Fine Art & Specialist Sales

Fine Art Sales

Quarterly Fine Art sales are held every March, June, September and December. They consist of approximately 1200 carefully selected lots usually with an individual value ranging from £200 to £280,000 (our in house record) and include Books, British, European and Asian ceramics, Glass, Silver, Jewellery and Watches, Works of Art, Pictures and Prints, Clocks and Barometers, Rugs, and Furniture and Furnishings.

Specialist sales and Single Owner Collections

In addition to our Fine sales, we hold regular Specialist and Collectors' sales throughout the year covering the following areas:

  • Contemporary Art & Design
  • Coins & Medals
  • Musical Instruments
  • Cameras
  • Tools
  • Tribal Art
  • Comics
  • Militaria & Sporting
  • Stamps & Postcards
  • Toys & Model Kits
  • Vintage Costume, Textiles & Needlework
  • Single Owner Collections

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MH210 Three Day Fine Art Sale
MH210 Three Day Fine Art Sale

Tuesday, 20th March 2018 10:00

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