Auction Results

You can see fully-illustrated results for our Fine Art & Specialist auctions on our 'Auction Archives & Results' page. Our Town & County Sales are not fully archived, but a text listing of results for recent auctions can be found below. 


Sale date: Wednesday, 10th October 2018 - Town & County Sale

Lot 231: Peter Deighan - Istabrat, signed by the artist and Aiden O'Brien, numbered 430/500, limited... Sold for £30

Lot 232: Lionel Edwards - ''Foxhounds on a kill'', signed in pencil, colour print, published by Eyre &... Sold for £40

Lot 233: Henry Wilkinson - Spaniels, signed and numbered 111/200 and 21/150, colour drypoint etchings. (2) Sold for £40

Lot 234: Jahann Elias Ridinger - sportsmen hunting rabbits, antique engraving. Sold for £50

Lot 237: Henry Wilkinson - Spaniels, signed and numbered 38/200 and 18/150, colour drypoint etchings. (2) Sold for £40

Lot 238: Charles ''Snaffles'' Johnson Payne - ''For the love of it'', signed, colour print with hand... Sold for £350

Lot 239: Jay Stanhope - ''Best Mates'' and ''Edredon Bleu'', signed by the Artist and Jockey, numbered... Sold for £20

Lot 240: Henry Wilkinson - Spaniels, signed and numbered 58/180, 11/200 and 29/200, colour drypoint... Sold for £75

Lot 245: Jennifer Thomson - ''A Try For Scotland, Murrayfield'', signed and numbered 70/395, limited... Sold for £25

Lot 246A: Brian Rawling - ''Wait Of Numbers by Christopher Curtis'', signed, watercolour. Sold for £25

Lot 246: Geoffrey Sparrow, ARE - ''Crawley & Horsham from Rockham Firs to black patch'', signed, etching. Sold for £30

Lot 251: J.M. Kronheim & Son Co. - ''Humming Birds'' and ''Musicians of the Grove'', engravings; together... Sold for £20

Lot 252: Domingo - ''Rosana'', signed and numbered 28/500, limited edition colour print; ''Maria'', signed... Sold for £30

Lot 253: John Trickett - a spaniel in the snow, signed, numbered 212/850; colour print. Sold for £35

Lot 263: Attributed to John Glover - ''Melrose Abbey'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso ''Agnew's... Sold for £320

Lot 266: Harriet Green - ''Brilliant lights on Skiddaw, the sun near setting'', unsigned, inscribed on a... Sold for £20

Lot 276: Charles Rutherford - coastal scene with figure, signed, watercolour. Sold for £35

Lot 278: W.G. Collingwood - countryside scene with figure and cat, signed, watercolour. Sold for £60

Lot 283: 19th Century British School - ''Roslyn Castle, Midlothian'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso... Sold for £10

Lot 285: D. Airth, ATD - ''Clouds over Brotherswater'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso 'Lancaster &... Sold for £10

Lot 287: 19th Century English School - landscape with hills and a river, unsigned, watercolour. Sold for £10

Lot 291: After William Affleck - girl by a pond with ducks, crystoleum. Sold for £10

Lot 292: M. White - ''Only a man harrowing clods'', signed, inscribed on a label verso, watercolour. Sold for £10

Lot 294: Paul Stafford - harbour scene, signed, watercolour. Sold for £10

Lot 295: R.L. Howey - ''Ploughing'', signed and numbered 12/75, woodcut print. Sold for £40

Lot 299: Judy Boyes - ''Elterwater Village, Langdale'', signed and numbered 85/850; and ''Daffodil Time,... Sold for £10

Lot 300: Colin Rule - coastal scenes: Holy Island and Bamburgh, signed, oil paintings. (2) Sold for £65

Lot 302: Vincenzo D'Esposito - "Fort St. Angelo, St. Peter's Pool, and a similar Maltese view, signed,... Sold for £240

Lot 303: Late 19th/early 20th Century English School - portrait of a girl, unsigned, oil painting. Sold for £10

Lot 304: William Irving - ''St Mary's Island'', signed and dated 1898, watercolour and pen. Sold for £30

Lot 307: J. Chapman - ''Bradypus The American Sloth, The Two-Toed Sloth and The Uniform Sloth'', engravings,... Sold for £65

Lot 312: Thomas Churchyard - ''Fields and trees near the sea'', unsigned, watercolour; and Francis Tomline -... Sold for £20

Lot 313: Albert Hartland - ''The Bog of Allen'', signed, inscribed on a label verso, watercolour. Sold for £55

Lot 314: Attributed to Dr. Thomas Munro - ''A tree by a fence'', unsigned, watercolour. Sold for £30

Lot 315: William Bennett - countryside scene with trees, unsigned, watercolour and pencil. Sold for £10

Lot 317: Ian McMean - ''Above Red Tarn, Cumbria, Lake District'', unsigned, inscribed verso, oil on canvas. Sold for £20

Lot 318: M. Armfield - ''St. Paul de Vence'', unsigned, oil painting; and another of similar style,... Sold for £25

Lot 320: Norman Wade - ''Scotswood'' and ''Near Bow Lane'', signed and dated '76, numbered 60/100 and... Sold for £140

Lot 321: Paul Marny - ''A coastal landscape, with distance castle'', signed and initialled, inscribed on a... Sold for £10

Lot 322: James Prinsep - ''North Wales: Dolbarden Castle'', signed, with inscription and date 1818,... Sold for £20

Lot 323: John Burgess, AOWS - a lady (perhaps the Artist's wife) sketching near a castle, unsigned, with... Sold for £20

Lot 324: A. Atherton - mountains surrounding a lake, signed, oil on board. Sold for £20

Lot 325: 19th Century English School - ships on a stormy sea, unsigned, oil on canvas. Sold for £35

Lot 326: Alan Bengall Charlton - countryside landscape, signed, oil on canvas. Sold for £30

Lot 327: Henry ''Harry'' James Sticks - river landscape, signed, watercolour. Sold for £25

Lot 328: Victor Noble Rainbird - ''Incoming Tide, Tynemouth'', signed and inscribed verso and dated 1888,... Sold for £95

Lot 329: Victor Noble Rainbird - ''Gorse Clad'', signed, watercolour. Sold for £55

Lot 330: Victor Noble Rainbird - ''On The Tweed'', signed, watercolour. Sold for £65

Lot 331: A.J. Laing - watermill and houses by a river, signed, oil on canvas, unframed. Sold for £30

Lot 332: Henry ''Harry'' James Sticks - ''Sea birds nesting on cliffs'', signed, watercolour. Sold for £40

Lot 334: 19th Century English School - ''Stockton/Tees'' and ''Middlesborough/Tees'', unsigned, inscribed... Sold for £55

Lot 337: Alec Wright - ''Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook's Monument'', signed and inscribed verso,... Sold for £105

Lot 340: John William Gilroy - ''Jug'', unsigned, dated February 24th 1926, watercolour. Sold for £20

Lot 345: Tom Whitehead - portrait of a woman, signed and dated 1944, oil on canvas; Harold Speed - chalk... Sold for £90

Lot 346: Chinese School - a mountain landscape, and sages conversing, signed, scrolls on silk backing. (2) Sold for £20

Lot 347: Robert Morden - an engraved map of Durham; together with another of North Wales. (2) Sold for £42

Lot 348: Frances Tomline - ''Lake District, Windermere'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso, watercolour;... Sold for £20

Lot 349: Robert Morden - ''The County Palatine of Lancaster'', engraving with later hand-colouring. Sold for £32

Lot 352: Alfred Klint - a country path, signed, oil painting. Sold for £20

Lot 353: B.W. Harcourt - ''Sheep'', signed and inscribed on a label verso, oil painting. Sold for £25

