular... Sold for £200

Lot 881: Two Victorian black slate mantel clocks of various designs; and three clock movements. Sold for £50

Lot 882: A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasper ware candlesticks; a Bretby vase with bird decoration, no. 1835C;... Sold for £45

Lot 883: Glassware, to include: an etched lemondade jug and six long glasses; irredescent mushroom ornament;... Sold for £50

Lot 885: Cigarette cards of Hollywood stars, to include: Lola Jensen; Jane Wyman; Jackie Day; and others,... Sold for £10

Lot 886: 19th Century and later walking canes, to include: one with carved bone handle in the form of a man ... Sold for £180

Lot 887: A 20th Century violin, by The Maidstone, with bow, in fitted ebonised case. Sold for £90

Lot 888: A quantity of wooden and plastic ships curves; charts; and other items, in mahogany box. Sold for £40

Lot 889: An early 20th Century weed lopper; and a soil sampler with leather handle. (2) Sold for £25

Lot 890: A Japanese style patternated metal elephant sculpture, raised on wood plinth base. Sold for £25

Lot 892: A Victorian brass fire hearth oil lamp with large cranberry glass shade and shaped rim. Sold for £75

Lot 893: A Victorian inlaid burr walnut jewellery box; and a black lacquer tea caddy inlaid with... Sold for £40

Lot 894: A pair of Noritake octagonal vases, boat decoration on green ground with gilt detailing. Sold for £30

Lot 895: A pre 1980's beam engine, by Stuart (unsigned). Sold for £220

Lot 896: A part-built engine, by Stuart (signed), c.1930's, 1/4 horse power gas/petrol driven. Sold for £40

Lot 897: Three pairs of binoculars, comprising: a Russian pair, no. 7010120; Mark Scheffel 20 x 50, extra... Sold for £45

Lot 898: A Victorian pair of glass lustres. Sold for £65

Lot 899: An amethyst Geode cave, 15 x 26cms. Sold for £90

Lot 900: A turned spelter beech vase, by Angus Clyne, dated 2000. Sold for £60

Lot 901: A pair of early 20th Century white marble and bronze garnitures, converted to electricity, 32cms... Sold for £40

Lot 902: An Art Deco table lamp in the form of a female figure raised on turned marble base. Sold for £250

Lot 903: A Chinese silver plated jewellery box with chrysanthemum decoration opening to reveal lift out... Sold for £65

Lot 904: A carved wooden walking stick with dog head decoration; and three others. (4) Sold for £20

Lot 905: A 19th Century spirit level by E. Preston & Sons; a boxwood spirit level by J. Rabone & Sons,... Sold for £40

Lot 906: An early 19th Century Staffordshire two handled loving cup with lizard and two frogs to interior... Sold for £70

Lot 907: A ''Midget'' brass and metal miners lamp, by E. Thomas & Williams Ltd. Sold for £220

Lot 908: A pair of CBC 8 x 30 binoculars, no. 97189, in brown leather case. Sold for £30

Lot 909: A Victorian walnut veneered letter box with silver plaque reading 'Be Brief' opening to reveal... Sold for £45

Lot 910: An early 20th Century brass corinthian column table lamp with pink shade. Sold for £25

Lot 913: A Victorian machine woven paisley shawl. Sold for £65

Lot 914: An Art Noveau Majolica jardiniere, by Bretby No.1191. Sold for £20

Lot 915: Four Victorian cast iron door stops of various forms (two with pieces missing). Sold for £30

Lot 916: Binoculars and opera glasses, by Verres; and others; together with a pair of field and marine... Sold for £20

Lot 917: An early 20th Century oval copper tray, by Joseph Sankey, with shaped border. Sold for £10

Lot 918: An Anglo Indian hardwood writing slope. Sold for £15

Lot 919: A pair of Pentax XCF binoculars, 12 x 50 5.6in; and a pair of Boots Pacer Career binoculars, 12 x... Sold for £20

