Auction Results

You can see fully-illustrated results for our Fine Art & Specialist auctions on our 'Auction Archives & Results' page. Our Town & County Sales are not fully archived, but a text listing of results for recent auctions can be found below. 


Sale date: Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 - Town & County Sale featuring The Picture Sale

Lot 1: Two prints and an engraving. After Robert Jobling - "Daddies Boat", limited edition number 11 of... Sold for £10

Lot 2: Two maps of Durham. Sudlow after Heywood - "A map of Durham engraved from an actual survey",... Sold for £38

Lot 4: John Speede engraving John Speede - Map of Northumberland, engraving, 40 x 52cms, framed. Sold for £30

Lot 5: Dorothy Hardy chromolithograph Dorothy Hardy - A Fox Hunt, signed in the plate, chromolithograph,... Sold for £95

Lot 7: After Charles W* Brierly chromolithograph After Charles W* Brierly - 'Fatshan Creek',... Sold for £130

Lot 8: Ronnie Wood limited edition prints Ronnie Wood - 'Florida Panther' and 'Mandrill', signed and... Sold for £120

Lot 9: Ronnie Wood print Ronnie Wood - 'Tusk', signed and inscribed in pencil, limited edition colour... Sold for £110

Lot 10: Mary Ann Rogers print Mary Ann Rogers - 'Flamboyant' - poppies in a field, signed and inscribed in... Sold for £35

Lot 11: After Angelica Kauffman After Angelica Kauffman - Miniature classical scenes, colour engravings, 16.... Sold for £35

Lot 12: Edward William Cooke etchings Edward William Cooke - 'Cowes Boat', 'Mackerel Boats', 'Lobster-Boat... Sold for £20

Lot 13A: James Fittler after Richard Paton engraving James Fittler after Richard Paton - "Defense of... Sold for £30

Lot 13: Johannes Norden engraving Johannes Norden - "Middlesex Olima Trinoban Tibus Habitata", an antique... Sold for £75

Lot 14: John Young limited edition giclee print John Young - "A Bold Leap", signed by the artist and... Sold for £25

Lot 15: J* Cary maps J* Cary and others - Antique maps of Durham, engravings with hand-colouring, various... Sold for £35

Lot 16: H* Moll, J* Cary, Sydney Hall and others - maps of Durham H* Moll, J* Cary, Sydney Hall and others -... Sold for £40

Lot 17: Robert Morden and others Robert Morden and others - Antique maps of Northumberland, engravings with ... Sold for £45

Lot 18: Albert Ludovici prints Albert Ludovici - A hunt meet and a coaching scene, chromolithographs, 35 x... Sold for £30

Lot 20: 19th Century woodcut Edmund Evans after Harry Furniss - "The Private View", a 19th Century woodcut, ... Sold for £10

Lot 21: After Thomas Bewick print After Thomas Bewick - Portrait of a gentleman, inscribed 'Thomas Bewick', ... Sold for £45

Lot 22: Kesketh Hubbard - prints. Hesketh Hubbard, ROI, RBA - "The Gateways of Salisbury Cathedral Close",... Sold for £75

Lot 23: William Wilson etching William Wilson - 'From my Window, Edinburgh, 23rd December 1935', signed,... Sold for £130

Lot 24: After John Hogarth - prints. After John Hogarth - "Cusshy Butterfield", "Drucken Bella", "Billy... Sold for £45

Lot 25a: Kaoru Kawano - print. Kaoru Kawano - "Dancing Figure (Kamuro)", signed, colour woodcut, 55 x 38cms; ... Sold for £140

Lot 26: Ordnance survey map The Ordnance Survey - a map of North Wales, printed at the Ordnance Survey... Sold for £10

Lot 27: Henry Alken - prints. Henry Alken - sporting and agricultural scenes from Henry Alken's Scrapbook,... Sold for £25

Lot 28: Antique aquatints. E* G* Hester and Charles Hunt after Harry Hall and John Frederick Herring -... Sold for £60

Lot 30: Pierre Fix-Masseau - poster. Pierre Fix-Masseau - "Venice Simplon Orient-Express: Milano", poster,... Sold for £95

Lot 34: 20th Century British School - movie poster. 20th Century British School - "Operation Cupid", a quad-... Sold for £20

Lot 35: Early 19th Century engraving after Samuel Prout - print. After Samuel Prout - 'Cathedral at Ulm',... Sold for £15

Lot 37: L** Ricordi after L. Vigano & Early 19th Century British School - watercolours. L* Ricordi after L. ... Sold for £20

Lot 39A: Henry "Harry" James Sticks - watercolour. Henry "Harry" James Sticks - sunrise over the sea, signed,... Sold for £40

Lot 39: J* T* after Alfred Heaton Cooper - watercolour. J* T* after Alfred Heaton Cooper - an angler near... Sold for £50

Lot 40: Judith Stowell - "Working Cocker Spaniel" - portrait of a dog, signed, inscribed and dated 2009, a ... Sold for £30

Lot 41: Attributed to Margaret Tarrant - study of a child, with inscription verso, pencil, 12.5 x 10cms,... Sold for £45

Lot 42: Style of Franz Edmund Weirotter and attributed to Thomas Walmsley watercolours Style of Franz... Sold for £25

Lot 43: John Francis Campbell and David Read John Francis Campbell - "A Romantic Landscape" - figures by a... Sold for £60

Lot 44: 19th Century Continental School and others 19th Century Continental School - trees by a lake,... Sold for £50

Lot 45: Juliet Emily Gordon and others Juliet Emily Gordon - "Dinant on the Meuse, Belgium", unsigned,... Sold for £80

Lot 46: Phyllis Smale and others watercolours Phyllis Smale - mountainous landscape with chalets, unsigned, ... Sold for £20

Lot 47: Walter John Trower and others watercolours Walter John Trower - "Hartzenport", inscription partly... Sold for £50

Lot 48: 19th Century English School watercolours 19th Century English School - landscape with cliffs; and a ... Sold for £20

Lot 48A: John Baragwanath King - watercolour. John Baragwanath King - "Rydal Water, Windermere", signed,... Sold for £65

Lot 49: William Page and John Louis Petit watercolours William Page - "A house by a stream", unsigned,... Sold for £30

Lot 50: 19th Century British School and three others 19th Century British School - a river scene, unsigned, ... Sold for £50

Lot 51: Ken Watts watercolour Ken Watts - Man seated in a working men's club, and a sheep crossing a... Sold for £50

Lot 52: Manner of John Nash watercolour Manner of John Nash - "The Cascade", with signature, watercolour,... Sold for £60

Lot 53: Jan Stanley Hiller a watercolour Jan Stanley Hiller - "The Malvern Hills", signed, watercolour,... Sold for £70

Lot 55: Henry Raeburn Dobson - watercolours. Henry Raeburn Dobson - portraits of an elderly fisherman and... Sold for £80

Lot 56: R* A* "Ken" Satterley - watercolours. R* A* "Ken" Satterley - a sailing ship and other vessels... Sold for £60

Lot 57: A Follower of George Weatherill - watercolour. A Follower of George Weatherill - sheep on an upland ... Sold for £65

Lot 58: John Falconar Slater - watercolour. John Falconar Slater - a white cloud over a river landscape,... Sold for £50

Lot 59: Harry James Sticks - watercolour. Henry "Harry" James Sticks - "The South Tyne at Sawgill", signed, ... Sold for £50

Lot 60: Attributed to John Nixon & 19th Century British School - watercolours and prints. Attributed to... Sold for £45

Lot 61: H Denham watercolour H* Denham - Ships and boats in a harbour, signed, watercolour, 28 x 41cms,... Sold for £40

Lot 62: Charles Henry Rogers watercolour Charles "Charlie" Henry Rogers - "Corpus Christi Church, Bensham,... Sold for £30

Lot 63: 29th Century Dutch school 19th century Dutch School - Figures and a performing dog, unsigned, pen,... Sold for £40

Lot 64: Walter Holmes watercolour Walter Holmes - Neville Street and the Central Station, Newcastle, signed,... Sold for £50

Lot 65: 19th Century British School - watercolours. 19th Century British School - a bust portrait of Lord... Sold for £28

Lot 66: 20th Century British school watercolour and print "Essar" (20th Century British School) - Portrait... Sold for £5

Lot 69: Eric Thompson watercolour and R David Digby print Eric Thompson - River scene with bridge,... Sold for £40

Lot 70: Cecil Hodgkinson watercolour Cecil Hodgkinson - Geese in flight over the sea, signed, watercolour,... Sold for £40

Lot 73: John Henry Mole watercolour John Henry Mole - cows grazing in a field, signed and dated 1852,... Sold for £100

