'Official Programme' signed Jimi Hendrix and others

Lot 471 (MH213 Two Day Fine Art Sale, 4th December 2018)

Sold for £5,500

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'Official Programme' signed by The Walker Brothers (possibly with another faintly to cover); Engelbert Humperdinck, inscribed 'To Valerie with Love'; Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens.

Provenance: The vendor's sister worked for ABC Cinemas in Reading in the 1960's. Her boss was often able to acquire VIP tickets to see some of the hottest acts of the Time. Indeed one evening he arrived at their home in a maroon Mini with pop-star Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers and took them into London to see a concert. This still has embarrassing memories for the vendor as she was still in her school uniform and told them that she preferred Engelbert Humperdinck.


I was given the signed programmes by my eldest sister who worked for the ABC Cinema organisation for approximately five years, the company had offices above our local cinema, the Granby in Reading.

A perk of the job was that she often had the opportunity to attend pop concerts in London, this allowed her to go backstage where she could meet a few of the performers, so she was able to get signed programmes which were given to me.

At one of these concerts Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers struck up a conversation with her during which she admitted she was really there to see Engelbert Humperdinck, despite this or maybe because of it, Scott and my sister started dating.

Of course being the youngest of the family and considered to be a silly schoolgirl who could not keep a secret, I was kept in the dark about the identity of my sister’s latest boyfriend.

One day upon arriving home from school I commented upon the care being taken to prepare our tea and I was told my sister was bringing her boss home, this did not impress me greatly so I carried on as normal, imagine my consternation at being sat at the tea table in my school uniform when my sister strolled in followed by a Scott who was a well known pop star at the time.

Of course I was sworn to secrecy about all this, my sister had already had a taste of the problems his over enthusiastic female fans could cause, and none of the family wanted hysterical young girls staking out the house hoping to get a glimpse of him, so I had to deflect he questions from friends about the maroon mini with darkened windows that was seen parked outside our small terraced house.

As is often the case in life, reality is very different from the dream, and my sister described the terrifying experience of being trapped with Scott inside his mini whilst it was surrounded by hysterical fans rocking it from side to side.