Lot 921: A c.1960 green bakelite telephone. Sold for £20

Lot 922: Two early 20th Century brass column table lamps; and a pair of onyx and brass clock garnitures... Sold for £25

Lot 923: An early 20th Century oak metal bound two-handled barrel; other wooden barrels; African ornament;... Sold for £15

Lot 924: A 20th Century Chinese style blue and white stick stand, by India Jane, London. Sold for £35

Lot 925: A late 20th Century canteen of ''Olympic'' pattern plated cutlery, by Mappin & Webb: six place... Sold for £35

Lot 926: A sextant, by Henry Hughes & Son, No. 22841, in mahogany case. Sold for £95

Lot 927: Keith Murray for Wedgewood: a moonstone pattern bowl with silver gilt border and foot, factory... Sold for £75

Lot 929: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany oval two-handled tray. Sold for £40

Lot 930: A pair of 20th Century Japanese shell and bone panels depicting eagles. Sold for £30

Lot 931: A 20th Century gilt plaster figure of an Asian deity, raised on rectangular plinth. Sold for £180

Lot 932: A life-size nude statue of 'Delightful Debbie', raised on shaped base. Sold for £110

Lot 933: An early 20th Century croquet set by Jaques & Sons, London, in green painted box. Sold for £300

Lot 934: An early terracotta amphoras (possibly Roman); together with two smaller examples, raised on gold... Sold for £300

Lot 935: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany eight-day chiming bracket clock. Sold for £70

Lot 936: An oak bracket clock, by W. & H., with brass detailing, roman dial. Sold for £100

Lot 937: An early 20th Century French brass boulle mantel clock, with arabic dial. Sold for £80

Lot 938: A Victorian black slate and red marble mantel clock, with roman enamel dial and brass plaque... Sold for £60

Lot 939: A reproduction mahogany mantel clock, by Rapport, London, roman dial. Sold for £45

Lot 940: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany banjo-shaped mantel clock, arabic dial. Sold for £30

Lot 941: A brass bulkhead clock, by Kevin Bottomley & Baird, Glasgow, with enamel roman dial. Sold for £100

Lot 942: A reproduction Dutch wall clock, roman dial. Sold for £10

Lot 943: A c.1930 wall clock in walnut case, arabic dial. Sold for £10

Lot 944: An ''Academy'' wind up gramophone in mahogany case (legs cut off). Sold for £30

Lot 945: An early 20th Century inlaid oak barometer. Sold for £25

Lot 946: A Victorian walnut Vienna style wall clock, enamel roman dial. Sold for £50

Lot 947: An early 20th Century rocking horse, possibly by F.H. Ayres, stamped ''Selfridge'' to base. Sold for £500

Lot 948: A pair of composite stone jardinieres, raised on square bases. Sold for £25

Lot 950: A composite stone bird bath with central rose design, raised on tapering square base. Sold for £25

Lot 953: Four composite stone jardinieres in the form of bags. Sold for £35

Lot 954: A composite stone hexagonal-shaped bird bath. Sold for £20

Lot 956: A composite stone bird bath in the form of a shell. Sold for £20

Lot 958: A pair of composite stone bird baths of mushroom form. Sold for £40

Lot 959: A composite stone wall pocket in the form of a cherub. Sold for £30

Lot 960: A composite stone garden seat, the supports in the form of squirrels. Sold for £30

Lot 961: A curved garden seat, the supports in the form of squirrels. Sold for £45

Lot 962: A pair of jardinieres with acanthus leaf decoration, raised on circular bases. Sold for £30

Lot 963: Composite stone bird bath, the shaped column with acanthus leaf decoration. Sold for £30

Lot 964: Seven early 20th Century and later travelling cases in brown leather. Sold for £55

Lot 965: An early 20th Century canvas bound travelling trunk; and two brown leather suitcases. (3) Sold for £25

Lot 966: An early 20th Century green leather bound travelling trunk with brass mounts, the top opening to... Sold for £20