Lot 74: L* Anne Allsop gouache L* Anne Allsop - 'Kensington Gardens, Winter', unsigned, inscribed verso,... Sold for £10

Lot 75: 20th Century British school watercolour 20th Century British school - Moorland scene, unsigned,... Sold for £20

Lot 77: John Hutchinson watercolour John Hutchinson - "Venice, Campo San Stefano", signed with initials and ... Sold for £28

Lot 78: Victor Noble Rainbird watercolour Victor Noble Rainbird - 'Angers, France', signed and inscribed,... Sold for £55

Lot 80: Original study for a WWII Propaganda poster. "John" - "Miss Foster do you happen to know off-hand... Sold for £15

Lot 84: Attributed to Albertus van Beest. Attributed to Albertus van Beest - Dutch sailing barges, with... Sold for £95

Lot 85: Noel Harry Leaver watercolour Noel Harry Leaver, ARCA - A Continental street scene with figures... Sold for £210

Lot 88: Attributed to James Sinclar watercolour Atributed to James Sinclar - A portrait of Miss J Forgs,... Sold for £80

Lot 90: Henry "Harry" James Sticks watercolour Henry "Harry" James Sticks - "A whitewashed cottage among... Sold for £95

Lot 91: Frederick Tucker watercolour Frederick Tucker - Sheep grazing on the banks of a river - possibly... Sold for £70

Lot 92: Joseph Jobling watercolours Joseph Jobling - Woodland scenes with a mother and child picnicking -... Sold for £55

Lot 94: Charles Samuel Keene pen and ink Charles Samuel Keene - double portrait - a flautist and a bearded... Sold for £25

Lot 95: Dave Barden charcoal drawing and two others Dave Barden - guitar player, charcoal, 28.5 x 41cms;... Sold for £15

Lot 96: Thomas Miles Richardson watercolour Thomas Miles Richardson, snr, HRS- "Tynemouth Abbey -... Sold for £95

Lot 97: 19th Century British school watercolour and others 19th Century British school - a portrait of a... Sold for £25

Lot 98: Landscape watercolours After Constable - Study for a painting, unsigned, with inscription on a... Sold for £25

Lot 99: Curtis Duassut watercolour Curtis Duassut - landscape with house and lake, signed and dated '93,... Sold for £120

Lot 100: John Arthur Dees two watercolours John Arthur Dees - Haystacks in a field, and a landscape with a... Sold for £30

Lot 101: Robert Jobling watercolour Robert Jobling - Staithes village with fisherfolk, signed, watercolour... Sold for £350

Lot 102: Richard Marshall watercolour Richard Marshall - River with bridge, signed and dated 1983, with... Sold for £20

Lot 104: 20th Century British school watercolour 20th Century British school - Harbour scene, signed with... Sold for £20

Lot 105: Attributed to John Wilson Carmichael watercolour Attributed to John Wilson Carmichael - Figures... Sold for £190

Lot 106: Fred Stott watercolour Fred Stott - Town beside a river with a bridge, signed and dated 1970 ,... Sold for £180

Lot 107: William Fergie watercolour William Fergie - King Edward's Bay Tynemouth, signed, with inscription... Sold for £60

Lot 108: L* Goodwin watercolours L* Goodwin - Village scenes, signed, watercolour, 13 x 22cms, framed. (a... Sold for £20

Lot 109: Tom Brown pastel Tom Brown - "Vagrant", signed, pastel, 29.5 x 25.5cms, framed. Sold for £40

Lot 110: Robert Jobling watercolour Robert Jobling - A fisherman with a child on his knee, signed, grey... Sold for £85

Lot 111: After Myles Birket Foster watercolour After Myles Birket Foster - Children playing at a pond, with... Sold for £50

Lot 112: William Baker watercolour William Baker - Sailing barges on a beach, signed, watercolour, 32 x... Sold for £50

Lot 118: Bernard Benedict Hemy watercolour Bernard Benedict Hemy - The collision between the paddle steamer... Sold for £105

Lot 119: Walter Holmes pastel Walter Holmes - Grey Street Newcastle, signed, pastel, 34 x 52.5cms, framed. Sold for £95

Lot 120: Thomas Downey watercolours Thomas Downey - "Hair Dressing - The Georgian Period" and "Hair Dressing ... Sold for £55

Lot 122: James DeVere watercolour James DeVere - Venice, signed, watercolour, 22 x 26cms, framed. Sold for £40

Lot 123: A* Bright watercolour A* Bright - "Heronslea" - a horse portrait, signed, inscribed and dated 1950, ... Sold for £55

Lot 124: 20th Century British school watercolour 20th Century British school - "On the Scar, Whitby",... Sold for £20

Lot 125: Peter Macgregor Wilson, RSW - watercolour. Peter Macgregor Wilson, RSW - a highland loch scene,... Sold for £55

Lot 126: David William Burley - watercolour. David William Burley - "A Sussex landscape with a mown hayfield ... Sold for £40

Lot 127: K*** F*** C*** Warburton K* F* C* Warburton - "Stonyhurst College", signed and dated 1979,... Sold for £80

Lot 128: M*** Gidding - watercolour. M* Gidding - "Milking Time", signed, signed and inscribed on a label... Sold for £45

Lot 129: Alick Cooper, RCA watercolour Alick Cooper, RCA - "At the cottage door", signed and dated '74,... Sold for £80

Lot 130: Roberta E* Merrilees - watercolour. Roberta E* Merrilees - flowers at a window, signed, watercolour ... Sold for £45

Lot 133: John Louis Petit - watercolour. John Louis Petit - "Scarborough Castle" and "Southwark Cathedral",... Sold for £50

Lot 135: George Fripp - watercolour. George Fripp - "A hilltop in North Wales...", signed and indistinctly... Sold for £65

Lot 138: 19th Century British School & Sybil Hutchinson - watercolours. (2) 19th Century British School -... Sold for £30

Lot 141: Victor Noble Rainbird - watercolour. Victor Noble Rainbird - fisher girls on the quay of a Dutch... Sold for £90

Lot 142: Attributed to Henry Alken - watercolour. Attributed to Henry Alken - "Snipe shooting", with... Sold for £65

Lot 143: Henry Perlee Parker - watercolour. Henry Perlee Parker - a roadside encampment, watercolour on grey ... Sold for £90

Lot 144: Manner of Thomas Sidney Cooper - watercolour. Manner of Thomas Sidney Cooper - a cow and two sheep... Sold for £60

Lot 145: Attributed to William Turner of Oxford - watercolour. Attributed to William Turner of Oxford -... Sold for £30

Lot 146: Attributed to Amos Green - watercolour. Attributed to Amos Green - an arched bridge leading to a... Sold for £50

Lot 147: A Follower of David Roberts - watercolour. A Follower of David Roberts (19th Century British... Sold for £90

Lot 148: Attributed to James Webb - watercolour. Attributed to James Webb - "Near Clovelley", with... Sold for £45

Lot 149: John Storey - watercolour. John Storey - "The Ruined Vicarage, Helmsley, Yorkshire", signed and... Sold for £28

Lot 150: A*** W*** Cooper - watercolours. A* W* Cooper - "At the cottage door" - an itinerant peddler and a... Sold for £40

Lot 151: Patrick Underhill oil painting Patrick Underhill - "Song Thrush", signed and dated 1988, oil on... Sold for £50

Lot 152: Deborah Poynton oil painting Deborah Poynton - Poppy Fields, signed, oil on canvas, 29 x 39cms,... Sold for £95

Lot 153: W H Williamson oil painting W*H* Williamson - fishing boats entering harbour at North Shields with... Sold for £100

Lot 154: Bill Haynes oil painting Bill Haynes - 'Boy with Kite', signed and dated '80, oil on canvas, 24.5 x ... Sold for £40

Lot 155: D* Teodosi oil painting D* Teodosi - Impressionistic city street, signed, oil on canvas, 40 x... Sold for £95

Lot 156: 20th Century British School oil painting 20th Century British School - Portrait of a lady in a... Sold for £75

Lot 157: 20th Century British School oil painting 20th Century British School - Still life of grapes and... Sold for £40

Lot 158: John Falconar Slater oil painting John Falconar Slater - "Hickey's Farm, Whitley Bay", signed and... Sold for £250

Lot 159: Robert Jobling oil painting Robert Jobling - Cobles and fisherfolk on the beach at Cullercoats,... Sold for £250

Lot 160: Thomas Henry Gibb oil painting Thomas Henry Gibb- Two deer in a winter forest, signed and dated... Sold for £40