Lot 356: J. Sands and J. Tingle after T. Allom - ''Royal Arcade, Newcastle upon Tyne'' and ''Sandhill,... Sold for £10

Lot 359: After Mary Ann Rogers - ''Gleaning'', signed and inscribed in pencil colour photolithograph,... Sold for £45

Lot 361: After Thomas Bewick - ''River Scenes'', modern editions of prints from five original blocks;... Sold for £30

Lot 362: John Brunsdon - ''Vale'', signed and numbered 37/150, limited edition colour print, with... Sold for £80

Lot 364: Peter Newcombe - ''Old Elm at Everdon'', signed and dated 1984, watercolour. Sold for £38

Lot 367: R*** N*** L*** H***, ''Elisir D'Amore'', indistinctly signed and dated 20-XI-54, watercolour. Sold for £30

Lot 369: English School - ''Hurrying Home'', indistinctly signed, oil on board. Sold for £30

Lot 370: Alan Freer - ''Northumberland'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso and dated 1970, mixed media. Sold for £32

Lot 371: J. Harris after H. Marten - ''first Lifeguard''; ''13th Light Dragoons in pursuit of the enemy'',... Sold for £35

Lot 372: 19th Century British School - landscape with castle in the distance, unsigned, watercolour; 20th... Sold for £22

Lot 373: George Verte - ''The Oxford Almanack for the year of Our Lord God MDCCXXX'', antique engraving. Sold for £20

Lot 374: Rolf Harris - ''Fishermen By Moonlight'', signed and numbered 88/195, limited edition colour print,... Sold for £110

Lot 378: Ken Winslis - ''Lindisfarne, Northumberland'', signed and dated 1991, watercolour. Sold for £25

Lot 379: 19th Century Italian School - elderly couples in conversation, unsigned, oil on canvas. (a pair). Sold for £35

Lot 380: N. de. Nadokoss - ''In the Belgian Ardennes'', signed and dated 1909, inscribed on a label verso,... Sold for £22

Lot 382: Jolin Storey - ''The Thrum Mill, Rothbury'', signed, watercolour and pencil. Sold for £40

Lot 384: Sheila Norgate - ''Hare'', unsigned, inscribed on a label verso, oil on board; Lindsay Maynard - ''... Sold for £70

Lot 386: S*** D*** - mallards in flight over a lake, indistinctly signed, oil on canvas. Sold for £20

Lot 387: Saul Yaffie - ''A Young Arab'', signed, inscribed 'Cairo' and dated 1918, inscribed on a label... Sold for £20

Lot 389: J.K. Sherwin after Miss Reed - children and a dog, signed and dated 1775, mezzotint; together with ... Sold for £50

Lot 391: A set of twelve silver teaspoons, by Cooper Bros. & Sons, Sheffield 1927, with matching sugar... Sold for £50

Lot 392: A silver letter knife, by H.U., Birmingham 1977; together with a silver snuffer tray, also by H.U.,... Sold for £50

Lot 393: A Victorian silver sugar caster spoon, by Barnard & Sons, London 1872. Sold for £25

Lot 394: A pair of Georgian style sugar tongs, by J.D.C. & S., Birmingham 1980. Sold for £15

Lot 395: A matching Victorian silver mustard pot and pepperette, by Edward and John Barnard, London 1862. Sold for £38

Lot 396: Silver items, to include: a pepperette; a pickle fork; napkin ring; sugar tongs; teaspoons; and... Sold for £50

Lot 397: Four silver dessert forks, by T.B.H., London 1864, with stag crest engraving. Sold for £45

Lot 398: A French silver spoon and fork, in writhen fiddle pattern; together with three silver tablespoons, ... Sold for £70

Lot 399: Victorian silver forks, to include: four table forks and two dessert forks, by D.R., Newcastle... Sold for £85

Lot 400: Three silver tablespoons, two by T.S., Newcastle 1864, the other by Reid & Sons, Newcastle 1840,... Sold for £45

Lot 401: A composite set of Georgian silver teaspoons, with engraved initials and 'RJI'; together with a... Sold for £55

Lot 402: Two composite sets of six silver teaspoons, one set with initial 'S', the other 'D'. Sold for £40

Lot 403: Silver decanter labels for 'Whisky', 'Sherry' and 'Gin'. Sold for £50

Lot 404: A silver sugar caster, by DL, Birmingham 1966, with Lindisfarne pattern band; together with a... Sold for £55

Lot 405: A silver christening mug, by JW FCW, London 1902, half gadrooned and engraved name and date. Sold for £50

Lot 406: A silver christening tankard, by CWF, Sheffield 1939, with engraved initial 'P'. Sold for £40

Lot 407: Three silver mounted cut glass dressing table pots. Sold for £85

Lot 408: A silver two-handled trophy cup, by Barnard & Sons, London 1927, on turned ebonised base. Sold for £60

Lot 409: A silver flowerhead shaped dish, by Joseph Gloster Ltd., Birmingham 1962; together with a pair of... Sold for £70

Lot 410: A silver christening set of spoon, fork and knife, by George Angel, London 1845, in fitted case;... Sold for £35

Lot 411: Three silver pepperettes, one with blue glass liner; a quantity of coinage; and costume jewellery. Sold for £35

Lot 412: A silver mounted cigarette box, by Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1959. Sold for £45

Lot 413: Mainly silver napkin rings; and other silver items, to include: teaspoons. Sold for £45

Lot 414: Silver and enamel back dressing table part sets, to include: hand mirror, hand brush and clothes... Sold for £210

Lot 415: A small quantity of coins, to include: Condor tokens; and 1977 crowns. Sold for £15

Lot 416: A quantity of costume jewellery and dress watches. Sold for £30

Lot 417: A 19th Century garnet cluster brooch; costume jewellery, to include: necklaces; bangles; together... Sold for £75

Lot 418: Must de Cartier: a giltmetal lighter, boxed. Sold for £55

Lot 419: Must de Cartier: a gilt and steel lighter, engraved initials 'ML', unboxed. Sold for £30

Lot 420: An Omega Seamaster Quartz wristwatch with gilt and steel strap, boxed. Sold for £110

Lot 421: A 9ct. yellow gold Federal Hunter pocket watch, the white enamel arabic dial with subsidiary... Sold for £290

Lot 422: A 9ct. yellow gold Albert chain, of uniform links, 39grms. Sold for £350

Lot 423: A paste stone bracelet and ring; an Edwardian gold amethyst and seed pearl floral pattern brooch,... Sold for £120

Lot 424: An Audax 9ct. yellow gold cocktail watch, with 9ct. gold strap. Sold for £50

Lot 425: An 18ct. yellow gold and diamond set ring (missing seed pearls); together with a 22ct. wedding... Sold for £110

Lot 426: A diamond and seed pearl set white faced yellow metal bar brooch, stamped '15ct.'. Sold for £50

Lot 427: A seed pearl set yellow metal bar brooch, in the form of entwined hearts on baton bar, boxed. Sold for £20

Lot 428: Rings, to include: coral and amethyst, 15ct, 19th Century rings; a 19th Century turquoise ring; a... Sold for £130

Lot 429: A yellow metal gate link pattern bracelet, stamped '9ct. GV & CO', 3.7grms gross. Sold for £35

Lot 430: A 9ct. yellow gold signet ring, vacant cartouche, ring size Q, 9.3grms. Sold for £250

Lot 431: A 19th Century jet and graduated seed pearl pattern brooch; together with a cultured pearl single... Sold for £35

Lot 432: A four stone diamond ring, the old cut stones in crown mount, shank stamped '18ct. Plat', ring... Sold for £70

Lot 434: A gilt cased Waltham Hunter pocket watch, with engraved monogram to front case, fitted crown wind... Sold for £50

Lot 435: A carved jade gourd pattern pendant, with yellow metal mounts, 4.5cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 436: A 19th Century amethyst brooch, in cut down collet setting; together with a banded agate brooch... Sold for £50

