Happy Birthday Marilyn

18/07/2016     Pictures & Prints

“Happy Birthday Marilyn”

Ten Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe silkscreen prints are among the highlights of our forthcoming Contemporary and Modern Art and Design Sale.

The iconic screen prints of the movie goddess who would have been 90 years old in June – the same age as the Queen – are among the most important images of the Pop Art movement. Warhol produced the original run of 250 limited edition hand-pulled silkscreen prints in the months after Monroe’s death from a drugs overdose in 1962.

The prints are on sale in 10 separate lots in our auction on July 19th and are derived from the original Factory Editions, examples of which are displayed in the Tate Modern in London.

These later versions are known as the Sunday B Morning Editions, carry Warhol’s official endorsement with a blue-black stamp on the back and were originally produced in the 1970s then revived in the 1990s. The origin of the name is not clear, but Warhol was collaborating at the time with some Belgian artists who produced perfect copies of the Factory Editions using the same tools and techniques.

They measure 91cm x 91cm and are estimated at £500-£700 each.

They have been privately consigned by a local vendor who has contributed several other works by influential modern artists.

Individual examples from the Marilyn series come up for auction from time to time but we are pleased to be presenting all 10 of the series which feature the same image in different colourways.

The original first Factory Printings are among the most expensive of all modern prints – a full set can command more than £1.5million. This is a chance for people to own the same imagery for a fraction of the price.

This iconic image is derived from a publicity photograph from Monroe’s 1953 film Niagara. It brings together two of the most common themes in Warhol’s work – death and celebrity – the repetition of the image reflected the fact that Marilyn’s picture was everywhere in the media.

These prints are not the only Warhol-related items in the auction. Pop Art collectors will also be interested in Problemas de Pareja, a sketch for an exhibition poster for works by Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat displayed at New York’s Tony Shafrazi Gallery in 1985, and Peter Blake’s silkscreen “Got a Girl”.

The Anderson & Garland Contemporary and Modern Art and Design Sale brings together a wide selection of Paintings, Prints and Sculpture including works by or after Banksy, Elizabeth Frink, Picasso, Alan Davie, Bruce McLean, Norman Cornish, Alexander Millar, Francis Bacon, Sandra Blow, Thetis Blacker, Mackenzie Thorpe, Beryl Cook, Victor Vasarely, Jack Vettriano, Eric Gill, Mary Feddon together with a wide selection of Furniture, Ceramics and Glass.

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