Lot 161: Walter Dusatti oil painting Walter Dusatti - Still-life study of books and maps on a table near a... Sold for £95

Lot 162: J M Rose oil painting J* M* Rose - A young woman reading by the light of an oil lamp, signed and... Sold for £95

Lot 163: 19th Century Dutch School oil paintings 19th Century Dutch School - Children at play in an artists... Sold for £190

Lot 164: Peter Collins oil painting Peter Collins - "Theatre Royal at Night", signed; with inscription on a... Sold for £120

Lot 165: 20th Century British School paintings on glass 20th Century British School - river scenes by... Sold for £50

Lot 166: Alexander Rosell oil painting Alexander Rosell - A cottage interior with a carpenter served a... Sold for £250

Lot 167: Henry Farmer oil painting Henry Farmer - Still-life of flowers, signed and dated 1939, oil on board,... Sold for £85

Lot 168: A* Alexander oil painting A* Alexander - Cockerel, signed and dated 1994, oil on canvas, 20 x... Sold for £65

Lot 170: Sheila Hersey oil painting Sheila Hersey - 'Linton', signed, with inscription verso, oil on board,... Sold for £20

Lot 171: A Collins oil painting A Collins - Still life of chestnuts, signed and dated 1901, oil on canvas,... Sold for £15

Lot 172: 19th Century European school oil painting 19th Century European school - a female artist seated at... Sold for £700

Lot 173: Jozsef Molnar oil painting Jozsef Molnar - Still-life study of fruit and a brass candlestick,... Sold for £130

Lot 174: 19th Century European school oil painting 19th Century European school - two Franciscan friars in a ... Sold for £40

Lot 176: * Lewis oil painting * Lewis - Three-quarter length portrait of a gentleman seated at a window,... Sold for £60

Lot 177: W* van Norden oil painting W* van Norden - Boats in an industrial harbour, signed, oil on canvas,... Sold for £55

Lot 178: R* Dozeman oil painting R* Dozeman - Fishing boats at anchor, signed, oil on canvas, 49.5 x 59.5cms,... Sold for £55

Lot 179: * Bloam oil painting * Bloame - "Venice", signed and inscribed, oil on canvas, 39.5 x 80cms, framed.... Sold for £55

Lot 180: T* Burnett oil painting T* Burnett - Ginger cat seated on a windowsill, signed and dated Nov. '00,... Sold for £75

Lot 182: James DeVere watercolour James DeVere - Venice, signed, watercolour, 21 x 27.5cms, framed. Sold for £65

Lot 183: David W Haddon oil painting David W Haddon - "Country Girl", signed, with inscription on a label... Sold for £50

Lot 184: 20th Century Scottish School oil painting and two prints 20th Century Scottish School - Highland... Sold for £20

Lot 185: 20th Century Chinese school - oil paintings 20th Century Chinese school - Fox hunting scenes,... Sold for £190

Lot 186: 20th Century Chinese School oil paintings 20th Century Chinese School - Studies of hounds,... Sold for £190

Lot 187: David Dryman oil painting David Dryman - Dutch harbour scene with birds, signed, oil on canvas,... Sold for £25

Lot 188: D* Sprake oil painting D* Sprake - A spaniel crossing a woodland stream, signed, oil on panel, 29 x ... Sold for £40

Lot 189: 19th Century British School - oil. 19th Century British School - A bust portrait of a grey-haired... Sold for £90

Lot 190: Henry Phelan-Gibb - oil. Henry Phelan-Gibb - "The Peace of Eventide (near Edlingham)", signed,... Sold for £65

Lot 191: Style of Henry Bright - oil. Style of Henry Bright - hay barges in the Norfolk Broads, with... Sold for £120

Lot 192: Thomas Henry Gibb - oil. Thomas Henry Gibb - "On the way to Lanrig Head", signed, signed and... Sold for £100

Lot 193: Albert L*** Hind -oil. Albert L*** Hind - "Whitby, Yorkshire", signed, signed, inscribed and dated... Sold for £55

Lot 194: James Webb - oil. James Webb - "Sunset after rain" - fishing boats at anchor, signed and dated 1875,... Sold for £85

Lot 195: Henry Cooper - oil. Henry Cooper - coastal scene with seagulls over a beach and a fishing fleet in... Sold for £80

Lot 196: Attributed to Henk von Heyzen - oil. Attributed to Henk von Heyzen - waves breaking on a beach near ... Sold for £65

Lot 197: Stephen Mangan oil painting Stephen Mangan - 'The Favourite', unsigned, with inscription on a label ... Sold for £1,000

Lot 199: After Vermeer - oil. After Vermeer - "The Seamstress", oil on canvas, 50 x 39.5cms. Sold for £20

Lot 200: George Brownlow - oil. George Brownlow - a pride of lions observing a herd of antelope, signed, oil ... Sold for £50

Lot 201: Thomas Thorpe - oil. Thomas Thorpe - Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, signed, indistinctly inscribed and... Sold for £190

Lot 202: Manner of Edward Armfield - two terriers... Manner of Edward Armfield - two terriers ratting, oil... Sold for £100

Lot 204: Anthony Graham - oil. Anthony Graham - "Warkworth Castle", signed and indistinctly dated, unframed, ... Sold for £38

Lot 205: T*** Lowthin - oil. T* Lowthin - "Vale of Tyne from Near Whickham looking West", signed and dated... Sold for £55

Lot 206: Ian Parker - oil. Ian Parker - still-life study of cherries and a Chinese teacup, signed, oil on... Sold for £280

Lot 208: Attributed to Sir Walter Westley Russell RA oil painting Attributed to Sir Walter Westley Russell,... Sold for £40

Lot 209: Alain Faré - oils. (set of 3) Alain Faré - Parisian street scenes, one signed, oil on board, 9 x... Sold for £95

Lot 210: Francis "Frank" Thomas Carter - oil. Francis "Frank" Thomas Carter - a farm cottage among trees,... Sold for £95

Lot 211: Arthur George Bell oil painting. Arthur George Bell - "View from our window at Mevagissey", signed, ... Sold for £55

Lot 300: Ecorider motor cycle An Ecorider motor cycle, 230cc Hatz Diesel, 3.0 litres fuel tank, with logbook,... Sold for £1,200

Lot 301: Two gold sovereigns and a gold half sovereign An Edward VII gold sovereign 1909; an Edward VII gold ... Sold for £520

Lot 302: French Legion of Honour Medal A French Legion of Honour medal inscribed 'Republique Francaise 1870';... Sold for £60

Lot 303: Fob seal A fob seal set with carved carnelian, depicting a classical male bust, on giltmetal mount... Sold for £75

Lot 304: Tudor yellow metal cocktail watch and another A yellow metal cocktail watch by Tudor, stamped '375',... Sold for £50

Lot 305: Three gentleman's wristwatches Gentleman's wristwatches, by Seiko and Tissot, together with one... Sold for £110

Lot 306: Opal and diamond ring An opal and diamond ring on yellow metal mount stamped '18CT & PLAT', ring... Sold for £100

Lot 307: Opal ring An opal ring on 18ct yellow gold shank, ring size N, 4.3g gross. Sold for £80

Lot 308: Three gold rings An 18ct yellow gold wedding band, ring size S, 4.5g; a 9ct yellow gold wedding... Sold for £130

Lot 309: Sapphire and diamond cluster ring A sapphire and diamond cluster ring on 9ct yellow gold shank,... Sold for £50

Lot 310: Sapphire and diamond ring, and ruby ring A sapphire and diamond cluster ring on 9ct yellow gold... Sold for £90

Lot 311: Colour change sapphire and diamond ring A colour change sapphire and diamond ring, on yellow metal... Sold for £40

Lot 312: Garnet ring A garnet ring on yellow metal shank stamped '375', ring size P, 5.2g gross. Sold for £50

Lot 313: White metal fob watch A white metal fob watch stamped '935' to interior, with white enamel Roman... Sold for £85

Lot 314: Opal earrings A pair of opal (probably doublet) earrings on 9ct yellow gold mounts, triangular form,... Sold for £50

Lot 315: Three rings An 18ct yellow gold ring, with heart decoration set with a diamond, ring size J, 2.9g... Sold for £100

Lot 316: Opal and 9ct gold bangle An opal and 9ct yellow gold bangle, 29.6g gross. Sold for £300

Lot 318: Opal and diamond ring An opal and diamond ring on 18ct yellow gold shank, ring size J, 2.3g gross. Sold for £120

Lot 319: Garnet ring, and pearl and garnet brooch A garnet ring on 9ct yellow gold shank, ring size J, 5.3g... Sold for £65