Lot 437: A Scottish banded agate set white metal brooch; together with a butterfly ring brooch; a glass and ... Sold for £60

Lot 438: A pair of diamond and sapphire drop earrings, stamped '375' to reverse. Sold for £60

Lot 439: An American sterling silver tray, by Graham & Morton; Indian white metal bowls; a cake slice and... Sold for £70

Lot 440: Three meerschaum pipes, two with silver mounts, one with white metal mount, two in fitted cases.... Sold for £35

Lot 441: A Chinese Famille Rose teacup and saucer; a pair of cloisonne vases; a cloisonne napkin ring and... Sold for £45

Lot 445: A Samuel Mordan & Co. miniature pipe/propelling pencil, with silver stem and horn bowl. Sold for £95

Lot 446: A quantity of costume necklaces, in a box. Sold for £15

Lot 447: A pair of silver sugar tongs; enamel pill boxes; commemorative coins; a compass; and other items. Sold for £40

Lot 449: A Victorian silver handled and ivory page turner, maker's mark worn, London 1888; together with an ... Sold for £45

Lot 450: A brass Turkish Kadri Garanti coffee grinder with folding iron handle. Sold for £15

Lot 451: Postcards, to include: Rouen; Toll Bar Gretna Green; and others. Sold for £45

Lot 452: A Bilston enamel pill box; trinket boxes; mother-of-pearl items; and others. Sold for £110

Lot 453: Stamps, some loose and some in albums, to include: Kings & Queens of England and others; together... Sold for £45

Lot 454: Costume jewellery and watches, by Rotary; Timex; Seiko; and others, in one box. Sold for £65

Lot 455: A metal dagger with replacement handle; a bodkin; cast metal figurines; scarab beetles; and other... Sold for £30

Lot 457: A Mont Blanc Generation fountain pen with 14k gold nib, in original box. Sold for £80

Lot 458: A Parker fountain pen in original case, with 14k gold nib; and other fountain and ballpoint pens... Sold for £60

Lot 459: An ST Dupont, Paris lighter. Sold for £45

Lot 462: A Halina camera, model AI, in leather fitted case, inscribed ''Halina Reflex''. Sold for £20

Lot 463: Stamps, some loose and some in an album, to include: Great Britain, Gibraltar, India, Jamaica,... Sold for £45

Lot 466: Toys, to include: Star Wars 'Tie Fighter' in box; two Tonka Toys; and an Action Man, boxed Sold for £35

Lot 468: LP records, to include: Mozart; Bing Crosby; Brahms; Dvorak; Wagner; Vivaldi; Stravinsky; Strauss; ... Sold for £20

Lot 470: LP records, to include: Chopin; Scarlatti; Nina Milkina; Rossini; Purcell; Schubert; Julian Bream; ... Sold for £35

Lot 472: Hardback books, mainly leather-bound novels, to include: Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo; Red... Sold for £50

Lot 474: Hardback books, subjects relating to film and art; together with Holy Bibles. Sold for £30

Lot 475: Three wooden trays; a leather attache case; and a metal strong box. Sold for £35

Lot 477: Hardback books relating to poetry, to include: Tennyson's Poetical Works; The Life of Charlotte... Sold for £140

Lot 478: Model cars, to include: Corgi James Bond; and Days Gone. Sold for £35

Lot 479: Hardback books, to include: Henry Irving, by Lawrence Irving; Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by T.E.... Sold for £15

Lot 480: Tin toys, to include: Captain Benjamin's Record car; and Moe's Tavern board game. Sold for £65

Lot 481: Hardback books, to including: The Twenties, by Alan Jenkins; London's Underworld, by Henry May... Sold for £20

Lot 482: Hardback books relating to art, to include: How To Paint Figures In Pastel, by Singer; Drawing... Sold for £45

Lot 482A: A diamond ring, the central brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately 0.20 carat, flanked by... Sold for £95

Lot 483: One box containing ten buses illustrated magazines (November 1959 - July 1961) and 72 trains... Sold for £25

Lot 484: Hardback books, to include: The Monthly Chronicle 1887-1891; A Simple Catechism of Geography, by F.... Sold for £85

Lot 485: Model cars, to include: 1-18 scale and 1-43 scale, including: boxed Hot Wheels and Burago, in two... Sold for £65

Lot 486: Toys, to include: Meccano; plastic soldiers; and wooden jigsaws. Sold for £25

Lot 487: Linen, to include: embroidered tablecloths, in one box. Sold for £10

Lot 488: Brassware, to include: a pair of chamber candlesticks; a Roberts radio; and other items, in two... Sold for £20

Lot 489: Hardback books relating to various subjects, to include: Collective Poems of Thomas Hardy; The... Sold for £30

Lot 490: Radios, to include: a Robert's R707; a Hacker Sovereign II; and four others. (6) Sold for £45

Lot 491: Brassware, to include: jam pan; fire irons; copper and brass miner's lamp; and other items. Sold for £25

Lot 492: Hardback books, to include: Antique Guns & Pistols, by Peter Hawkins; British Military Uniforms,... Sold for £75

Lot 493: Sony VHS player; together with Blues VHS's and DVD's; with a selection of Blues books in Fortnum & ... Sold for £15

Lot 494: Hardback books relating to poetry; a large Holy Bible; a bound copy of The Times 1879; and others, ... Sold for £70

Lot 495: A boxed Hornby Railway Set, 00-gauge; together with buildings and other items. Sold for £130

Lot 496: Hardback books relating to art, to include: Rowland: Hilda's England; Marine Painting, by David... Sold for £20

Lot 497: 20th Century English painted plaster wall plaques, in the form of Arabic Nomads; Dickensian... Sold for £20

Lot 498: Mainly hardback books, subjects to include: Art Nouveau and Art Deco; The Ancient World; and... Sold for £40

Lot 499: Mainly hardback books relating to art, film and others, in two boxes. Sold for £15

Lot 500: Toys, to include: large teddy bears, one by Joyce Anderton, two with criers, by Tara; Disney soft... Sold for £75

Lot 501: Six soft and two hard guitar cases. Sold for £50

Lot 502: Mainly hardback books relating to art, gardening and others, in three boxes. Sold for £15

Lot 503: Five imitation leather attache cases; together with a hat case. Sold for £45

Lot 504: A Mallard model locomotive and tender; a carved wooden bowl in the form of a heart; horse brasses... Sold for £45

Lot 507: Seven portable radios; together with a portable CD boom box; and a Clarke & Smith cassette player. Sold for £45

Lot 508: Clocks, to include: wall clocks; carriage clocks; and cuckoo clocks, in three boxes. Sold for £40

Lot 509: Cameras, to include: a Nikon f301, with an f1.4 50mm Nikkor; a Nikon Cool Pix 5700 digital camera; ... Sold for £70

Lot 512: Silver plate, to include: sauce boats; trays; and a candle holder. Sold for £20

Lot 513: Golf clubs by Slazenger; Dunsayers; Concorde; and others; together with a golf caddy with wheels;... Sold for £10

Lot 517: Item to include: boxed PG Tips mugs and cuddly toys; Wallace & Gromit themed mugs; and other items,... Sold for £10

Lot 518: Twenty-Five Danbury Mint art plates depicting dogs. Sold for £20

Lot 519: Brassware, to include: horse brasses; an eagle; and a horse and carriage. Sold for £20

Lot 520: Two radios; together with a Grundig reel-to-reel player; a tape recorder; and a reproduction... Sold for £20

Lot 521: Toys, to include: metal truck; model cars; and other items. Sold for £50

Lot 524: Items to include: tools; mirrors; printing blocks; and a projector screen. Sold for £20

Lot 526: Toys, to include: remote controlled boats and cars; together with boxed model cars. Sold for £250