Lot 967: An early 20th Century brown leather and wood bound domed top travelling trunk, the top opening to... Sold for £35

Lot 971: Six hickory shafted putters, makers to include: Halley, London; Hawkins A.B.R. Co Ltd, Bristol,... Sold for £40

Lot 973: Ten hickory shafted irons, to include: mashie-niblicks and others, makers to include: Robert... Sold for £65

Lot 974: Ten hickory shafted irons, makers to include: Andrew McKenzie; W. Cimber, Seaham; F. Harman,... Sold for £40

Lot 975: Twelve hickory shafted irons, to include: mashie-niblicks, and jiggers, by J.S. Lawson, Coxgreen,... Sold for £100

Lot 983: Assorted wrapped and unwrapped golf balls, makers to include: Dunlop; Spalding; Blue spot;... Sold for £65

Lot 984: Assorted wrapped and unwrapped golf balls, makers to include: Dunlop; Slazenger; and Penfold;... Sold for £85

Lot 999: 19th Century Ordnance Survey maps of local interest, to include: Belsay; Chollerton; Hexham,... Sold for £320

Lot 1000: A 19th Century chromolithograph, after Verlag von Friedr. Andr. Perthes - kittens at play, no. 11; ... Sold for £10

Lot 1001: Late 18th Century aquatints, by George Morland - ''The Fern Gatherers'', ''The Horse Feeder'' and '... Sold for £20

Lot 1002: A pastel painting, by David Yorke - pheasants flying over woodland, signed. Sold for £30

Lot 1004: An oil painting, by R. Lesley - Haymaking with windmill beyond, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 1005: 20th Century Japanese school, reverse-painted on glass panel, depicting a geisha and a cat. Sold for £30

Lot 1006: A watercolour, by W. Millner Knight - coastal scene, cottage and figure, signed; and a colour... Sold for £25

Lot 1007: Watercolours, by George Skelton - landscape views. Sold for £50

Lot 1008: An oil painting, by J.A. Wilkinson - still-life study of pottery jugs and other items, signed and... Sold for £5

Lot 1009: An oil painting, by K. Adams - a view of the Thames with church beyond, signed; National Fine Art... Sold for £20

Lot 1010: Colour photolithograph, after Charles Stanley Todd - a snipe among bracken, signed in pencil,... Sold for £10

Lot 1011: A watercolour, by Harry James Sticks - ''An October Evening: The Glen Mile, North Wales'', signed... Sold for £30

Lot 1012: An oil painting - Continental town scene with church; and a chromolithograph, after **** Duncan.... Sold for £5

Lot 1013: Paul Furnaux - portrait of a bearded young man, signed and dated '89, ink on paper. Sold for £10

Lot 1014: A 19th Century oil painting - highland loch scene with castle, inscribed Yeldarba, dated 1894. Sold for £25

Lot 1015: A watercolour, by A. Mason - a view on the South Coast, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 1016: An oil painting, by David Yorke - mussel catching scene, signed. Sold for £30

Lot 1017: Oil paintings, by Dallas Simpson - Warkworth Castle, and St. Mary's Island, signed and dated 1987. ... Sold for £20

Lot 1018: A watercolour, by Edward Arden - sheep on a lakeland fell, signed. Sold for £28

Lot 1020: A watercolour, by Norman Septimus Boyce - ''Driven Ashore'' Cullercoats, signed; signed and... Sold for £40

Lot 1021: An oil painting, by David Yorke - still-life of gilt jug and fruit, signed. Sold for £35

Lot 1022: A watercolour, by Edward Arden - a Cumbrian Lakeland view with sheep in the foreground, signed. Sold for £30

Lot 1023: A watercolour, by Edwin Nevil - ''Rheims'', signed and inscribed. Sold for £25

Lot 1024: An oil painting, by J. Merkill - angling scene with waterfall, indistinctly signed. Sold for £20

Lot 1025: A limited edition signed colour print, after Terence Cuneo - commemorating the 50th Anniversary of ... Sold for £50

