Top 5 reasons to buy furniture at Auction

Top 5 reasons to buy furniture at Auction

Buying at auction can be overlooked for many reasons. Often perceived by the public as expensive, unaffordable, and rather daunting, however in reality, it couldn’t be more different to this. Auction houses are an Aladdin’s cave of rare finds and unique pieces that, more often than not, can be secured for a fraction of the price of their shop equivalents at retail prices.

Here are 5 top reasons to buy furniture at Auction:

1, Affordability - As already mentioned, buying at auction can often be a very affordable way of buying goods. Not only can furniture sold at auction be practical and stylish but also affordable (when compared to new and second-hand retail prices). The price achieved at auction depends on who’s in the room (or bidding online) on the day. Catch it just right and you can easily bag yourself a real bargain!

2, Eco-friendly - Buying at auction is extremely environmentally friendly.  Research comparing antique furniture to modern equivalents has found that new items have a carbon impact on average sixteen times higher than its antique counterpart, demonstrating that antiques are undoubtedly the ‘greener’ option.

3, Durability – Furniture sold at auction was often produced in a time way before ‘disposable’ furniture, when items were built to last. Buyers can snap up solid wood items that will last a lifetime.

4, The story – One of the charms of buying at auction is knowing the story behind your item, i.e. the provenance. Many items that find their way into an auction house have already had an interesting and well-loved life, sometimes a back story, adding extra charm

5, The shopping experience – Perusing the catalogue online or wandering through the gallery on view days, discovering hidden gems you didn’t know you wanted, but now can’t live without! The charm of shopping at auction, the thrill of the sale itself, is so exhilarating! An experience that just can’t be replicated in the shops!

It will come as no surprise that auction houses are regular haunts of interior designers and stylists who have an eye for hot trends and a bargain. Anderson and Garland, the North’s leading auction house host several specialists auctions each month, from fortnightly ‘homes and interiors’ through to higher value fine art, jewellery & collectables. If you would like to know more about upcoming sales, follow A&G on social media and sign up for e-alerts.



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