Selling at auction: a guide for beginners

Auction is the best way to gain the best sale price for valuable items. It’s also a process that is much more straightforward than you may imagine!

If you possess potentially valuable items and are considering selling at auction for the first time, here is a guide to selling at auction:  

What can be sold at auction?

Almost anything of value can be sold at auction. As a rule of thumb, Anderson and Garland consigns items of a minimum value of £50.

A general list of items typically sold at auction includes: works of art, silver, jewellery, ceramics & glass, coins, watches, stamps, clocks, books, scientific & musical instruments, militaria, furniture, works of art, comics, toys and sports memorabilia… to name a few.

We’ll consider and evaluate all items offered for consignment, and our team of valuers have seen just about everything, so don’t hesitate to ask!

The process of selling at auction

Discover the value of your items 

The first step in selling at auction is to have your item(s) valued.

Our team of expert valuers can estimate the potential sale value of just about anything, from clocks to lighthouses. Each valuer has their own specialty area when it comes to valuations.

To request a free valuation, you can choose from the following options:

  • Visit one of our Valuation events, held every from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
  • Request a free home valuation if you are unable to get to our showroom or if the item(s) you’d like valued is too numerous, large, heavy or awkward to transport.
  • Submit the details in our Online Valuation Form.
  • Email with details.

We may suggest an appointment to follow-up an online valuation to gather further details and to inspect the pieces.

Whether it’s a single item, collection of pieces or even an entire house, we will provide you with an accurate, honest and free no-obligation valuation.

Consigning to an auction house

One of the most common misconceptions about selling at auction is that the auction house buys the item from the seller. However, you don’t sell your goods to us, you consign them to our auction house. We work as your agent to secure you the best price possible, but you will own the property until it is transferred to the buyer.

After you receive a valuation, it’s entirely up to you if you decide to consign and of course the ultimate sale price will be determined at auction.

Selling at auction

Once you decide to sell at auction, we will take care of everything for you, from marketing through to the sale.

You’ll receive a receipt from us and then we will catalogue and list the consigned items in the most advantageous auction, whether it’s our regular Town and County sale or a specialist sale like our forthcoming Musical Instruments Sale or quarterly Fine Art Sale. 

The items will be photographed by specialists and will be displayed on our website and marketed worldwide. It may even be listed in a printed catalogue, depending on the sale. We’ll send a pre-sale email notification outlining sale details for the client’s perusal.

Your seller’s contract will outline the reserve price (where applicable) and if it fails to reach that price, it will not be sold at auction. We consistently achieve prices that meet or exceed pre-sale estimates and aim to consign items that will go.

Once your consigned items are sold at auction, we will notify you via email. You will receive your payment within 15 working days of a Town and County sale or 21 working days for a Fine Art sale. 

Unsold items are carefully reviewed and reoffered subject to our terms and conditions. Where appropriate, our team will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Selling at auction with Anderson and Garland

Anderson and Garland is the leading auction house in the North East, Scottish Borders and Cumbria, and is one of the largest independent auction houses in the UK.

Our team has over 200 years’ combined experience and we pride ourselves on providing a straightforward, professional service to secure you maximum return.

Get in touch to start the process of selling at auction.

Would you like to learn more? Access our frequently asked questions about selling at auction.






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