Lot 1026: A watercolour, by W. Lister - ''Bridge at Bamford'', Kent, signed with inscription verso. Sold for £10

Lot 1027: A pencil drawing, by Zbigniew Drecki - man with beer and pipe, signed; label with inscription... Sold for £10

Lot 1029: Silhouettes, by Lilly Marshall, to include: two portraits of ladies and one of a soldier in... Sold for £30

Lot 1030: An oil painting, by **** Solomon - Middle Eastern scene with camels and a figure in the foreground.... Sold for £5

Lot 1031: A watercolour, by E.A. Stock (Emil Axel Krause) - ''Thirlemere'', signed and inscribed. Sold for £45

Lot 1032: A signed colour print, after Ivan Lindsay - ''The Tyne Bridge, Sunset'', signed and inscribed to... Sold for £10

Lot 1033: Two art exhibition posters: Antony Gormley ''Field for The British Isles'' and Joseph Capek -... Sold for £30

Lot 1036: Oil paintings - views at North Shields, one initialled ''TWC''. (3) Sold for £30

Lot 1037: An oil painting, by **** Lucas - Continental lake scene with house and boat. Sold for £10

Lot 1038: Watercolours, by Telford Robson - ''A Sunny Corner'' and ''Bamburgh Castle'', one signed and... Sold for £15

Lot 1039: A colour print, after Albert Namatjira - ''In The Ranges of Mount Hermannsberg''. Sold for £10

Lot 1040: Lithographic theatre posters for The Metropole Theatre, Gateshead, featuring ''Moths!''; and two... Sold for £65

Lot 1042: After ''Snaffles'' (Charles Johnson Payne) - ''A Whale of a Fish'' and ''The Good Companion'',... Sold for £10

Lot 1043: After H*** M*** Bateman - ''The Colonel and His Kill'', hand-coloured line engraving, published... Sold for £15

Lot 1044: A 19th Century watercolour - a shepherd and his flock; and a signed colour etching, by Boris... Sold for £30

Lot 1045: An oil painting, by Colin Rule - seascape with dunes in the foreground, signed. Sold for £10

Lot 1046: An oil painting, by J.G. Fullerton - study of a bay horse, signed and dated 1925. Sold for £85

Lot 1047: A Victorian mahogany sideboard grape and vine decoration to back above three frieze drawers with... Sold for £20

Lot 1049: A c.1930's walnut veneered gentleman's wardrobe with a pair of cupboard doors opening to reveal... Sold for £20

Lot 1050: A Henry vacuum cleaner. Sold for £35

Lot 1053: A De Lohngi Dragon oil filled radiator. Sold for £20

Lot 1055: A Victorian walnut single wardrobe with bevelled mirror door above drawer, 85cms wide; together... Sold for £25

Lot 1056: A Flymo Garden Vac; a Black and Decker strimmer D623; and a Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer. (3) Sold for £20

Lot 1057: A bundle of garden tools, to include: a rake, garden shears; and other items. Sold for £20

Lot 1059: Garden tools: a shovel, two spades, and a fork. Sold for £25

Lot 1060: A mid 20th Century walnut veneered bedroom suite, comprising: a two door wardrobe, 120.5cms wide;... Sold for £10

Lot 1062: Two Beldray aluminium folding step ladders. Sold for £20

Lot 1063: A Panasonic 24in. flat screen TV model No.TX-24CS500B, with remote. Sold for £10

Lot 1064: An AEG Ergorapido cordless vacuum cleaner. Sold for £10

Lot 1065: A Vax Powermax carpet washer. Sold for £20

Lot 1066A: A reproduction inlaid mahogany sideboard, fitted four frieze drawers above four cupboard doors,... Sold for £10

Lot 1067: A Samsung 28in. flatscreen TV, model no. UE28F4000AW, with remote. Sold for £45

Lot 1068: A Dimplex electric heater. Sold for £50

Lot 1069: A Worx hedge trimmer, WG251E, and a gas wood burner with cylinder. Sold for £25