Lot 320: 9ct Gold and Garnet bracelet A 9ct yellow gold bracelet set with garnets, 23.4g gross. Sold for £120

Lot 321: Opal brooch and stick pin An opal brooch on yellow metal shank stamped '375'; and an opal stick pin ... Sold for £40

Lot 322: Opal brooch An opal brooch on white metal mount stamped '925', crescent form. Sold for £20

Lot 323: Gold bracelet A 9ct yellow gold gate link bracelet, with heart shaped padlock clasp, 13.7g. Sold for £125

Lot 324: Silver condiment set A George V silver condiment set by Daniel & Arter, Birmingham, 1924,... Sold for £80

Lot 325: Silver dressing table items A George V silver dressing table set by S Blanckensee & Son Ltd,... Sold for £30

Lot 326: Silver trumpet vase A George V silver trumpet vase by Stokes & Ireland Ltd (William Henry Stokes &... Sold for £30

Lot 327: Pair of silver napkin rings A pair of Elizabeth II silver napkin rings by Carr's of Sheffield Ltd,... Sold for £30

Lot 328: Silver and plated items Silver and plated items to include: a set of six ivory handles knives;... Sold for £35

Lot 329: Silver and white metal items An Elizabeth II silver Lindisfarne pattern teaspoon and straining... Sold for £45

Lot 330: Chinese coins and other items Two Chinese coins in box labelled 'Yuan You Coin Sung Dynasty 1098... Sold for £40

Lot 331: Thimbles and other items A collection of silver thimbles; a set of playing cards with no numbers;... Sold for £50

Lot 332: 19th Century French silver double table salt A 19th Century French silver table salt, with Minerva... Sold for £25

Lot 334: Second World War medals Second World War Medals to include the 1939-1946 Star; the Africa Star; the ... Sold for £45

Lot 335: Silver magnifying glass, pocket watch and other items. A silver magnifying glass; a silver cased... Sold for £50

Lot 337: Camera Lucida Two camera lucida in original cases, one by Watkins & Hill. Sold for £100

Lot 338: Canon A1 Camera A Canon A1 Camera, with FD 50mm 1:1.4 lens, cased. Sold for £70

Lot 340: Chinese Opium Pipe A Chinese bone and silver opium pipe, decorated with figures. Sold for £50

Lot 341: Small telescope A small brass mounted telescope. Sold for £65

Lot 343: Brass door knocker and hook A brass door knocker and hook in the form of a hand holding a ball. Sold for £20

Lot 344: Razor and pocket watch A Taylor's 'The 1000 Razor' in original tin; togther with a white metal... Sold for £320

Lot 345: Cameras lenses Two Canon camera lenses, one 50mm f3.5 macro lens; together with a 58mm f1.2 Canon... Sold for £70

Lot 346: Medals Second World War and other medals, to include: The 1939-1945 Star; the Defence Medal;... Sold for £80

Lot 348: Sovereign scales A set of brass sovereign scales, in case. Sold for £40

Lot 349: Gents omega wristwatch A gentleman's stainless steel wristwatch by Omega, with circular baton dial, ... Sold for £100

Lot 350: Silver rings and earrings Silver rings; earrings; and a costume pendant. Sold for £10

Lot 353: Costume jewellery and Robinson's badges Costume jewellery, to include: badges; earrings; necklaces; ... Sold for £65

Lot 354: Binoculars A pair of Prism 20/30 binoculars, No. 83938, in leadther fitted case. Sold for £20

Lot 354A: Albums of stamps Two albums of stamps, to include: Belgium; Germany; Great Britain; France; Hungary;... Sold for £25

Lot 355: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Shadow Line' by Joseph Conrad; 'How to Become an... Sold for £180

Lot 356: Miscellaneous items A wooden cased mantel clock by Comitti of London; a retro telephone, a ceramic... Sold for £45

Lot 357: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Twinkling of an Eye' by Sydney Watson; 'Forlorn... Sold for £130

Lot 360: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Diana: Her True Story', by Andrew Morton; 'Like the... Sold for £120

Lot 361: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Little Minister' and other titles by J.M Barrie;... Sold for £350

Lot 362: Box of vintage cameras Vintage cameras, to include: Olympus, Praktica, Halina and Ilford. Sold for £35

Lot 363: Picnic Box A cream coloured leather cased picnic box, containing flatware, cups, plates, flasks and ... Sold for £10

Lot 364: Tilley lamps and other items Tilley lamps; a gas camping stove; a Nutool Handy Power HP6 850W... Sold for £30

Lot 365: Hardback books Hardback books, some leatherbound, in two boxes. Sold for £180

Lot 366: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Sea Whispers' by W. W. Jacobs; 'The Tongue Tied Canary' ... Sold for £130

Lot 367: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Age of Chivalry' by Arthur Bryant; 'The English... Sold for £300

Lot 368: Brass and other metalware Brass and other metalware, to include: trays, pans, boxes, a kettle, and... Sold for £50

Lot 369: Tools Tools, to include: spanners and files, in two boxes. Sold for £20

Lot 370: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Tropical Asia', 'The Desert', 'The Sea', and others by... Sold for £110

Lot 371: Lamps and pans Metal lamps and pans. Sold for £50

Lot 372: Camping items Camping items to include: a portable stove; a cool box; all purpose rope; an air pump;... Sold for £10

Lot 373: Tools Tools for panel beating and body repairs, to include hammers and dollies. Sold for £65

Lot 374: Brio train track and trains Brio train track and trains, in one box. Sold for £30

Lot 375: Vintage ceramic and glass bottles, and other items. Vintage ceramic and glass bottles, and other... Sold for £30

Lot 376: 30 DVDs Thirty DVD's, to include: Breaking Bad; Django Unchained; Sin City and Better Call Saul. Sold for £10

Lot 377: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Second Innings' by Neville Cardus; 'Oliver Cromwell' by ... Sold for £180

Lot 378: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Civilisation' by Kenneth Clark; 'A Sacred Trust' by... Sold for £65

Lot 379: Bottles Stoneware and glass bottles, in one box. Sold for £20

Lot 380: Tools Tools, to include: mallets; pliers; and others, in two boxes. Sold for £10

Lot 381: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Shall We Join the Ladies' by J. M. Barrie; 'Here, There ... Sold for £100

Lot 382: Miscellaneous items Three prints; a large wooden bowl; metalware; and other items. Sold for £25

Lot 383: Vinyl Records Vinyl records, to include: Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Roberta Flack; and female... Sold for £15

Lot 384A: Boxes of linen Fabric in various patterns, in two boxes. Sold for £40

Lot 385: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: World Book Encyclopedias A-Z; 'Black Roses' and 'The... Sold for £50

Lot 386: Hardback books by Catherine Cookson Hardback books by Catherine Cookson. Sold for £10

Lot 387: Tools Tools, to include: spanners and mallets, in two boxes. Sold for £30

Lot 388A: Boxes of linen Fabric in various patterns, in two boxes. Sold for £40

Lot 388: Copper and other metalware Copper and other metalware, to include: pots; pans; a kettle; a jug; and ... Sold for £65

Lot 389: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Energy', 'Planets', 'Man and Space', and other titles... Sold for £20

Lot 390: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'China', 'Britain', 'Germany', 'Australia', and other... Sold for £170

Lot 391: Hardback Books Hardback books, to include: 'Greatest Battles' by Oliver Warner; 'March the Ninth'... Sold for £25

Lot 391A: Boxes of linen Fabric in various patterns, in two boxes. Sold for £35

Lot 392: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'As It Seemed To Me' by John Cole; 'Death of the Hind... Sold for £480

Lot 393: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Dark Sun' by D. H. Lawrence; 'The Adventures of Tom ... Sold for £850

Lot 394: Cameras, ephemera and other items A Sankyo video camera auto-4x; a Rollei camera; a Boot's audio... Sold for £30

Lot 395: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: novels and others relating to gardening, and politics,... Sold for £300

Lot 396: Box of kitchenalia Kitchenalia to include: a ceramic rolling pin; a toast rack; coffee pot; a... Sold for £30

Lot 398: Books Children's books, in two boxes. Sold for £100

Lot 399: Chinese scrolls Chinese scrolls, and a fan, in one box. Sold for £65

Lot 400: Tool boxes Two tool boxes, containing bolts, and other items. Sold for £22

Lot 401: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'Lewis Carroll' by Derek Hudson; 'The Lookout Man' by... Sold for £130

Lot 402: Iron weights Three iron weights: two 56lb, and one 28lb. (3) Sold for £15

Lot 403: Hardback books Hardback books, mostly novels, in two boxes. Sold for £680

