Scientific Instrument Auctions & Valuations


We hold three specialist auctions for Scientific Instruments each year and offer fre pre-sale valuations Monday to Friday 9am-5pm by appointment.

We advise on a wide range of items from microscopes, slides, telescopes, barometers and drawing instruments. Binocular microscopes are especially popular, with some fetching thousands, when complete with their fittings and cases. Rare examples of sundials by famous makes such as John Rowley are always worth looking out for.

Naval instruments such as sextants and octants have always been desirable items for collectors and are a regular feature in our auctions. Although sat-nav is now king, these incredible instruments helped our Navy and Merchant fleets, navigate the worlds oceans for centuries

Barometers and barographs combine science and aesthetics. Elegant classics, such as the stick barometer are still much sought after by our buyers. Orreries and Globes have fascinated scientific collectors and enthusiasts for centuries and are also highly desirable. 

If you are thinking or selling items please call us on 0191 4303000 or fill out the form below and we will reply, usually within 48 hours.


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