Lot 529: A child's tin rocking horse on springs; together with a child's vintage Raleigh trike. Sold for £40

Lot 530: Vinyl LP's relating to classical, in two boxes. Sold for £30

Lot 531: Mainly hardback books, subjects include: language, girls and boys books, and gardening, in three... Sold for £10

Lot 532: A wooden tool chest and contents, to include: four drawers of assorted tools; a Parkinsons Perfect ... Sold for £90

Lot 534: Hardback books, to include: travel, novels and art, in three boxes. Sold for £10

Lot 535: Boxed Hornby 0-gauge, including: track; buildings; and signals. Sold for £90

Lot 536: Tools, to include: saws; spray gun; files; and others. Sold for £35

Lot 537: An Art Deco lady's black beaded dress, displayed on fabric covered manikin. Sold for £27

Lot 538: A gentleman's black wool with cashmere overcoat, by Marks & Spencer, with original labels; a... Sold for £30

Lot 539: A Japanese silk kimono with printed and embroidered floral decoration. Sold for £60

Lot 540: Victorian leather-bound books, to include: Everybody's Pepys: Diary of Samuel Pepys; The Tower of... Sold for £100

Lot 541: Books and comics, to include: a Biggles first edition 1963; The Dandy Book 1968; and Top Pop Stars.... Sold for £20

Lot 542: Hardback books relating to jewellery. Sold for £25

Lot 543: Hardback books, to include: The Bluebird, by Maurice Maeterlinck; Who's Who 1962 edition; and 3... Sold for £130

Lot 544: Seven hardback books, to include: The House At Pooh Corner, by A.A. Milne, first edition 1928; The ... Sold for £160

Lot 545: Eighteen leather-bound Waverley Novels. Sold for £65

Lot 546: Three large volumes All The Extant Works of Francois Rabelais, by Samuel Putnam, printed 1929,... Sold for £60

Lot 547: Hardback books, to include: Dombey & Sons, by Charles Dickens; Burns Works, vols. 1-4; and... Sold for £85

Lot 548: Hardback books, to include: 17th Century Holy Bible, printed by Jo Bill, The Newcomb & Hills,... Sold for £350

Lot 549: Hardback books relating to gardening, including: British Wild Flowers, by Mrs. Loudon, 1846, with... Sold for £220

Lot 550: Leather-bound books, comprising: 14 vols. of Thackeray; and 12 vols. The Works of Lord Macaulay. Sold for £150

Lot 551: Woodwork, to include: mahogany bottle carrier; Scottish box by J. Graham Carver, Melrose, with... Sold for £130

Lot 552: Denby Greenwheat Stoneware, to include: a dinner and tea service. Sold for £50

Lot 553: Hornby 0-gauge rolling stock, including: boxed carriages; and wagons; together with a toy Flying... Sold for £75

Lot 554: Five retro radios by Murphy, Bush and Marconi. Sold for £45

Lot 555: Chinese 'Prunus and Hawthorn' pattern vases and ginger jars. (14) Sold for £190

Lot 556: Brass clocks, to include: anniversary clocks; carriage clocks; and Schatz Royal Mariner ship's... Sold for £50

Lot 557: A collection of Wade ceramic money banks in the form of pigs; together with a wine cooler in the... Sold for £30

Lot 558: Two retro telephones, including: a Mickey Mouse backpack telephone. Sold for £30

Lot 559: Twelve clocks, to include: American 'Gingerbread' clocks; mantel clocks; and wall clocks. Sold for £90

Lot 560: Porcelain and brassware, to include: brass oil lamp; Eccles Protector miner's lamp, No. 27; a... Sold for £25

Lot 562: Eleven carriage clocks; and an electric clock. Sold for £25

Lot 563: Ceramics, to include: a copper lustre tankard; a Japanese lacquer bowl with gilding; two Victorian ... Sold for £15

Lot 564: Three trays of Pendelfin Rabbit themed ornaments. Sold for £40

Lot 565: Royal Doulton 'Tapestry' pattern dinner and tea ware. Sold for £20

Lot 566: Two canteens of bead pattern cutlery, by Sanders & Bowers of Sheffield. Sold for £75

Lot 567: China and glassware, to include: Wedgwood paperweight; Beswick ornament; Maling ware; leaded... Sold for £25

Lot 568: Boxed Stuart Crystal and Cumbria Crystal brandy glasses and champagne flutes. Sold for £20

Lot 569: Four blue and white coffee cans and saucers by Wedgwood; a Wade gilt coffee service; together with ... Sold for £35

Lot 570: A 1950's composition doll; together with two other dolls. Sold for £25

Lot 571: Metalware, to include: silver-plated tray; mini anvil; Jesus on the Cross; two brass bookends;... Sold for £65

Lot 572: An Elizabeth II cut glass ships decanter, by Lawrence R. Watson & Co., Birmingham 1987, with... Sold for £80

Lot 573: Eleven Coalport 'Royal Botanical Gardens' limited edition plaques of wild flowers, framed;... Sold for £50

Lot 574: Brassware, to include: E. Thomas & Williams Ltd. miner's lamp; two ship's candle lights; a brass... Sold for £30

Lot 576: China, to include: Losol ware, Whitby plate; Continental ceramics; and five earthenware pots. Sold for £20

Lot 577: An Eddystone valve radio receiver; and a Philips bakelite valve radio. Sold for £60

Lot 578: Glass lantern slides in four wooden boxes, including: landscapes; historical portraits; and birds; ... Sold for £95

Lot 579: Ceramics, to include: a Wedgwood 'Camellia' pattern charger; a Staffordshire dog; a Royal Crown... Sold for £20

Lot 580: Ceramics, to include: Jack and Jill Corona ware teapot; a pair of Staffordshire jugs with floral... Sold for £45

Lot 581: Glassware, to include: a light fitting; wine glasses; and vases, in four boxes. Sold for £35

Lot 582: A leather attache case containing cigarette cards; harmonicas; a brass burner; a table lighter;... Sold for £45

Lot 583: Paragon 'First Love' pattern tea and dinner ware. Sold for £30

Lot 584: A stoneware water filter by the British Pasteur Chamberland Filter Co. Ltd; together with a brass... Sold for £50

Lot 585: Masonic Faience figure of a seated cat, blue ground with concentric hearts, diamonds and circles... Sold for £60

Lot 586: 19th Century glassware, to include: various wine, sherry and ale glasses; and a wine funnel. Sold for £50

Lot 587: A part tea set, by Hammersley & Co., to include: tea cups and saucers, cream jug, and a sugar bowl,... Sold for £100

Lot 588: Ceramics in 'Hostess' pattern, by British Anchor, Staffordshire, to include: tureens, side plates, ... Sold for £20

Lot 589: Late 19th Century Imari ware, to include: a pair of plates; a pair of vases; a single vase and... Sold for £30

Lot 590: A pair of 19th Century Staffordshire blue and white meat plates; a Spode cheese dish; a Spode bowl;... Sold for £50

Lot 591: Ceramics, to include: Crown Derby Imari pattern plates; Royal Worcester candle snuffer in the... Sold for £85

Lot 592: Four cut glass decanters, two with silver collars; and a plated tray. Sold for £55

Lot 593: Six character jugs, including: Royal Doulton 'Grannie'; 'Golfer'; and 'Falstaff'. Sold for £20

Lot 594: Coalport part tea set, with floral panels and gilt decoration; together with 'Old Country Roses'... Sold for £180

Lot 595: A marble table lamp with gilded applied decoration, fern pattern with square base. Sold for £20

Lot 596: Two trays of Royal Doulton, Coalport, Franklin and Nao figurines; together with a Staffordshire... Sold for £90

Lot 597: A Peel Corner Telephone Ltd. vintage telephone; a Maldivo adding machine; and a set of brass table ... Sold for £35