Lot 405: Hardback books Hardback books, mostly novels, in three boxes. Sold for £150

Lot 409: Wooden dynamite crates Seven pre-WWII wooden dynamite storage crates recovered from Prudhoe Quarry. Sold for £70

Lot 410: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Best Sea Stories' - various authors; 'The Scottish... Sold for £65

Lot 411: Books Books, mostly novels; together with several volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica, in two boxes. Sold for £10

Lot 412: Toys Toys, to include: Scrabble; Monopoly; Matchbox diecast model vehicles; miniature Chess; (some... Sold for £180

Lot 413: Wooden stool, scales and other items A wooden stool with lift up cushion seat; scales and weights;... Sold for £15

Lot 414: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Plants', 'The Universe', 'The Reptiles', and others,... Sold for £80

Lot 416: Hardback books Hardback books, mostly novels, in three boxes. Sold for £80

Lot 418: Boxes of linen Fabric in various patterns, in two boxes. Sold for £30

Lot 419: Three tea chests Three tea chests. Sold for £15

Lot 420: Hardback books Hardback books, to include: 'The Biography of Nick Clarke' by Alistair Cooke;... Sold for £180

Lot 421: The Northumberland County History Committee, History of Northumberland The Northumberland County... Sold for £300

Lot 422: Ruddiman (Thomas) Ruddiman (Thomas) A Dissertation Concerning the Competition for the Crown of... Sold for £32

Lot 423: Scott (Benjamin J.) Scott (Benjamin J.) The Norman Balliols in England, 8vo, cloth, illus. 1914;... Sold for £40

Lot 424: Views of Westmorland & Cumbria. Rose (Thomas) Picturesque illustrations of Westmorland, Cumberland, ... Sold for £100

Lot 426: Nine volumes of various Dickens. Nine volumes of various Dickens, to include: Nicolas Nickleby,... Sold for £110

Lot 427: Charles Dickens - Little Dorrit, Chapman and Hall and The Old Curiosirty Shop Charles Dickens -... Sold for £75

Lot 428: Four antique books Robert Chambers Picture of Scotland, 2nd edition; Nature and Art, by Mrs... Sold for £55

Lot 429: 3 Volumes of Charles Dickens Charles Dickens: Master Humphrey's Clock, Chapman and Hall, vols. 1, 2 ... Sold for £50

Lot 430: David Livingstone David Livingstone - Missionary Travels Researches in South Africa, published by... Sold for £50

Lot 431: Two volumes of English Illustrated Magazine English Illustrated Magazine 1885-1886, 1886-1887. Sold for £20

Lot 432: Four antique books W. M. Thackeray - The Virginians, volumes 1 and 2, Bradbury and Evans 1858;... Sold for £95

Lot 433: Four antique books Etchings of D. Y. Cameron, 1908; The Art of Joseph Henderson by Craig Annan,... Sold for £25

Lot 434: Box of Books Box of mixed editions, to include: Walter Scott, Woodstock Volumes 1-3, Bernard Shaw,... Sold for £70

Lot 435: Two boxes of antiquarian books, including several scientific and legal volumes Two boxes of... Sold for £55

Lot 436: Three antique books One volume Dalziels' Illustrated Arabian Nights, Ward, Lock and Tyler; Balzac:... Sold for £30

Lot 437: Box of Books Box of miscellaneous books, to include: H. G. Wells: The History of Mr. Polly; Arnold... Sold for £200

Lot 438: Box of Art Books Box of various art books, to include: Harry Quilter, References in Art, Life and... Sold for £95

Lot 439: Box of Books includeing many illustrated works. Box of various illustrated volumes, to include: A... Sold for £95

Lot 439a: Box of Books and Magazines Box of books and magazines, to include: three volumes of The English... Sold for £40

Lot 440: Box of antiquarian books Antiquarian books, to include: four volumes of Tomus by P. Virgilii... Sold for £85

Lot 441: Box of books Box of books to include George Eliot, Daniel Daronda in eight volumes; Henry James in... Sold for £170

Lot 442: Three antique books Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler, 1896; Gilbert White, The Natural History of... Sold for £55

Lot 443: victorian musical box photograph album with key Victorian musical photograph album with key, French,... Sold for £65

Lot 444: Leather bound classics Various leather bound classics, to include: Kipling and Thomas Hardy. Sold for £35

Lot 445: Saint Cyril of Alexandria Saint Cyril of Alexandria (Divi Cyrilli Alexandrini episcopi c.370-444... Sold for £200

Lot 446: History & Poetry of the Scottish Borders, etc. Veitch (John) The history and Poetry of the Scottish ... Sold for £65

Lot 447: MacKenzie (E.) MacKenzie (E.) A History of the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne, two vols in... Sold for £45

Lot 448A: Radio controlled aeroplane and gliders. Radio controlled aeroplane; together with two remote... Sold for £25

Lot 448: Coloured glassware A pair of Georgian style green glass decanters and stoppers; an Nailsea style... Sold for £85

Lot 449: Printers lettering set Comprehensive collection of Printer's alloy letter set, comprising thirteen... Sold for £250

Lot 450: Six decanters Six various molded glass spirit decanters in the form of royalty; a fish and two... Sold for £20

Lot 451: Boxed glassware Glassware, to include: boxed Bohemia Isabelle champagne flutes; Newcastle 900th... Sold for £20

Lot 452: Antique porcelain A Ridgeway part dessert service; two Copeland & Garrett meat plates; two similar... Sold for £75

Lot 453: Denby Savoy tea set A Denby 'Savoy' pattern tea set. Sold for £25

Lot 454: Miscellaneous ceramics Ceramics, to include: two pairs of candlesticks; part dinner and tea ware;... Sold for £20

Lot 455: Silver plate Silver plate, to include: a pair of three-branch candelabra; Elkington part tea... Sold for £150

Lot 456: Miscellaneous China China, to include: Staffordshire cow and calf group; together with a quantity... Sold for £25

Lot 457: Staffordshire earthenware A late Victorian Staffordshire earthenware dinner service; together with... Sold for £10

Lot 459: Two meat plates A Haddon pattern printed meat plate; together with a large Minton floral decorated... Sold for £55

Lot 460: Collection of three cameras and a monocular Collection of three cameras, including: a Voightlander... Sold for £45

Lot 461: Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner and tea service A Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' dinner and ... Sold for £140

Lot 462: Blue and white china A Kioto pattern Staffordshire blue and white jardiniere; blue and white... Sold for £75

Lot 463: Cranberry glass Cranberry glass, to include: ten wine goblets; jugs; two flutes; and other items. Sold for £45

Lot 464a: Pink espresso set. Early 20th Century pink coffee espresso set by Morley Fox & Co. comprising six... Sold for £40

Lot 464: Three Shorter and Sons fish dinner sets Three Shorter & Sons Ltd. part 'fish' dinner sets,... Sold for £100

Lot 465: Two strawberry dishes, tea pot, chamber pots etc. Two strawberry dishes; tea pot; chamber pots; and ... Sold for £20

Lot 466: Royal Crown Derby Tea Set A Royal Crown Derby tea set, comprising: six tea cups and saucers, in... Sold for £25

Lot 467: Metalware and wood Edwardian Art Nouveau electroplate nurses belt with velvet backing; pewter and... Sold for £20

Lot 468: Tri-ang 00-gauge loco and tender; together with various other railway items. Tri-ang 00-gauge loco... Sold for £35

Lot 469: Two boxes of cutlery Two boxes of stainless steel cutlery, to include: Gense Sweden and Moderna. Sold for £75

Lot 470: Ceramics Small LLadro group; Nao; Maling sundae dishes; and other items. Sold for £45

Lot 471: Glassware to include decanters A pair of Georgian mallet-shaped decanters; four other cut glass... Sold for £75

Lot 472: Wedgwood green glazed dessert service A composite Wedgwood green glazed dessert service. Sold for £70

Lot 473: Medical equipment A patent Magneto electric machine for nervous diseases; a stethoscope; portable... Sold for £75

Lot 474: Decanters A pair of mallet-shaped decanters; two other decanters; two carafes. Sold for £25

Lot 475: Silver plate and ink stand An Art Deco style marble and pewter fish ink stand; plated cocktail jug; ... Sold for £50

Lot 476: Ceramics Three Portmeirion Totem jars and covers; a Masons tureen and cover; Royal Worcester cake... Sold for £35

Lot 477: Table lamps A pair of turqoise glaazed flower encrusted lamp bases and shades; a pair of cream... Sold for £160

Lot 479: Crystal and cut glass Four Edinburgh Crystal thistle engraved whisky glasses; a similar decanter; a ... Sold for £80