Lot 1071: An early 20th Century copper and brass club fender, with green leather seats opening to reveal... Sold for £30

Lot 1072: A bundle of gardening tools, to include: a pick axe; shears; an axe; and other items. Sold for £15

Lot 1074: Three terracotta circular jardinieres; and another similar jardiniere. (4) Sold for £35

Lot 1078: A modern cast metal circular garden table and two chairs. Sold for £65

Lot 1080: A c.1930's laminate three-tier tea trolley. Sold for £20

Lot 1081: A 20th Century walnut veneered bureau, the fall-flap opening to reveal pigeon holes above three... Sold for £25

Lot 1083: Green painted filing cabinet, with six fall flap doors, 83cms wide. Sold for £80

Lot 1084: A 20th Century white painted French style cheval mirror with single drawer below. Sold for £35

Lot 1085: A cast iron cobblers stand, 94cms high; and an early 20th Century oak pediment of ecclesiastical... Sold for £80

Lot 1086: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bookcase astragal glazed doors opening to reveal shelving, 91.5cms... Sold for £20

Lot 1087: A mahogany three-piece bedroom suite, by Robson & Son Ltd., comprising: a gentleman's wardrobe,... Sold for £80

Lot 1088: A large Victorian style pine wardrobe, the flared cornice above two panelled doors enclosing... Sold for £90

Lot 1090: An early 20th Century green canvas and wood bound travelling trunk with red cross stickers; two... Sold for £25

Lot 1091: A Victorian cast iron fire surround with shell and floral decoration, 96cms wide. Sold for £40

Lot 1092: A small 20th Century oak wall mounted corner cabinet, with cared decoration to door; and a... Sold for £15

Lot 1093: 20th Century walnut veneered nest of tables; two footstools; and a circular tripod wine table. (4) Sold for £30

Lot 1094: A 20th Century oak side cupboard with marble top above two cupboard doors, 60cms wide. Sold for £15

Lot 1095: An Egyptian circular copper tray with inlaid white metal decoration depicting Pharaoh, camels... Sold for £55

Lot 1096: A modern cream coloured oval drop leaf occasional table, raised on X-frame legs joined by turned... Sold for £5

Lot 1097: A mid 20th Century carved oak nest of tables. Sold for £40

Lot 1098: A Bevan and Funnel Ltd. mahogany nest of tables. Sold for £60

Lot 1099: A pair of brass andirons; and brass fireside companions. Sold for £10

Lot 1101: A c.1970's teak nest of tables. Sold for £30

Lot 1102: Two pairs of ladies Hunter wellies in navy and green, size 5; together with a boot stand. Sold for £10

Lot 1103: Two pairs of gentleman's hunter wellies, size 9; and a pair of Dunlop wellies. Sold for £25

Lot 1104: An Edwardian mahogany folding three-tier cake stand. Sold for £15

Lot 1105: A late 19th /early 20th Century oak wall hanging corner cupboard with carved decoration. Sold for £20

Lot 1106: A reproduction inlaid mahogany sofa table, fitted two draws and two dummy drawers to frieze,... Sold for £50

Lot 1107: A two-piece sitting room suite, by Alstons retailed through Barker & Stonehouse, comprising: a... Sold for £200

Lot 1109: A Victorian walnut centre table with shaped top raised on turned carved legs joined by stretchers... Sold for £80

Lot 1110: Two wicker conservatory chairs, one with black leather seat the other with cream coloured... Sold for £70

Lot 1111: A Victorian scumble painted rocking chair with cane work back and seat. Sold for £45

Lot 1112: A 19th Century mahogany extending D-end dining table, with three spare leaves, 318cms wide... Sold for £100

Lot 1113: A set of four stained beechwood ladder back kitchen dining chairs with rushwork seats, raised on... Sold for £5

Lot 1114: A pale purple painted Lloyd Loom laundry basket; and a purple Lloyd Loom single chair. (2) Sold for £25