Lot 598: Six model toy cars; an African bronze sculpture; coins; cigarette cards; a vintage golf club; and... Sold for £85

Lot 602: Glassware and ornaments, to include: Ringtons models; Leonardo figures of animals; Russian dog... Sold for £45

Lot 604: Brassware, to include: a Canterbury Punch doorstop; two pairs of brass candlesticks; a tin of... Sold for £55

Lot 605: Chinese ceramics, to include: ginger jar; 18th Century plate; a planter; together with four bowls. Sold for £100

Lot 606: Eight glass lamp shades. Sold for £20

Lot 607: Five table lamps, to include: a brass corinthian column lamp; a brass bulbous table lamp inset... Sold for £40

Lot 608: A remote control Spitfire plane, with wing span of 98cms; together with metal Spitfire model; and... Sold for £45

Lot 609: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Enfield; Bentima and Tymo. Sold for £40

Lot 610: Mantel clocks, to include: Bentima eight day clock; and others. (6) Sold for £60

Lot 611: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: C. Stamper Louth; Tymo; and The Alexander Clark Co. Ltd. Sold for £40

Lot 612: Nine mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and Bentima. Sold for £70

Lot 613: Eight wall clocks. Sold for £35

Lot 614: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and Bentima. Sold for £50

Lot 615: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and Grant & Sons, Jarrow. Sold for £65

Lot 616: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and President. Sold for £55

Lot 617: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and Elliott. Sold for £65

Lot 618: Five mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; Enfield; together with a Seiko wall clock. Sold for £65

Lot 619: Six mantel clocks, makers to include: Smiths; and The Northern Goldsmiths Co., Newcastle. Sold for £55

Lot 620: A Victorian floral beadwork panel; together with an ebony bedroom set; and a simulated... Sold for £15

Lot 621: A 1930's Stafford Prison Night Patrols pegging clock; a Detex Neumann clock in leather case, with... Sold for £50

Lot 622: A Staffordshire bone china 'Diamond' pattern part tea set. Sold for £20

Lot 625: Provincial Chinese blue and white dish; together with another smaller Chinese dish; and a further... Sold for £45

Lot 626: Ceramics, to include: Ault green glaze bowl; Martell Brandy jug; and 1950's 'Mid Winter' plate. Sold for £35

Lot 627: Ceramics, to include: Art Deco slip cast figure of a dancing girl; a composition figure of 'The... Sold for £50

Lot 628: A pair of Canton vases; two Canton plates; four saucers; and three others. Sold for £130

Lot 629: Art glass, to include: Whitefriars style blue glass dish; coloured specimen vases; and others. Sold for £25

Lot 630: A pair of Pearlware chestnut baskets in 'Willow' pattern; together with Parma pattern comport. Sold for £20

Lot 631: Cups and saucers, to include: bat printed and nursery scene cup and saucer; Bloor Derby cup and... Sold for £25

Lot 632: Coloured glassware, to include: Irish cut glass jug; an early 19th Century green glass decanter... Sold for £50

Lot 633: An early 19th Century Sheffield-plate decanter stand, decorated with acanthus scrolls throughout,... Sold for £50

Lot 634: Schwarzburger Werkstatten fur Porzellankunst: porcelain figure of an Alsatian or German Shepherd... Sold for £120

Lot 635: An antique terracotta urn, height 45cms. Sold for £30

Lot 636: Art glassware, to include: a large bucket vase, possibly Whitefriars; together with an amber... Sold for £30

Lot 637: A German stoneware jug with pewter cover, relief decoration, and blue glaze. Sold for £20

Lot 638: Two cast spelter figures 'Quintin Durward' and 'Ivanhoe', on ebonised softwood bases. Sold for £20

Lot 639: A late 19th Century Japanese Imari plate. Sold for £20

Lot 640: A Cantonese Famille Rose vase, with applied gilt dragon. Sold for £30

Lot 642: Ceramics, to include: Japanese Imari pattern bowl and plate; together with Rouen style jardinieres;... Sold for £25

Lot 643: Ceramics, to include: Masons; Aynsley ware; Carlton ware; and Copeland. Sold for £38

Lot 644: Wade 'Piggy Banks'; together with four Meerkat figurines; and a life-size head of Clark Gable. Sold for £80

Lot 645: A Persian vase and pewter dish; a Peruvian tea drinking cup and straw; a tribal mask; and another. ... Sold for £15

Lot 646: A Coalport 'Revelry' pattern teapot, tea cups and saucers; and a Royal Crown Derby 'Red Aves'... Sold for £20

Lot 647: A Johnson Bros. 'Indian Tree' pattern part tea and dinner service, to include: tea cups, saucers,... Sold for £35

Lot 649: Two 20th Century brass cased carriage clocks, one by Wellington. Sold for £55

Lot 650: A 20th Century Venetian green glass vase with gold inclusions and two glass handles, height 20cms. Sold for £55

Lot 651: A 19th Century Chinese Famille Rose bowl; a cranberry glass miniature jug; a microscope in fitted... Sold for £25

Lot 652: Boulle work brass and tortoiseshell veneer portrait plaques, painted on ivory depicting Royal... Sold for £140

Lot 653: Carved meerschaum pipe/cheroot holder in the form of a sailor, in fitted leather case, with silver ... Sold for £70

Lot 654: Two Chinese papier mache bobble-head figures. (2) Sold for £20

Lot 655: Two pairs of Whitefriars amber glass swans, one pair 22cms high, the other pair 17cms high. Sold for £40

Lot 656: Staffordshire ware, to include: a flat back lion ornament; together with a cottage money box;... Sold for £160

Lot 657: A Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' tankard. Sold for £55

Lot 658: A Lladro figure of a girl with goats. Sold for £40

Lot 659: A Royal Doulton vase in the Egyptian Revival style, printed in blue and white of children in a... Sold for £35

Lot 660: An Elsmore and Forster puzzle jug, with printed Harlequin figures. Sold for £45

Lot 662: A Chinese turquoise glazed earthenware vase. Sold for £70

Lot 663: Hornby 0-gauge series locomotives and tenders, some boxed. Sold for £400

Lot 664: Winstanley earthenware cat and kitten. (2) Sold for £35

Lot 665: Moorcroft 'Hibiscus' pattern dish. Sold for £20

Lot 666: Silver plate, to include: eight candlesticks; and two trays. Sold for £60

Lot 667: A Spode Italian pattern part dinner service. Sold for £120

Lot 668: Brass oil lamps with glass shades and reservoirs. (4) Sold for £20

Lot 669: Dog and cat figurines, to include: Beswick; and Melbaware. Sold for £50

Lot 670: Silver plate, to include: a pair of dwarf candlesticks; teapot; and a wine coaster. Sold for £20

Lot 671: A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' pattern part tea service. Sold for £55

Lot 672: A boxed reproduction sextant, marked London 1894; together with a Royal Artillery bugle. Sold for £20

Lot 674: Twelve Royal Doulton figurines. Sold for £55

Lot 676: Waterford Crystal, to include: 'Colleen' pattern sets of six wine glasses; six champagne flutes;... Sold for £220

Lot 677: Early 19th Century Pearlware, to include: pepperette; tureen with lid; two pickle dishes; together ... Sold for £50

Lot 678: A mahogany bobbin holder and pin cushion; together with Artist's metal-lined wooden box; a wooden... Sold for £60

Lot 679: Three Chinese soapstone brush washers. Sold for £20

Lot 680: Eleven glass decanters and stoppers; together with a further seven stoppers. Sold for £60

Lot 682: Continental ceramics, to include: Meissen teapot; jug; bowl; and others. Sold for £50

Lot 683: Wooden items, to include: jewellery box; walnut box with dome top; together with two wooden crumb... Sold for £45