Lot 480: Chonoiserie garden seat A small Victorian ironstone garden seat in chinoiserie style. Sold for £80

Lot 481: Waterford Lismore Glass Eleven Waterford Lismore hock glasses; together with a mallet-shaped... Sold for £95

Lot 482: Pair of gilt metal wall sconces A pair of gilt brass two-branch wall sconces. Sold for £50

Lot 483: Waterford glasses A set of twelve Waterford Lismore small wine glasses; together with thirteen... Sold for £110

Lot 484: Mouseman cheese board A Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson oak cheese board with carved mouse motif. Sold for £190

Lot 485: William Yeoward glassware A pair of William Yeoward cut glass candlesticks; a William Yeoward... Sold for £80

Lot 486: Stick stand A hand decorated Portuguese pottery stick stand. Sold for £20

Lot 487: 2 miners lamps A brass and steel Davy lamp, with bridge top and screw lock; together with an Eccles ... Sold for £120

Lot 488: Pair of cloisonne vases A pair of Chinese cloisonne bottle vases with wooden stands. Sold for £65

Lot 489: Copeland Spode's Italian pattern 7 piece dressing table set A Copeland Spode's Italian pattern... Sold for £10

Lot 490: Cut glass lustres A pair of cut glass lustres fitted with cut prism drops. Sold for £35

Lot 491: Italian Maiolica jardiniere An Italian Maiolica jardiniere. Sold for £20

Lot 492: Glassware A Continental soda glass vase engraved with fruiting vines; celery vase; a large... Sold for £65

Lot 493: Pewter tea service A four-piece pewter tea service, comprising: teapot, cream, sugar and hot water... Sold for £10

Lot 494: Vases and Candlesticks A pair of early 20th Century patinated bronze bottle vases; a pair of table... Sold for £20

Lot 495: Washbasin, jardiniere and clock A Doulton Burslem wash basin; a Portuguese jardiniere; and a late... Sold for £30

Lot 496: Glassware A set of six cut glass sundae dishes; four others; together with cut glass sherry and... Sold for £10

Lot 497: Scent bottles A pair of Continental silver overlay blue glass scent bottles. Sold for £100

Lot 498: Caldas plaque A Caldas Portugese pottery plaque in Palissy style applied with snakes, lizards,... Sold for £190

Lot 499: Cut glass wine cooler A large cut glass wine cooler, engraved with a band of fruiting vines, star... Sold for £80

Lot 501: Doulton figure, beswick cat, two wade children A Doulton figure; Beswick cat; and two Wade children.... Sold for £95

Lot 502: Kaiser porcelain dolphin group boxed A Kaiser biscuit porcelain dolphin group, boxed. Sold for £70

Lot 503: Four Cartier glass scent bottles Four Cartier glass scent bottles. Sold for £50

Lot 504: Two mauchline pouches and Russian box A pair of mauchline card pouches, printed with scenes of... Sold for £120

Lot 505: Three 18th Century style wine glasses Two Georgian style opaque twist wine glasses; together with a ... Sold for £50

Lot 506: Modern Moorcroft vase boxed; Waterford crystal angel boxed A modern Moorcroft vase 2001, boxed;... Sold for £75

Lot 507: A Shelley Mabel Lucy Attwell teapot A Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell teapot and cover; together with a ... Sold for £85

Lot 510: Silver and silver plate items A sterling silver Whisky label; another Bourbon label; an eastern... Sold for £75

Lot 511: pair of cast iron "Egyptian fire dogs" A pair of cast iron "Egyptian Sphynx fire dogs". Sold for £45

Lot 512: Pewter and metalware Two pairs of antique pewter plates; chamber stick; a Britannia metal teapot... Sold for £20

Lot 513: Two pieces of Jasper A Jasper dip cheese dome and cover; and a Jasper dip biscuit barrel with... Sold for £50

Lot 514: Twelve Maling sundae dishes and Wedgwood A set of twelve Maling Harlequin sundae dishes; together... Sold for £50

Lot 515: Pair of childs chairs A pair of beech and elm child's chairs. Sold for £30

Lot 516: Lamps A Celadon glazed lamp base; a brass corinthian column lamp base; and others. (10) Sold for £85

Lot 517: Pair of Dresden vases and covers together with an Art Deco green glass vase Pair of Dresden vases... Sold for £120

Lot 518: Wedgwood jasper cheese dome A Wedgwood blue jasper dip cheese dome and stand. Sold for £50

Lot 519: Alabaster relief and terracotta mask An Italian carved oval alabaster plaque with Madonna and... Sold for £65

Lot 520: Blue and white meat plate A 19th Century blue and white meat plate in Ferryboat pattern, stamped 'J.... Sold for £40

Lot 521: A Parian figure by J and T Bevington A Parian figure by J and T Bevington, depicting a semi-clad... Sold for £45

Lot 522: Two figures A Continental bisque porcelain figure of musician and dancers; together with a Parian... Sold for £45

Lot 524: Part canteen of Arthur Price cutlery An Arthur Price part canteen of silver-plate cutlery, in... Sold for £65

Lot 525: Coloured glass A 19th Century red overlay glass decanter and stopper; together with a pair of... Sold for £90

Lot 526: Figurines, dolls furniture and glassware A Royal Worcester duck-egg blue tray painted with a... Sold for £30

Lot 527: Cut glass Cut glass, to include: a decanter; nine wine glasses; tumblers; sundae dishes; etc. Sold for £35

Lot 528: Carolyn Sheffield items A Carolyn Sheffield papier mache jardiniere; two plant pots; tray; watering ... Sold for £40

Lot 529: Cutlery Set of six Goldsmiths steel knives; Danish cutlery; and other items. Sold for £20

Lot 530: Glassware Set of cut glass hock glasses; six liqueur glasses; celery vase; and other glassware. Sold for £30

Lot 531: Clocks A French gilt metal mantel clock, drum movement, with a dedication plaque 'To Willian... Sold for £20

Lot 532: Glassware Set of six Babycham glasses; six champagne flutes; conical wine glasses; and cut glass... Sold for £65

Lot 533: Lamps A Limehouse Lamp Co. brass carriage lamp; together with four ceramic lamp bases; and a cream... Sold for £45

Lot 534: glassware An etched glass oil lamp shade; two tazza; a decanter and stopper; and other glassware. Sold for £45

Lot 535: Minton and Susie Cooper ceramics Eight Minton 'Buckingham' pattern bone china dinner plates;... Sold for £150

Lot 536: Grizelda Hill Wemyss and other ceramics Grizelda Hill Wemyss pottery cat; a similar jug; together... Sold for £55

Lot 537: Villeroy and Bosch Siena pattern service Villeroy & Boch 'Siena' pattern part service; together... Sold for £130

Lot 539: Three earthenware dishes and covers A French earthenware game pie dish with hare finial; together... Sold for £130

Lot 540: China Three Staffordshire pink lustre decorated jugs; a Dresden sauce tureen; Staffordshire pink... Sold for £30

Lot 541: Scent bottle and tea service An early 19th Century flower painted scent bottle and stopper;... Sold for £30

Lot 542: Studio jugs A Studio Pottery jug; together with eight other decorative jugs. Sold for £20

Lot 543: Spode part tea and dinner service Spode floral part tea and dinner service, with turquoise lined... Sold for £60

Lot 544: Metalware A aluminium tongue press; an Easter copper coffee jug; a miner's lamp; and other... Sold for £40

Lot 545: Villeroy and Bosch basket pattern Villeroy & Boch 'Basket' pattern part dinner and coffee service. Sold for £190

Lot 546: Mantel clock and thrtee lamps A two train mantel clock; together with three decorative lamps. Sold for £20

Lot 547: Royal Worcester June Garland service A Royal Worcester 'June Garland' pattern bone china dinner and ... Sold for £30

Lot 548: Clarice Cliffe bowl and other chargers A Clarice Cliff 'Crocus' pattern bowl; a Poole 'Delphis'... Sold for £75

Lot 549: Minton Haddon Hall service A Minton 'Haddon Hall' pattern bone china dinner and tea service. Sold for £220

Lot 550: Portmeirion Portmeirion pottery, to include: a dolphin butter dish by Susan Williams-Ellis; tiger... Sold for £140

Lot 552: Royal Doulton character jugs Royal Doulton character jugs, to include: 'Falstaff'; 'Long John... Sold for £50

Lot 553: Ceramics and glass A Fieldings Royal Devon teapot and cover; a Wedgwood Jasper box and cover;... Sold for £20

Lot 558: Eight Chinese tapestries Eight Chinese woven silk tapestries. Sold for £160