Lot 1115: A c.1970's two-seater settee, the seat frame upholstered in green woollen material. Sold for £160

Lot 1117: An early 20th Century adjustable brass club fender, upholstered in green leather, 169cms wide... Sold for £350

Lot 1120: An ebonised and inlaid tip-up-top papier mache occasional table, the shaped top raised on turned... Sold for £65

Lot 1122: A 20th Century carved oak rectangular coffee table, the supports joined by a stretcher, 100cms... Sold for £20

Lot 1123: A Victorian flame mahogany bedside cupboard, opening to reveal a single shelf, raised on bun feet, ... Sold for £70

Lot 1124: A 20th Century oak gateleg dining table, 150cms long; a Regency mahogany carver chair, the drop-in ... Sold for £30

Lot 1125: A 19th Century mahogany gateleg table with rounded corners, raised on square tapering legs, 149cms ... Sold for £15

Lot 1126: Four Regency style dining chairs, one being a carver, the drop-in seats upholstered in woolwork... Sold for £70

Lot 1128: An Ercol beech open armchair, the back and seat cushions upholstered in green material; and an... Sold for £160

Lot 1129: Two Doulton Glass Industries Ltd. smoked glass permacube 1970's modular stackable tables, glass... Sold for £40

Lot 1130: A Victorian ebonised octagonal occasional table, the legs joined by a stretcher (wood wormed); and ... Sold for £35

Lot 1131: An Ercol elm sideboard, with three short drawers flanked by two cupboard doors, 155cms wide. Sold for £140

Lot 1132: A Victorian walnut rocking chair, the plywood back and seat with carved decoration. Sold for £50

Lot 1133: A 19th Century inlaid mahogany wash stand, with splayed and inlaid gallery surrounding a circular... Sold for £45

Lot 1135: A Regency mahogany carver chair with scrolling arms, the seat upholstered in brown velour. Sold for £35

Lot 1136: A Chapmans Siesta mahogany circular tripod table, 47.5cms diameter. Sold for £45

Lot 1137: A 19th Century style mahogany rustic hall chair, by Robson & Sons, with rushwork back and seat,... Sold for £35

Lot 1138: A 20th Century oak dining room suite, by Robson & Sons, comprising: a refectory style dining table,... Sold for £400

Lot 1139: A Victorian carved mahogany double bed headboard with button back upholstered padding (converted). Sold for £180

Lot 1141: Three inlaid mahogany single dining chairs of various designs, two upholstered in woolwork... Sold for £30

Lot 1142: A set of four Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs the drop-in seats upholstered in floral... Sold for £20

Lot 1143: A modern glass nest of tables of curved design. Sold for £30

Lot 1144: A c.1970's teak sideboard one cupboard door, one fall flap door and three short drawers, 181.5cms. Sold for £100

Lot 1145: Reproduction inlaid mahogany dining room suite, comprising: extending dining table with o ne spare ... Sold for £70

Lot 1146: Two suitcases, one by Revelation. Sold for £10

Lot 1147: G-Plan: an extending dining table with folding spare leaf to underside, 166cms long fully extended;... Sold for £65

Lot 1148: An early 20th Century turned oak standard lamp; and a mahogany work box raised on cabriole legs,... Sold for £25

Lot 1149: A Victorian stained wood chair, the shaped back, arms and seat upholstered in floral moquette,... Sold for £40

Lot 1151: Four Ercol beech spindle back dining chairs. Sold for £80

Lot 1152: A Victorian pine kitchen side table with three frieze drawers raised on turned legs, 157cms wide. Sold for £50

Lot 1155: A Victorian oak dining table the turned and carved support and legs with acanthus leaf decoration... Sold for £40

Lot 1156: A set of four Ercol style beech and elm spindle back dining chairs. Sold for £110

Lot 1157: A 20th Century teak two seater garden seat. Sold for £140

Lot 1158: A modern metal and mesh two seater garden seat with rocking action. Sold for £45

Lot 1159: A quantity of walking sticks and umbrellas; a shooting stick, by Gamebird; a wicker stick stand... Sold for £20