Lot 684: Metalware, to include: a Chinese cloisonne plate; ashtray; vases; together with a crocodile themed ... Sold for £140

Lot 685: A pair of banker's lamps, green glass shades, and a brass shade. (2) Sold for £50

Lot 686: Wooden and metal snuff boxes; together with cigarette cases; a carved wooden Indian box containing ... Sold for £25

Lot 687: A brass vintage cycle lamp; together with a brass Optimus No. 406 burner. Sold for £40

Lot 688: A cloisonne bowl; together with a brass Buddha; an inlaid wooden box; and a brass and wood barrel. Sold for £55

Lot 689: Ceramics, to include: a stoneware jug; a hexagonal vase, early 20th Century; and others. Sold for £20

Lot 690: Ceramics, to include: Beswick horses; Wedgwood dog; and a Rosenthal dog. Sold for £65

Lot 691: Thirteen miniature oil lamps with glass shades. Sold for £20

Lot 692: Two model boats 'The African Queen' and 'Joffre'; together with a US Coast Guard remote control... Sold for £50

Lot 693: A model of the Grimmershörn on base, length 108cms. Sold for £55

Lot 694: A Tri-ang Power Unit No. 1, 12V-1amp DC; together with a quantity of track and rolling stock, by... Sold for £30

Lot 696: Beswick and other ceramic horses; and a cart. Sold for £40

Lot 697: A mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy with banding; and other wooden items, to include: an art... Sold for £120

Lot 699: Wedgwood Jasperware, to include: trinkets; pots; jugs; vases; and other items. Sold for £60

Lot 700: Copeland Spode blue and white ceramics, to include: side plates; dinner plates; meat plates; bowls;... Sold for £30

Lot 701: Ceramics, to include: Crown Derby tea set Staffordshire 'Landsdowne' pattern coffee cups and... Sold for £100

Lot 702: An aneroid barometer by G.F. Berry, W. Hartlepool; a family scale by Hughes; a brass bell; Chinese ... Sold for £40

Lot 703: A silver trumpet shaped vase with composition base; ceramics, to include: Royal Crown Derby;... Sold for £60

Lot 704: Riding hats by Townend & Son Co., Ltd; and Ridgmont; and two pairs of gentleman's black leather... Sold for £15

Lot 705: Silver-plated and other metalware, to include: a pair of candlesticks; a sauce boat; wine coasters;... Sold for £30

Lot 706: Murano style glass figures of clowns and birds. Sold for £75

Lot 707: Toys, to include: The Royal State Coach, in original box; figurines of soldiers and Scotsmen; and... Sold for £60

Lot 708: 19th Century and later brass oil lamps, with glass shades and reservoirs. Sold for £20

Lot 709: Cast metal door stops in the form of horses and riders. (5) Sold for £20

Lot 710: Framed clock movements, one by Mentor; a wall clock by B. Fawcett & Son Co., in wooden case; with '... Sold for £20

Lot 712: Lladro and Nao figurines, to include: ballerina; girl with piglet; and others; and ceramics by... Sold for £85

Lot 713: Ceramics, to include: a 19th Century blue Flow Ware 'Clarence' pattern plate, by W.H. Grindley; a... Sold for £35

Lot 714: Ceramics by Maling and Ringtons, to include: a jug; ginger jars; and others, to include: a... Sold for £20

Lot 715: Clarice Cliff 'Honey Glaze' ceramics, marked 'Wilkinson, England' and 'Bizarre by Clarice Cliff'... Sold for £20

Lot 716: A carved wooden walking stick with brass top and concealed snooker cue inside; together with a... Sold for £20

Lot 717: West German pottery vases and tankards; and other items. Sold for £30

Lot 718: Teddy bears, to include: a Merrythought Bear; and others by Chad Valley and Pedigree. Sold for £20

Lot 719: Ceramic figurines by Coalport, to include: 'Peaches & Cream'; 'Bolero'; 'Julie'; and others; a... Sold for £35

Lot 720: Ceramics by Mailing, to include: sundae cups; 'Storm' pattern bowl; a 'Springtime Green' pattern... Sold for £35

Lot 721: A Wood & Sons 'Rangoon' pattern part dinner service, to include: tureens, dinner plates, sauce... Sold for £15

Lot 722: Clocks, to include: a cuckoo clock; a ceramic and cast metal mantel clock; a wall clock; and a... Sold for £35

Lot 729: Minton tea cups, saucers and sandwich plate, in pale green glaze; Royal Crown Derby plates and... Sold for £55

Lot 730: Beswick and other ceramic horse figurines; a ceramic model of an elephant; a rhinoceros; and a... Sold for £90

Lot 732: Ceramics, to include: Derby, Wedgwood, Meissen, Limoges, T. Goode & Co. Ltd., and others. Sold for £55

Lot 733: Silver plated and other metalware, to include: a sugar sifter; fish knives; candlewick; scissors;... Sold for £25

Lot 734: Wooden and brass bookends; and two wooden boxes. Sold for £100

Lot 736: Glass oil lamp reservoirs and burners. (qty) Sold for £25

Lot 737: A mortar board and fur hood, by Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd., 93 & 94 Chancery Lane, London, in original ... Sold for £20

Lot 738: A walnut writing slope crossbanded with satinwood and ebony, green felt interior. Sold for £35

Lot 739: Brass oil lamps, various designs. Sold for £25

Lot 740: A Union Tokyo microscope No. 19619, in fitted wooden case; together with a pair of Aquilus... Sold for £20

Lot 741: Brass miner's lamps, to include: Ferndale Coal & Mining Co; E. Thomas & Williams Ltd., No. 8949,... Sold for £65

Lot 742: A pair of Triton marked '7 x 35, Model No. 748, No. 4-6516294', in leather case; together with a... Sold for £85

Lot 743: A walnut writing slope with inlaid mother-of-pearl and marquetry decoration, blue velvet lined... Sold for £60

Lot 744: A silver-plated table lamp with corinthian column, on square base; together with a gold painted... Sold for £35

Lot 745: A pair of cast metal Marley horses. Sold for £25

Lot 746: An early 20th Century copper magnifying slide projector lamp. Sold for £35

Lot 747: An Aerlikon 35mm shell bullet, bearing label 'Fired and captured anti aircraft guns from Falklands ... Sold for £65

Lot 748: A wooden pattern for the street sign 'Stowell Street'; and a cast metal 'Wadkin' sign. (2) Sold for £45

Lot 749: An S & H Harrison mirrored sign 'Harness Composition & Polishing Paste''; and a rectangular... Sold for £45

Lot 750: A military telescope, stamped with broad arrow mark and number 5-3-1415, with leather wrapped body.... Sold for £20

Lot 751: A Pentax Ashai K1000 lens; a flash unit; a flash and light meter; and other items, in a leather... Sold for £55

Lot 752: Early to mid 20th Century cigarette cards by Ogden's depicting jockeys, in frame. Sold for £20

Lot 759: Pair of Coalport deep blue ground lobed oval dishes, the centres with floral bouquets enclosed by... Sold for £30

Lot 760: A bowler hat by S. Redmayne & Sons Ltd., in original box with Fenwick's bag; together with a pair... Sold for £20

Lot 761: An artist's box containing Aquafine watercolours; Dalar-Rowney watercolour paper; paint brushes;... Sold for £30

Lot 762: An early 20th Century Steiff button to ear teddy bear with joints and glass eyes. Sold for £60

Lot 765: A reproduction patinated bronze Art Deco figure, on marble base, unsigned. Sold for £120

Lot 767: A sarcophagus shaped tea caddy, raised on brass bun feet. Sold for £40

Lot 768: An early 20th Century Doulton 'Cassara' ware vase, the knop stem with pierced floral decoration... Sold for £65