Lot 560: China A pair of William Yeoward English bone china jardinieres; together with two Royal Worcester... Sold for £30

Lot 561: Part tea services A miniature rose pattern part service; together with four other part services. Sold for £20

Lot 564: Royal Worcester Evesham Royal Worcester 'Evesham' pattern oven-to-table dinnerware. Sold for £60

Lot 565: embroidery frame A Knightsbridge mahogany conqueror 30" floor tapestry and embroidery frame,... Sold for £20

Lot 566: Reproduction ships lamps Reproduction ship's lamps, to include: a pair of reproduction port and... Sold for £85

Lot 567: Two lamps A modern floral glass gilt table lamp and shade; together with another smaller lamp. Sold for £50

Lot 568: mahogany tea caddy An early Victorian mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy, with two foil-lined... Sold for £95

Lot 569: brass telescope arnold london A brass three-draw telescope by Arnold London, improved day and night.... Sold for £45

Lot 570: Two glass walking canes. Two glass walking canes. Sold for £20

Lot 571: Turkish Naval Officer's sword An early 20th Century Turkish Naval Officer's sword, by Vahram... Sold for £180

Lot 573: Brass pan scales; and a copper rectangular pan Brass pan scales; and a copper rectangular pan. Sold for £90

Lot 574: brass postal scales with brass weight Brass postal scales with brass weights, on mahogany base. Sold for £35

Lot 575: German WWI Cavalry sword A German WWI cavalry sword, 76cms curved fullered blade, on hilt with bow... Sold for £130

Lot 577: Pair of Italian Corbels A pair of reproduction Itlaian mahogany parcel gilt acanthus carved scroll... Sold for £100

Lot 578: Cast iron coat of arms A Cast iron Royal coat of arms. Sold for £40

Lot 579: Bronze resin figure of a Dutch girl A bronze resin figure of a Dutch girl. Sold for £35

Lot 580: Three hats Three Stetson-style hats by Eddy Brothers, California, and 'Trail Boss'. Sold for £20

Lot 581: Yamaha synthesizer A Yamaha V50 synthesizer keyboard. Sold for £40

Lot 582: Moorcroft lamp A Moorcroft lamp with fabric shade. Sold for £40

Lot 583: Inlaid mahogany tray An Edwardian inlaid mahogany oval tray. Sold for £40

Lot 584: Metalware A Keswick School Industrial Arts steel tray; a Borrowdale hand beaten copper dish; two... Sold for £25

Lot 585: Russian telescope in box A Russian telescope 'Amateur Astronomer' 1994, in fitted case. Sold for £20

Lot 586: metal eight-branch light pendant A wrought metal copper finish eight-light electrolier. Sold for £20

Lot 587: Cookson patent water purifier 'The Cooksoniser' patent stoneware water purifier. Sold for £25

Lot 588: Sewing box A rosewood brass inlaid Victorian sewing box. Sold for £30

Lot 589: Hagstrom piano accordion in case A Hagstrom piano accordion, in case. Sold for £30

Lot 591: M & S six-piece bedroom suite. St. Michael Furniture (Marks & Spencer): a pine six-piece bedroom... Sold for £160

Lot 593: Kettler: a Taurus magnetic bike; and a Corby trouser press. (2) Kettler: a Taurus magnetic bike;... Sold for £30

Lot 594: Household items. A white painted beech wood oval dressing table, 90 x 134cms; matching bedside... Sold for £55

Lot 596: A pine radiator cover; and six bentwood modern kitchen chairs. A pine radiator cover; together with ... Sold for £20

Lot 597: Three plant stands; and a table. Three plant stands; and a two-tier table. Sold for £25

Lot 598: Black Vinyl office chair A modern executive chair by True Innovations. Sold for £120

Lot 599: Large metal trunk. A large metal two-handled trunk. Sold for £25

Lot 601: Six lights. Two modern brass lampstandards; two floor standing reading lights; and two marble... Sold for £10

Lot 602: An anglepoise lamp on stand. A white painted anglepoise lamp on trolley stand. Sold for £20

Lot 603: La Redoute Interieurs: an attic wardrobe. La Redoute Interieurs: an attic wardrobe with central... Sold for £40

Lot 604: Folding chinoiserie screen. An Oriental ebonised and mother-of-pearl inlaid screen of small size;... Sold for £10

Lot 605: Metal abstract wall hanging. An embossed metal abstract wall hanging, decorated with scroll and... Sold for £25

Lot 607: A roll of upholstery fabric. A roll of turquoise upholstery fabric, decorated in leaf design. Sold for £30

Lot 608: A large wooden trunk. A large wooden and metal bound trunk. Sold for £30

Lot 609: A metal trunk. A two-handled black and gold painted metal trunk. Sold for £15

Lot 610: A cast iron radiator. A vintage cast iron white painted radiator. Sold for £15

Lot 611: Wall shelves; stool; and wall bracket. A set of Georgian style mahogany wall shelves; a Victorian... Sold for £50

Lot 612: Tray and stand; and a nest of tables. A chinoiserie style ebonised and gold painted two-handled... Sold for £80

Lot 613: A vintage canvas covered and wooden framed two-handled trunk; and another with leather bindings. Sold for £45

Lot 616: Pair of modern wall mirrors. A pair of modern wall mirrors with gold painted frames. Sold for £65

Lot 617: Mahogany Pembroke table. An early 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table, fitted single frieze drawer,... Sold for £40

Lot 618: Mahogany Pembroke table. N.H. Chapman & Co. Ltd., 'Siesta': a George III style mahogany and banded... Sold for £80

Lot 619: Mahogany toilet mirror. A Georgian style mahogany oval swing framed toilet mirror, 42 x 58cms high. Sold for £65

Lot 620: Table and two chairs. A 19th Century mahogany tripod table, with tilt-action top, 88 x 76cms high;... Sold for £30

Lot 622: Turn over top tea table. A George III mahogany turnover top tea table, with serpentine front, 90cms ... Sold for £90

Lot 623: A wirework planter. A Regency style twisted wirework planter. Sold for £30

Lot 624: Georgian style ahogany pedestal desk. A Georgian style mahogany pedestal desk, 152 x 91 x 77cms... Sold for £150

Lot 626: Two folding card tables. Two folding card tables. Sold for £40

Lot 628: An occasional table; and a wine table. N.H. Chapman & Co. Ltd. 'Siesta': an oak drop leaf... Sold for £60

Lot 629: A Georgian armchair. A Georgian mahogany armchair, with pierced vase splat, outswept arms, drop-in... Sold for £120

Lot 630: Mahogany tripod table. A 19th Century mahogany tripod table, 55 x 52 x 70cms high. Sold for £15

Lot 631: Modern tub chair, green stripes. A Victorian style buttoned upholstered armchair, on stained beech... Sold for £20

Lot 632: A footstool. A 19th Century gold painted footstool with needlework top, leaf pattern border and... Sold for £35

Lot 633: An altar table. A carved oak altar table, the panelled front with arched panels and scroll, leaf... Sold for £90

Lot 635: Six dining chairs. Six Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs, with pierced splats and stuff-... Sold for £100

Lot 636: Mahogany sewing table. An Edwardian mahogany serpentine fronted sewing table, with single drawer to ... Sold for £80

Lot 637: Mahogany wall shelf. A late 19th Century mahogany three-tier wall shelf, with decorative border and ... Sold for £20

Lot 638: Sutherland table A Victorian mahogany Sutherland table, with spiral twist supports and stretcher,... Sold for £30

Lot 639: Four Victorian dining chairs. Four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs, with drop-in... Sold for £70

Lot 641: Three toilet mirrors. A mahogany triptych toilet mirror; a white and gold painted triptych toilet... Sold for £20

Lot 642: oak dining table An oak draw leaf dining table on turned supports, with sledge feet, 182 (extended) ... Sold for £60

Lot 643: Four dining chairs. Four dining chairs, with leatherette covered backs and seats. Sold for £20

Lot 645: A mirror. A Georgian style mahogany framed wall mirror, 75 x 42cms. Sold for £20

Lot 646: Pine Ercol refectory table; together with five chairs. A pine refectory style dining table;... Sold for £60

Lot 647: Three tables. A Georgian style sofa table; and two Georgian style side tables. (3) Sold for £55

Lot 648: Bird bath. A composition bird bath. Sold for £20

Lot 650: A Casio electric keyboard. A Casio CTK-731 electric keyboard. Sold for £20

Lot 651: A circular garden table. An A.M./P.M. Jakta round garden table, 128cms diameter. Sold for £40

Lot 652: A rectangular extending garden table. A modern rectangular extending garden table, with stained... Sold for £75