Lot 1160: A 20th Century teak two seater garden seat. Sold for £100

Lot 1161: A 20th Century teak three seater garden bench. Sold for £40

Lot 1162: A Georgian mahogany D-shaped side table, 124cms wide; and a Georgian inlaid mahogany D-shaped... Sold for £55

Lot 1163: A modern Chinese rug on green ground, 239 x 152cms; and a similar smaller rug on pale purple... Sold for £30

Lot 1165: A late 19th/early 20th Century hand knotted Persian rug, 214 x 170cms (distressed). Sold for £300

Lot 1170: A 20th Century hand knotted Persian rug on red ground, 372 x 275cms. Sold for £30

Lot 1171: A 20th Century hand knotted Persian rug on red ground, 378 x 279cms. Sold for £400

Lot 1176: A 20th Century hand knotted Persian rug on red ground, 207 x 139cms. Sold for £50

Lot 1178: A 20th Century Japanese lacquered oval bevelled wall mirror. Sold for £50

Lot 1179: A Victorian pine wash stand of two long and two short drawers, 86cms wide; a pair of folding... Sold for £80

Lot 1182: A brown painted metal travelling trunk; and a small leather suitcase. Sold for £30

Lot 1183: A Victorian walnut dressing chest of three long drawers with original brass handles; and a... Sold for £35

Lot 1184: Four contemporary metal framed chairs with seats and back upholstered in distressed black material.... Sold for £7

Lot 1186: A Victorian mahogany three door wardrobe, the central bevelled mirrored door with two drawers... Sold for £60

Lot 1187: A Victorian walnut wardrobe fitted a single panel door above a single drawer, 115cms wide. Sold for £70

Lot 1188: A Victorian mahogany Scotch style chest of two short and four long graduated drawers with turned... Sold for £50

Lot 1189: A Quingo Vitesse mobility scooter and charger. Sold for £250

Lot 1191: Two French tapestries, to including: Le Retour de la Chasse, 130 x 150cms; and Le Dame a la... Sold for £110

Lot 1192: A Georgian inlaid mahogany single dining chair, the seat upholstered in needlework tapestry; a... Sold for £55

Lot 1193: A 19th Century mahogany wall hanging corner cabinet, fitted a single panel door, 84cms wide; and a ... Sold for £15

Lot 1194: An African carved wooden occasional table depicting a man surrounded by figures at work, 62.5cms... Sold for £65

Lot 1195: A clerk's 19th Century stained pine desk, the flight of five shallow drawers below a gallery,... Sold for £45

Lot 1196: A pair of 19th Century walnut open armchairs the seat upholstered in green velour. Sold for £55

Lot 1197: An oak Globe Wernicke universal elastic bookcase size 809, three lead and glazed lift-up doors,... Sold for £110

Lot 1198: A 19th Century stained wood single chair with rush work seat; and a later dressing table stool... Sold for £65

Lot 1198A: An oak work box, raised on barley twist legs, 42cms. Sold for £20

Lot 1199: A 19th Century gilt gesso picture frame converted to a mirror; and a similar mirror with oak leaf... Sold for £25

Lot 1200: An oak Globe Wernicke style sectional bookcase six pairs of glazed doors, 89cms wide. Sold for £300

Lot 1202: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany washstand the back and top in red and grey marble above two short... Sold for £85

Lot 1203: A 19th Century cross banded and inlaid mahogany turnover top tea table; a pair of Edwardian inlaid ... Sold for £60

Lot 1204: An ebonised low occasional chair with rushwork seat, raised on legs joined by stretchers. Sold for £10

Lot 1205: A 20th Century bevelled mirror in copper frame with floral and leaf decoration. Sold for £30

Lot 1206: A 20th Century bevelled wall mirror in gold coloured frame. Sold for £45

Lot 1207: A c.1930 inlaid mahogany bureau, the fall flap opening to reveal pigeon holes above three drawers... Sold for £110