Lot 769: Moses J. Adams for Adamesk: two Art Nouveau jugs, of slender tapering form, with moulded stylized... Sold for £60

Lot 770: A 20th Century Art Deco plated metal and glass hanging light fitting, in the form of four scallop... Sold for £40

Lot 771: A Japanese porcelain vase converted to a table lamp, with brass fittings and blossom branch... Sold for £25

Lot 772: An early 20th Century electroplate twin-branch two-light candelabra, the scrolling branches with... Sold for £45

Lot 774: A pair of large composite vases with engraved decorative design. Sold for £40

Lot 778: Model ships, to include: 'Dolphin' and 'True Love'. (4) Sold for £60

Lot 779: A Celestron Powerseeker 675 114mm reflector telescope, in original box. Sold for £50

Lot 781: Chinese white enamel and turquoise ground charger, the interior with floral scatter, probably... Sold for £20

Lot 782: A Rosehill trumpet, in padded hard case. Sold for £20

Lot 783: A John Packer pocket trumpet, No. 159, in padded hard case. Sold for £35

Lot 784: A clarinet by Evette, in fitted case. Sold for £20

Lot 785: A Hohner Verdi III piano accordian, in case. Sold for £20

Lot 786: A Melody Major GH and S banjolin, early 20th Century, cased. Sold for £40

Lot 787: Two acoustic guitars, to include: a 1960's Eko Ranchero Italian acoustic guitar; together with an... Sold for £50

Lot 788: Three acoustic guitars, to include: an Eko Ranger; together with a Lorenzo black twelve-string 197/... Sold for £65

Lot 789: Five acoustic guitars, to include: a Kay K-550 1970's acoustic with double-dove pick guards;... Sold for £55

Lot 790: Three electric guitars, to include: a black Hohner Rockwood; a black Avon Les Paul; and an... Sold for £70

Lot 791: Two electric guitars, to include: a yellow Japanese Sponge Bob Square Pants themed Telecaster;... Sold for £60

Lot 792: An unbranded Japanese white electric jazz base guitar. Sold for £20

Lot 792A: Two small guitar practice amplifiers, one by Squire, the other Acoustic Solutions; together with a ... Sold for £20

Lot 794: Mid 20th Century furniture, to include: high chair; CD racks; beds ends; a small coffee table;... Sold for £20

Lot 795: A modern white painted two door wardrobe, 95 x 165cms high; together with a painted sewing table. Sold for £20

Lot 796: A modern painted kitchen cabinet, 85 x 191cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 797: A mahogany finish low gentleman's wardrobe fitted two drawers, bearing label ''Boori County... Sold for £40

Lot 798: Sony flat screen television, with remote control, 17 1/2in. screen; together with a Samsung... Sold for £20

Lot 804: A modern pine refectory style dining table; together with a set of five solid seat kitchen dining... Sold for £20

Lot 806: A pair of stained beech kitchen chairs; together with two others. Sold for £20

Lot 807: A modern black finish office chair on chromed wheel base; together with another black finish... Sold for £40

Lot 808: A modern two-seater wing back settee, with exposed stained wood framework and loose seat cushions... Sold for £20

Lot 809: A Philips flat screen television, 46in. screen. Sold for £55

Lot 811: A Boori County Collection stained wood box settle, 80cms wide. Sold for £55

Lot 812: A Peerless gramophone; a Defiant walnut radio c.1930; and a Decca stereogram. Sold for £35

Lot 813: A pair of weighing scales, 24st x 1oz. Sold for £20

Lot 814: Yamasa Wild Wolf fruit machine. Sold for £50

Lot 815: A pitch pine open bookcase; together with an Edwardian wall shelf; and an oak open bookcase, the... Sold for £75

Lot 817: A Delcor two-seater sofa; together with a marching armchair and footstool. Sold for £50

Lot 818: Two mid 20th Century teak wardrobes, one 120 x 170cms; 90 x 170cms. Sold for £30

Lot 819: Stag Minstrel bedroom furniture, to include: two bedside chests of four drawers; a bedroom cabinet ... Sold for £70

Lot 821: A Georgian style mahogany bureau fitted four drawers. Sold for £10

Lot 822: Two beech framed sledges. Sold for £40

Lot 823: A Vienna style wall clock, late 19th Century, with decorative horse finials, 90cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 824: An early 20th Century oak wall clock, with silver arabic dial stamped 'F & M', 80cms high. Sold for £15

Lot 825: A Vienna style wall clock with foliate dial, 70cms high. Sold for £15

Lot 827: A Vienna style wall clock in walnut case, with bi-metallic pendulum, 90cms high. Sold for £30

Lot 828: A Vienna style wall clock with roman dial, 80cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 829: Four late 19th Century/early 20th Century Chinese embroidered panels, depicting foliate designs... Sold for £320

Lot 830: A garden bench with adjustable centre table section, 166cms long. Sold for £60

Lot 832: A mid 20th Century Carousel reel-to-reel tape player, in walnut case. Sold for £20

Lot 833: A set of four AKAI floor standing speakers. Sold for £15

Lot 834: A modern ebonised and inlaid Asian cabinet, 64 x 95cms high. Sold for £30

Lot 835: A pair of Kenwood speakers with metal front grating, 54cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 837: A mahogany bowfront astragal glaze china cabinet with ball and claw feet. Sold for £50

Lot 838: An Edwardian satinwood banded bowfront sideboard in the Georgian style, 153cms wide. Sold for £45

Lot 842: A pine octagonal marble top wine table, 63cms high. Sold for £50

Lot 843: Chair, No. 217 from the Coronation of King George V, Westminster Abbey, 22nd June 1911, stamped to ... Sold for £35

Lot 844: An early 20th Century stained pine wooden tool chest with interior shelf. Sold for £45

Lot 846: An Edwardian stained wood piano stool with adjustable height; together with two tripod wine tables.... Sold for £15

Lot 848: A turned and fluted mahogany standard lamp with tripod base. Sold for £65

Lot 850: A late Victorian bamboo magazine rack in the Arts & Crafts style; together with an early 20th... Sold for £40

Lot 851: A late Victorian butler's tray stand, 70cms high. Sold for £45

Lot 853: A mahogany occasional table, 61cms wide. Sold for £25

Lot 854: A Milner's Patent fire resistant safe, with key, 50 x 66cms. Sold for £70

Lot 855: A Barker & Stonehouse style marble effect side table, 135cms wide. Sold for £30

Lot 856: A Barker & Stonehouse style marble effect dining table, 100 x 170cms wide.; together with six... Sold for £70

Lot 857: A Barker & Stonehouse style marble effect pedestal, 90cms high. Sold for £35

Lot 858: A modern basketweave conservatory suite, including: a two-seater sofa, and two armchairs, by Daro. Sold for £35

Lot 859: A Georgian style mahogany and rosewood banded coffee table, 77 x 107cms long. Sold for £50

Lot 860: An antique rectangular stained oak occasional table raised on bobbin turned legs joined by... Sold for £20

Lot 861: Two cream leather reclining sofas, one three-seater, one two-seater. Sold for £120

Lot 863: A reproduction mahogany desk, fitted a combination of seven drawers, 158cms wide. Sold for £65

Lot 864: A baby grand piano by Danemann, in mahogany case, raised on square tapering legs, 141cms wide. Sold for £60

Lot 866: An early 20th Century oak monk's bench. Sold for £130

Lot 867: Edwardian inlaid salon chairs in the Arts & Crafts style, stamped '299': a set of six including... Sold for £140

Lot 869: A pair of oak open arm chairs; together with four oak single chairs. (6) Sold for £30

Lot 871: A mid Century round extending teak table; together with four plywood chairs, branded 'SO Brand K'. Sold for £65

Lot 872: A Georgian style twin pedestal dining table; together with six chairs, including two carvers; and... Sold for £70