Lot 653: Four dining chairs. Four Shaker style dining chairs in beech and elm, probably Ercol (distressed). Sold for £25

Lot 654: Two garden chairs; and a table. Two teak folding garden chairs; and a folding garden table. Sold for £35

Lot 655: A two-tier table. An Edwardian mahogany and inlaid two-tier table, 92 x 45 x 69cms high. Sold for £35

Lot 656: A bevelled wall mirror. An early 20th Century oval bevelled wall mirror in mahogany frame, 51 x... Sold for £20

Lot 658: A pair of modern two-seater sofas. A pair of modern two-seater sofas upholstered in herringbone... Sold for £20

Lot 659: Two modern mirrors. Two modern mirrors. Sold for £10

Lot 660: Garden bench. A teak garden bench. Sold for £85

Lot 661: A pair of garden benches. A pair of teak garden benches. Sold for £180

Lot 662: An open bookcase. An oak open bookcase, 95 x 21 x 91cms. Sold for £35

Lot 663: Four Tukoman rugs. Four Tukoman rugs, various sizes. Sold for £320

Lot 664: A Kashmiri rug. A Kashmiri stitched rug, 180 x 120cms. Sold for £35

Lot 665: A Kashan style rug. A Persian Kashan style rug with central indigo floral field within a palmette... Sold for £120

Lot 666: Pakistani Islamabad rug. A Pakistani Islamabad rug, with palmette and foliated scroll design to... Sold for £160

Lot 667: Three Chinese rugs. Three Chinese rugs, various. Sold for £20

Lot 668: A Turkoman carpet. A Tekke Turkoman carpet, with seven rows of eight guls, palmette border,... Sold for £250

Lot 669: Chobi runner. A Chobi runner, with vegetable dye, 203 x 67cms. Sold for £65

Lot 670: Gazak rug A Gazak rug, 130 x 120cms. Sold for £45

Lot 671: Pakistani Islamabad Carpet A Pakistani Islamabad rug, the field with two rows of six gulls, lozenge ... Sold for £160

Lot 672: Boluchi rug A Boluchi rug, 182 x 103cms . Sold for £40

Lot 673: A South West Persian rug, the red field with central pole medallion, geometric pattern border, 372 ... Sold for £160

Lot 674: Rug A modern Persian style carpet, the red field with palmette design, the form border with similar ... Sold for £200

Lot 675: A mahogany commode. A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard with three-quarter gallery top, turned legs,... Sold for £70

Lot 676: A circular mahogany table. A mahogany circular tilt-action tripod table (reduced in height), 68 x... Sold for £45

Lot 677: A mahogany chest of drawers. A 19th Century mahogany bowfront chest of two drawers, faced as four... Sold for £90

Lot 678: Mahogany bedroom furniture. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany non-matching wardrobe, dressing table,... Sold for £100

Lot 679: Two bookcases. A Georgian style mahogany open bookcase with cupboard below, 76 x 39 x 184cms high;... Sold for £40

Lot 680: Ebonised folding screen A three-fold ebonised screen with floral painted panels. Sold for £30

Lot 681: A Georgian mahogany chest of drawers. A Georgian mahogany chest of five short and three long... Sold for £90

Lot 682: A pine dresser. A Victorian stripped pine dresser, with shelved superstructure, the lower section... Sold for £540

Lot 683: Three wall mirrors. Three 20th Century wall mirrors. Sold for £10

Lot 684: Two chairs. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner chair; and an Edwardian bedroom chair. (2) Sold for £55

Lot 685: A bowfront chest. A Georgian mahogany and chequer-strung bowfront chest, 102 x 51 x 104cms high. Sold for £50

Lot 686: Mahogany foldover tea table A 19th Century mahogany tea table, with rectangular folding top, square ... Sold for £80

Lot 688: A mahogany desk. A Regency style mahogany writing desk, with fitted superstructure and tooled... Sold for £70

Lot 689: A six-branch centre light. A white painted metal six-branch centre light fitted for candles. Sold for £10

Lot 690: A papier mache easel screen. A black papier mache easel screen, with foliate decoration and scroll... Sold for £55

Lot 691: A turnover top tea table. A Victorian mahogany turnover top tea table, octagonal stem, concave... Sold for £60

Lot 692: Clock garniture set Early 20th Century clock garniture set, in slate and marble with gilt metal... Sold for £120

Lot 693: A Victorian chair. A Victorian button-back easy armchair, upholstered in green plush material. Sold for £130

Lot 694: A fender; and two fireside implements. A Victorian black painted and brass fender 135 x 38cms deep, ... Sold for £45

Lot 695: A side table. A mahogany side table with part hinged top, three frieze drawers, concave undertier... Sold for £100

Lot 696: An elbow chair. A Victorian walnut ladder back elbow chair, the turned and curved cross rails above ... Sold for £70

Lot 697: A side table. A Victorian carved oak side table with lozenge pattern top, single drawer to frieze,... Sold for £65

Lot 698: A gilt wall mirror. A rectangular bevelled wall mirror in gold painted frame, 59 x 107cms. Sold for £10

Lot 699: A twin pedestal D-end dining table. A George III style mahogany twin pedestal D-end dining table,... Sold for £250

Lot 700: A nine-piece dining room suite. A Lees style nine-piece carved oak dining room suite, comprising: a ... Sold for £350

Lot 702: A bowfront chest of drawers. A Victorian bowfront chest of two short and three long drawers, 117 x... Sold for £60

Lot 703: A longcase clock. An early 20th Century German oak longcase clock, with quarter striking... Sold for £120

Lot 704: A pedestal desk. A Victorian mahogany pedestal desk, rectangular top above a kneehole, flanked on... Sold for £50

Lot 705: A corner cupboard. A Georgian mahogany and barber pole strung corner cupboard, 66 x 111cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 706: A pedestal desk. A Georgian style mahogany pedestal desk, with rectangular top inset tooled leather,... Sold for £90

Lot 707: A sofa table; and a corner unit. A Regency style mahogany sofa table; and a reproduction corner... Sold for £50

Lot 708: A display cabinet. A modern stained wood display unit with single glazed door enclosing shelves,... Sold for £30

Lot 709: An easy chair. A Victorian rosewood balloon back easy chair, with ornate pierced and carved top... Sold for £50

Lot 710: A side table. An 18th Century style carved oak side table, rectangular top above two short drawers... Sold for £130

Lot 711: A lady's easy chair. A Victorian mahogany balloon backed lady's easy chair, the top rail above... Sold for £100

Lot 713: A mahogany bowfront sideboard. A Georgian style mahogany bowfront sideboard, fitted a combination... Sold for £60

Lot 714: Birdcage Bookcase A modern Asian birdcage pattern bookcase cabinet, with a pair of doors... Sold for £90

Lot 715: A reproduction oak dresser. Attributed to Titchmarsh & Goodwin: a reproduction oak dresser, with... Sold for £220

Lot 716: An easy chair. A Victorian walnut button back tub armchair, with carved arm supports and legs with... Sold for £150

Lot 717: Three occasional tables. A pair of rectangular mahogany occasional table, with X-pattern stretchers;... Sold for £100

Lot 718: A tripod table. N.H. Chapman & Co. Ltd. 'Siesta': a Georgian style fiddle back mahogany and painted ... Sold for £100

Lot 719: A bowfront chest of drawers. A Georgian style mahogany and satinwood banded bowfront chest of four... Sold for £180

Lot 720: mahogany display cabinet A Georgian style mahogany display cabinet, the arched top above a pair of... Sold for £170

Lot 721: A hall stand. An Edwardian walnut hall stand, with architectural pediment and spindle frieze above... Sold for £110

Lot 722: GLASS TABLE A modern circular brass and tempered glass two-tier coffee table, 100 diameter x 34cms... Sold for £20

Lot 723: A pine blanket box. An early 20th Century stripped pine two-handled blanket box, bracket feet, 106... Sold for £90

Lot 724: A chaise longue. A late Victorian chaise longue, upholstered in turquoise plush material, turned... Sold for £170

Lot 725: Oak Desk Spillman & Co., London: a late 19th Century carved walnut writing table, the rectangular... Sold for £220

Lot 726: An Edwardian cabinet. An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, fitted single glazed astragal door... Sold for £75

Lot 727: mahogany davenport desk A late Victorian inlaid mahogany davenport, raised back with two short... Sold for £70

Lot 728: A tub chair. A Victorian inlaid mahogany tub chair, upholstered in pink plush material. Sold for £100

Lot 729: A dumb waiter. A Georgian mahogany graduated three-tier dumb waiter, on tripod support. Sold for £40

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