Lot 1208: A 19th Century wall hanging oak corner cupboard with canted corners, the door opening to reveal... Sold for £15

Lot 1209: A 19th Century gilt picture frame converted to a mirror. Sold for £30

Lot 1210: An early 20th Century mahogany sideboard two frieze drawers above three cupboard doors, 153cms... Sold for £30

Lot 1211: A Medieval style wooden wall plaque with carved horn figures of Jesus and his twelve disciples,... Sold for £75

Lot 1212: A Victorian ebonised carved oak bureau the fall flap opening to reveal pigeon holes and drawers... Sold for £110

Lot 1213: A large oval wall mirror with hand painted floral decoration to frame. Sold for £20

Lot 1214: A Victorian mahogany top section of a Scotch chest with an arrangement of four drawers raised on... Sold for £30

Lot 1215: A 19th Century oak bookcase, the pair of glazed panel doors above two short drawers and a pair of... Sold for £100

Lot 1216: A modern bevelled wall mirror in gold coloured frame. Sold for £20

Lot 1217: A 20th Century Chinese carved hardwood plant stand, with marble top, terminating in claw and ball... Sold for £80

Lot 1218: A 20th Century oak bound coal bucket with red leatherette seat. Sold for £70

Lot 1219: A 20th Century carved Chinese hardwood display cabinet, the glazed panel doors opening to reveal... Sold for £100

Lot 1220: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany two-seater settee with pierced splats, raised on square tapering legs ... Sold for £180

Lot 1221: An early 20th Century Arts & Crafts style oval bevelled wall mirror with oak frame; and an... Sold for £65

Lot 1222: A Victorian flame mahogany scotch chest, fitted an arrangement of seven drawers, on stand, flanked ... Sold for £300

Lot 1223: A Victorian oak hall stand, the bevelled mirror back above a single drawer (liners missing),... Sold for £190

Lot 1224: A carved oak hall bench, raised on turned legs joined by stretchers, 120cms wide. Sold for £280

Lot 1225: A 19th Century inlaid mahogany bedside two-tier table with fitted drawer below, raised on square... Sold for £20

Lot 1226: A Victorian walnut three-piece saloon suite, comprising: a two-seater settee with carved... Sold for £350

Lot 1227: A 19th Century carved oak floor standing corner cupboard on gateleg stand, 75cms wide. Sold for £150

Lot 1228: A 20th Century machine woven tapestry depicting a hunting scene on the outskirts of a town, 202cms ... Sold for £85

Lot 1229: A Chapmans Siesta inlaid mahogany serpentine front side table with two frieze drawers, 79.5cms... Sold for £45

Lot 1230: A 19th Century circular mirror in square-shaped gilt frame. Sold for £55

Lot 1231: An early 20th Century heavily carved oak octagonal centre table with mask and fish decoration,... Sold for £170

Lot 1232: A large 20th Century bevelled rectangular wall mirror with gold painted frame, 151.5cms wide. Sold for £90

Lot 1233: A 19th Century ash and elm Windsor kitchen chair. Sold for £90

Lot 1234: A 19th Century walnut octagonal tripod table, 49cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 1235: A 19th Century stripped ash and elm kitchen Windsor chair with carved splat. Sold for £45

Lot 1236: An Edwardian inlaid rosewood drop leaf occasional table, fitted single frieze drawer, raised on... Sold for £80

Lot 1237: A Victorian mahogany scotch chest of six drawers, raised on stand, 142cms wide. Sold for £140

Lot 1238: A 20th Century carved wood standard lamp with leaf decoration, vellum shade and applied dried... Sold for £45

Lot 1239: A 19th Century mahogany bowfront wall hanging corner cupboard, 68cms wide. Sold for £80

Lot 1240: Duresta: a three-seater settee with scrolling arms, raised on turned legs terminating in brass... Sold for £300

Lot 1241: A Victorian burr walnut Wellington chest of four drawers with turned handles, 38cms wide. Sold for £140

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