Lot 874: A modern Asian hardwood plank top kitchen table, 90 x 180cms long; together with four chairs. Sold for £40

Lot 875: Mahogany Georgian style hanging wall shelves with shaped canopy and single draw, 66cms wide. Sold for £50

Lot 876: A set of eight early 20th Century carved oak dining chairs, one with open arms. Sold for £100

Lot 877: A mahogany extending dining table, raised on painted legs, two spare leaves and a winder. Sold for £45

Lot 878: Victorian walnut frame salon chair with red velvet upholstery. Sold for £75

Lot 879: A pub table with pine top and cast iron supports, 65 x 135cms long. Sold for £30

Lot 881: An early 20th Century mahogany extending dining table, with acanthus leaf legs terminating in claw ... Sold for £60

Lot 884: A vintage painted model of a traveller's caravan; together with a brass trivet stand. Sold for £40

Lot 885: A mahogany occasional table raised on turned support and four splay legs, 85cms wide. Sold for £20

Lot 886: Four 19th Century toilet mirrors of varying designs, one missing mirror panel. Sold for £30

Lot 887: A 1930's burr walnut eight-piece dining suite, to include: serpentine front sideboard, an... Sold for £60

Lot 888: A modern Victorian style stained beech nursing chair; together with an upholstered footstool. Sold for £60

Lot 892: An octagonal walnut centre table, with later painted legs. Sold for £20

Lot 894: Two early 20th Century Edwardian stained beech and inlaid bedroom chairs. Sold for £20

Lot 895: A pair of elm and fruitwood captain's chairs; together with a Georgian dining chair. Sold for £50

Lot 897: A reproduction mahogany dining table with single spare leaf. Sold for £15

Lot 899: An early Victorian shovel-back oak armchair; and a stained wood later 19th Century folding chair... Sold for £35

Lot 900: A stained pitch pine adapted corner church pew, branded no. 123. Sold for £40

Lot 903: South East Asian decorative carved panel depicting jungle life scene, 173 x 78cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 904: A modern SCS ox-blood leather three-seater sofa; together with matching reclining armchair. Sold for £80

Lot 906: A modern rectangular bevelled wall mirror with canted corners, silver coloured and black frame;... Sold for £10

Lot 910: Glazed paisley pattern woven fabric panel square form with a mahogany frame, 311cms. Sold for £65

Lot 911: A kilim rug with three rows of red and blue panels with star motif border, 165 x 345cms long. Sold for £110

Lot 912: A Gazak rug, 120 x 108cms. Sold for £30

Lot 913: A North West Persian rug with floral decoration, 154 x 94cms. Sold for £25

Lot 914: A Turkish prayer rug, decorated with birds, hares and foliate design, 140 x 210cms long. Sold for £380

Lot 915: A Persian style mat on pink ground, 60 x 133cms long. Sold for £10

Lot 917: A Turkish prayer rug, with Tree of Life decorations, 130 x 216cms long. Sold for £400

Lot 918: A handmade Persian runner, 166 x 90cms. Sold for £40

Lot 921: An early 20th Century walnut bookcase, with glazed upper section, the lower section with drawers... Sold for £90

Lot 923: An Asian ebonised display cabinet, 153cms high. Sold for £60

Lot 926: Howard & Sons Ltd., Berners Street, London: a late Victorian armchair upholstered in tapestry... Sold for £420

Lot 927: A Victorian mahogany dressing table with swing mirror, jewellery drawers with turned handles,... Sold for £65

Lot 928: A Victorian mahogany breakfront three-door wardrobe, with central mirror, 222cms high. Sold for £100

Lot 930: An early 20th Century walnut display cabinet, 109cms. Sold for £20

Lot 931: A modern wall mirror with picture frame, 127 x 98.5cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 932: A painted Victorian style fire surround, 145 x 120cms high. Sold for £90

Lot 933: A Victorian ebonised tub chair; together with a late Victorian pierced and carved nursing chair.... Sold for £35

Lot 940: An Edwardian walnut bedside cabinet with door, 73cms high. Sold for £25

Lot 943: A Georgian style mahogany bowfront chest of five drawers, 95cms high. Sold for £65

Lot 944: An American early 20th Century inlaid mahogany mantel clock. Sold for £20

Lot 945: An early 20th Century American inlaid mahogany mantel clock. Sold for £20

Lot 946: An Edwardian mahogany chest of two short and four long graduated drawers, 130cms high. Sold for £50

Lot 947: A late 19th Century mahogany mantel clock, with silvered arabic dial and Junghans movement (the... Sold for £35

Lot 949: A Victorian mahogany hall chair with shield-shaped back, raised on turned legs. Sold for £25

Lot 950: A Georgian style mahogany corner cabinet, with two pairs of oval panel doors; together with... Sold for £20

Lot 951: A pair of mother-of-pearl Asian decorated wall panels, with bird and foliate detail. Sold for £30

Lot 952: A modern light mahogany finish long case clock with glazed front two weights and pendulum. Sold for £50

Lot 953: A Longines brass mantel clock with movement, by Franz Hermle. Sold for £100

Lot 954: An American late 19th Century inlaid walnut drop dial wall clock, by The Anglo American Clock... Sold for £75

Lot 955: Small mahogany swing frame toilet mirror with fret cut frame, serpentine base, mirror replace,... Sold for £15

Lot 956: A modern cherry chest of eight drawer; together with two matching bedside cabinets with glass... Sold for £60

Lot 959: A late 19th Century German oak bracket clock, in architectural style case, with Junghans movement. Sold for £35

Lot 960: A Vienna style walnut wall clock with bimetallic pendulum, 65cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 961: A 19th Century gold painted pier mirror, with shell pattern and rope twist design, 37 x 60cms high.... Sold for £25

Lot 962: A Georgian style miniature chest of two short and five long drawers, 45 x 75cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 963: A Victorian inlaid walnut four tier graduating whatnot. Sold for £45

Lot 965: A modern cocktail cabinet by N.H. Chapman & Co., Newcastle, fitted with a hinged top and mirrored... Sold for £45

Lot 968: An Art Deco onyx and marble mantel clock, with bronze effect Alsatian dog, raised on a marble... Sold for £85

Lot 969: A Victorian mahogany open bookcase with reeded pilasters, 115 x 92cms high. Sold for £160

Lot 970: A modern hardwood sideboard, with multi panel decoration, 157 x 75cms high; and similar bureau, 70 ... Sold for £30

Lot 971: 19th Century mahogany pole screen with wall work panel. Sold for £20

Lot 972: A Victorian carved mahogany chaise longue, with buttoned back and scroll end, 210cms long. Sold for £220

Lot 973: A French style walnut veneered writing desk, with inset dark leather surface, fitted three short... Sold for £280

Lot 974: A Georgian style oak dresser with panelled superstructure, an arrangement of drawers and cupboards ... Sold for £80

Lot 975: A pair of Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs; together with a Victorian bar back dining ... Sold for £55

Lot 976: A pair of campana shaped composite garden urns with mask designs, height 68cms. Sold for £140

Lot 977: A modern unusual set of six red leather effect and chrome dining chairs. Sold for £60

Lot 978: An Edwardian oak hall stand, 85 x 210cms high. Sold for £160

Lot 979: A modern gold oval wall mirror, 67 x 95cms high. Sold for £50

Lot 982: A gold ornate framed mirror with bevelled glass, 110 x 130cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 983: A composite garden seat in the Victorian style, 115 x 50cms high. Sold for £70

Lot 985: A pair of modern French Louis XV style armchairs. Sold for £45

Lot 986: A gold ornate framed wall mirror, 80 x 105cms high. Sold for £20

Lot 987: An Edwardian style mahogany cylinder bureau, 86 x 94cms high. Sold for £120

Lot 988: A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs; together with another Victorian... Sold for £150

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